30 Whisky Brands In India That Are Worth To Try

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If there's one liquor that can bring the country together, it's the flawless vintage whiskey. Whiskey not only makes life more enjoyable but also adds life to it. Any occasion demands the involvement of whisky. 

It's a staple of indoor and outdoor events, as well as the drink of choice when you've had a long day. When faced with a stinging winter cold, it's the recommended elixir to warm up the body with, and it's also a great complement to cocktails. 

And whether it's budget-friendly Indian whisky brands or more expensive single malt Scotch whiskies, India drinks the heady beverage with great ease and zest.

Not only is India the world's most populous whisky-consuming country, but the Indian whisky marketplace can develop anything from the most affordable Indian booze to the most enigmatic and luxurious single malt Scotch whiskies with equal composure.

In India, brands from both ends of the spectrum, regardless of which country they originate from, coexist because there is a market for almost anything whisky producers have to offer. The Indian whisky connoisseur is willing to try anything, including Indian whisky, Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey, and Bourbon whiskey.

So here are we with the list of 30 whisky brands in India. The list comprises the most aromatic, classy, soothing whisky brands in India.

1. Chivas Regal 12 Year Old

Let's start the list with the best. It is not only a great Scotch, but it is also a prestige symbol, an exclusive drink appropriate only for the rarest occasions.

The Chivas Regal 12 Year Old, masterfully blended with the finest malt and grain whiskies from Scotland's most desired distilleries, is a wonderful Scotch whisky that everyone should sample at least once in their lives. It is unquestionably one of the top whisky brands in India.

Chivas Regal 12 Year Old | Whisky Brands In India

2. Dewar's 18

Dewars 18 has acquired the title of "The Vintage" as the world's most recognized melded Scotch whiskey, having won over 500 awards in international contests. 

Dewars 18 is a Bacardi-owned combination of exceptionally rare historic malt whisky and single grain Scotch whiskies that promised to be smooth and easy to drink. Each glass of Dewars contains whiskies from John Dewar and Sons' five malt whisky companies, making it one of India's top-rated whiskey. 

The whiskies are then aged in vintage oak barrels, resulting in a unique mix with a buttery aftertaste and delicate caramel and marshmallow flavors that appear to slide off the tongue. it ranks first on most lists of the greatest whisky brands in India.

Dewar's 18 | Whisky Brands In India

3. Black Dog Reserve

Black Dog is a sophisticated cocktail that should be savored carefully as a variety of flavors emerge. Vanilla, fruity, woody, and malty notes are all delicately teased out with ice cubes and a splash of water. 

The aroma and perfectly blended taste of vanilla along with fruits make it one of the best whisky brands in India.

4. Glenkinchie 12

Glenkinchie 12, a lesser-known single malt in India, is a one-of-a-kind whiskey that is smooth and creamy with a fruity flair and flowery and sweet overtones. The aromatic scent along with the taste of perfectly blended fruits make this an unforgettable whisky brand in India. 

This beautiful single malt from Scotland's lowlands makes an excellent pre-dinner drink. It is unquestionably one of the top whisky brands in India.

5. The Glenlivet

This malt is quite pleasant! The 12-year-old Glenlivet is a zesty admittance Glenlivet, with a pleasant bouquet of grapefruit lemon and luscious citrus notes that linger long after you've finished your glass. 

The Glenlivet distillery is known for being Scotland's first licensed and insured whisky factory. The sweet smell of honey blends the aroma perfectly making it unquestionably one of the most recommended whisky brands in India.

6. Jack Daniel’s Old No.7

This is undeniably one of the top whisky brands on the market, so it doesn't require an introduction, does it? 

The world-famous Jack Daniel's whiskey doesn't need much of a preface. It's an entirely different "Tennessee" whiskey, more akin to bourbon, and it's usually made from maize. This one pair well with a soda, ice, or cola of your choice, thanks to its sweet taste and overtones of caramel and smoky oak.

Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 | Whisky Brands In India

7. Jim Beam Bourbon Black

Jim Beam is an American bourbon whiskey brand that focuses on the idea of adding a little special to every opportunity. This excellent, whiskey is developed for an additional year in oak casks. 

