Delhi Travel Diary: City Belongs To Everyone, Even Though Everyone May Not Belong To Delhi

The emotional home is calling!

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Sep 15, 2018|3 min read


If you ever get a chance to stumble around Delhi, you will know that is beyond Mughal architecture, fast metro, and cosmopolitan lifestyle. It is far more than what we know. 

It extends to little bits of life that keep Indian traveling go beyond Humayun’s Tomb, Qutub Minar, Red Fort and India Gate. It is the heart of India and aptly called as ‘Dilwalon’ ki Dilli. 

You need not have a fat budget if you wish to see non-tourist places in Delhi. But you certainly need to have a big ‘dil’ that beats with the vibes of Delhi. Make sure you have enough time with a fully charged camera to accompany you. 

The indigenous Delhi travel guide is given below:

1. Seek the light

Walking on the ruins, you will not only discover that Delhi is incredibly rich in history but also unravel the unique light that evokes thought. It has been the birthplace of many great names and a patron of the Sufi culture. The shrines and mosques in Delhi bespoke of its vivid roots.

2. Discover the peace

Jama Masjid, Delhi Captured by Shraddha Gupta

Being thoughtful, stop by the Jama Masjid. You will find the home to homeless, the shade for wanderers on the road. A typical morning in old Delhi, with Aazaan echoing in the surroundings takes you to heaven. Just listen to your heart by closing your eyes in the serenity of Delhi.

3. Smell the food

A little ahead, on the streets of Delhi are small shops that sell biryani and kawaab paranthas. Take the deep breaths to assimilate the unique flavors. The smell of great Mughlai food melts the taste buds and evokes delight. Eat well. It is a form of self respect for wanderers.

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4. Relish the art

Dilli Haat, Clicked by Anurag

As you take another step, Delhi Haat is waiting for you. Colours, vibrant and young, rich and exquisite, will be playing holi. You will discover Handicrafts, apparels, furniture and a sensation of cultural richness, together. You will discover one of the major attractions of Delhi.

5. Relive the past

The ruins on roads of Delhi are plenty. You will see bicycles, tongas and rickshaw pullers taking you back into the days of golden bird’s early independence. You can hear the slogans that our brave patriots gave echoing in the streets of Delhi. The old buildings and roads are a witness to everything that was lost to belong where we belong today.

6. Feel the sacrifice

You will once again get the chills that people of enslaved India felt. You can feel the bullets hissing by your ears as you glance at the India Gate. You can hear the cries of mothers who lost their sons, the screams widows begging for their kids, and tune of Jana Gan Man in your heartbeats.

7. Breathe the patriotism

CP Delhi, Clicked by Aman Kumar

The tricolor waving high in the sky will automatically take your hand to the forehead. Your smile will reflect the Indian pride. Your eyes will have the Indian glee. Your feet will request you to stop by longer, but your wanderlust won't allow you to. So breathe the patriotism, and complete the Delhi tour.

Take up a road or rickshaw to go wandering in Delhi at the non-tourist places. All these sights and those not mentioned here will become surreal. You will love the ride. 

These are a few ‘Dilwale’ scenes from ‘Diwali’ Dilli. They show the inside of India’s heart - full of emotions. Everyone who has been stumbling in Delhi will resonate with these snaps.

If you are done with Delhi and are wondering where to go next, you can choose Banaras

It is the spiritual capital of India, and is equally amazing!


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