Special Valentine To-Do-List For Singles Who Love Their Freedom More Than Anything Else

Bajrang Dal is not a bad idea!

Ashish Verma

Jul 18, 2018|3 min read


So you’re single? Cheers! You are lucky enough to live your life unconditionally. You can do whatever you want; go wherever you want and talk to anyone you want. Being single is absolute fun!

It’s a chance to discover what you like. The most exciting thing about Singlehood is having the freedom for Netflix night outs, instead of having dating nights with XYZ.

Feeding Trends present to you a very special and customized to-do-list for this amorous valentine!

1. Recite Hanuman Chalisa

When you’re single, and Valentine is near, seeking God's blessings is very necessary. It is very important to byheart Hanuman Chalisa, and seek guidance to live the life of a happy “Brahmachari”! (This is to protect you from couples like ghosts.)

2. Join Bajrang Dal

This is the most adventurous thing to do this Valentine. Not to oppose the couples, but to roast the valentine with the crew. Get your saffron kurta's ironed and start practicing the slogans!

3. Hang up With “Best Friends Forever”

Road trips are compulsions for singles, especially when Valentine Week is approaching. Uploading selfies with BFFs (who are also single) can help you compete with the lovey-dovey selfies of the couples in your friend circle. Trust me, it will help!

4. Eat A Luxurious Meal (All Alone)

You will be the only one to treat yourself, and that too, for a luxurious meal. Now, it is on you what you prefer. You may visit the Taj or any Dhaaba, but you will contend that you spent every single penny of the bill on yourself. On yourself!

5. Subscribe To A Netflix Account

This is certainly awesome. Go ahead and subscribe to Netflix, rather than spending on gifts on Rose Day, Teddy Day, Chocolate Day etc. All you need for the next Netflix show is just a pillow, some snacks, and a closed room. You aren’t going anywhere and still having fun!

6. Swipe On Tinder

You know you’re single that means you are free to roam with anyone with mutual consent. You never know when someone grows fond of you. So, Tinder is the best thing to turn your Valentine into a better one, if not the best. (Free advice hai, lena hai toh lo, warna jane do.)

7. Go On With Slangs

“Awww”, “Shona”, “Babu”, “Babe”, are phenomenal words that add mellow drama to the relationships. These are commonly used by the couples, but singles, you don't have to use them. You are lucky enough to use your favorite slangs!

Being single, you deserve to be happy. So, don't be embarrassed about the valentine day. It doesn’t need you to be in a relationship to have a ravishing valentine.

You are the God of your own deeds, so you can do anything and everything to make your Valentine week a positive occasion. And finally, you will know that being single is a blessing in disguise.

Happy Singlehood!


Ashish Verma

He really hates writing bios, yet he love writing on Feeding Trends. He takes his readers into another land, which is lush, untamed and chivalrous. He speaks less and writes more, being quiet loud here. He is Ashish.



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