And the additional years of maturing in these barrels produce a full-bodied fragrance with a delicate creamy aroma and rich notes of toasted oak that's intended to be sipped and savored.

8. Monkey Shoulder

Monkey Shoulder is a renowned blend of malt whisky whiskies from three of Speyside's greatest distilleries, Kininvie, Balvenie, and Glenfiddich, that have been blended to give a strong flavor and flawless smoothness. 

With a sweet caramel sweetness and noticeable orange zest and vanilla undertones, it's undoubtedly one of the simplest scotch whiskies to drink. This is among the best whisky brands in India.

Monkey Shoulder, one of India's top whisky brands, seamlessly fills the gap between enjoyable and luxury whiskies.

9. Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whisky

This drink was the very first single malt whisky made in India, produced by Bengaluru's Amrut Distilleries utilizing regionally farmed barley from North-West India. 

Before packaging, this single malt whisky is matured in New American Oak and ex-Bourbon barrels, and a drink of the beverage has a malty, biscuity, nutty flavor with undertones of fruit and malt. Amrut produces a variety of whiskies, but the amalgamation single malt is one of the most prominent and well-known. This is among the best whisky brands in India.

Jim Murray, the world's most known whiskey enthusiast, ranked Amrut as the world's third finest whisky in his acclaimed Whisky Bible in 2010!

10. Ballantine’s Finest

This no-age-statement melded Scotch whisky is a masterpiece, with an unparalleled prestige for exceptional taste and texture. 

A vintage blend that produces a drink of far greater quality than is represented in its price, which is a significant cause for the label's appeal in India. It is, without a doubt, one of the world's most likely to seek whisky brands, and it constantly ranks among the top-selling Scotch whiskies globally. It's a good value for money Scotch.

the whisky that is perfect for a good everyday sip without breaking the bank or your taste buds! Ballantine's Finest costs 1,785 INR in India.

11. Jameson

Because of its world-famous Irish mix solely, this one-of-a-kind whisky merits to be included in every list of the greatest whisky brands in India. This crispy whisky has a lovely golden honey appearance and a silky, high-quality taste, thanks to its triple distillation.

The remarkable blend of spicy, nutty, and vanilla flavors, finished off with a smooth aftertaste that will meet you at every sip, more than illustrates why Jameson Irish Whiskey's appeal has endured the test of time. This is among the best whisky brands in India.

Jameson | Whisky Brands In India

12. Johnnie Walker Red Label

This is undoubtedly one of the Best and most popular whisky brands, with every whisky aficionado in the nation familiar with the moniker.

The red label, out of all the Johnnie Walker varieties, is perhaps the most economical high-quality scotch available.

This fusion brings together phenomenal gentle whiskies from Scotland's East Coast and more peaty juices from the West, offering it a sophisticated flavor and texture. It has a sweet and tangy unique taste with a dynamic darker taste.

13. Black & White

This is an amazing alternative among moderately cost whisky brands in India, with a unique blending of good malt whiskies and a greater percentage of quality grain whiskies. With flavors of youthful oak, vanilla, caramel, and crisp lemon, this classic mix tastes like candied dried fruit.

There is a unique fact about the payment On symbol on the labels, Once the founder James Buchanan on his way back from a dog show allegedly came up with the idea for the famous patent emblem on the label!

14. Seagrams 100 Pipers Deluxe

Seagram's 100 Pipers is a mellow blended whiskey with soft smoking undertones that is one of India's most trusted whiskies. It has a tantalizing tropical and wooden scent, as well as a mellow fizzy and smokey flavor.

It's an excellent, full-flavored blended Scotch that comes into the affordable whisky brand in India. It is unquestionably one of the top whisky brands in India.

15. Vat 69

Vat 69 is a straightforward, agreeable best-blended Scotch. It is blended with a fantasizing formula that includes 40 malt and grain whiskies. It's a very well whisky with a pronounced vanilla richness that also has a long history. This blended gold is classy enough to make any person go insane by just its aroma.

It's one of the most renowned blended whiskey whiskies among Indians, probably because of its affordable price and exceptional delicacy as a whisky.

16. Teacher's Highland Cream

Teacher's Highland Cream is a go-to daily sipping whisky for an army of devoted admirers, and it's a truly excellent summer drink. It's made up of a precise formulation of over 30 whiskies, encompassing malt and grain kinds.

Teacher's Highland Cream has a rich smokey aroma, as well as outstanding creaminess and depth of flavor, all of which, at the price point, makes it a deserving nominee for one of the best Whisky Brands In India.

17. Blender's Pride

The brand doesn't need to be explained. The Diamond is introduced by its scent, elegance, and mouth-watering flavor. Blender's Pride has an amazing fruity creaminess that's hard to come by at such affordable pricing. 

Perhaps this is why it manages to be one of India's most popular whisky brands. This whisky is made up of a mix of selected Indian grain spirits and international Scotch malts. The aroma of this blend is among the best whisky brands in India.

18. Royal Challenge

For several years, this trademark has accounted for the largest market. Royal Challenge is a grain-based whisky containing Scotch and Indian malts that is well-known throughout the country for its distinctive flavor and character.

It has a silky texture and a powerful flavor combination.

19. Royal Stag

Royal Stag is an amalgamation of international Scotch malts and select Indian grain spirits that is the best-selling Pernod Ricard whisky brand by volume.

This standard-size whisky is known for its exceptional malty flavor at a very affordable price.

In the mouth, the spirit is creamy and produces a lovely smoky aftertaste. The mouth-watering scent of the stag is among the best whisky brands in India.

20. Imperial Blue

A trademark in and of itself. Indians call this label IB, and it is one of the most superior and economical Whisky Brands In India. 

Seagram's Imperial Blue, a combination of Indian grain spirits and international Scotch malts, has swiftly become one of India's most popular whiskies, and a name recognized by several regular consumers. This is what makes them a perfect nominee of the best whisky brands in India.

This trademark is popular among Youngsters.

21. Bagpiper

I'm sure everyone has seen this Infused Gold Whisky's most memorable commercial of the century. Bagpiper is one of the country's oldest native whisky brands.

A mild malty scent with undertones of floral notes pervades the spirit. The fragrant pleasures and reasonable prices place it among India's best whisky brands.

22. Officer's Choice

One of India's greatest prominent Whisky franchises. Officer's Choice, often known as OC in India, is one of the most renowned premixed whiskies in the nation and is recognized as one of the world's largest whiskey trademarks.

Officer's Choice is a typical inclusion among the most drank whisky brands in India due to its affordability and surprising richness for the price.

23. Old Tavern

United Spirits Ltd. creates Old Tavern, a combination of Scotch malts, Indian grain whiskies, and Indian neutral spirits. Old Tavern is a well-known and trusted whisky brand, particularly in the northern parts of the country, such as Uttar Pradesh. This brand is known for its globally blended and creamy flavor, which is accompanied by an enticing scent.

24. Original Choice

Original Choice combines elegance and sophistication, with aging in genuine oak wood casks imparting a flawless equilibrium and strong flavor, making it the Millionaire's Choice.

In India's renowned whisky market, Original Choice is one of the best-selling labels.

The Original Choice Whisky mix has been painstakingly designed and refined to provide the same deep experience as a malt whisky at a fraction of the cost. The Original Choice Whisky experience has been championed by millions of enthusiasts over the years due to its delicate malty aroma with a touch of a silky woody characteristic.

25. 8 PM

Radico Khaitan's trademark whisky label. When the bell rings at 8 p.m., India's "Thaath" crescendos. No surprise, 8 PM is the first label in the whiskey sector to be inducted into the LIMCA book of world records for selling one million cases in its first year of existence. 

8 PM, established as Radico's trademark, provides an unrivaled customer experience for its dedicated customers, offering them a flavor of true "Thaath." New 8 PM, crafted with the highest grade grain, is the height of opulence and premium consumption. It is unquestionably one of the top whisky brands in India.

26. Director's Special

Director's Special has been a must-have in the economy whisky category for decades. A combination of this unique is packaged in an equally unique manner. In the minds of consumers, the unusual style of the glass bottle with an etched emblem and the striking packaging has become synonymous with DSP Black. 

This magnificent whisky has more than its fair share of honors due to its blend par excellence, which is distinguished by exceptional malt that has been blended to an exquisite smoothness.

This whisky brand is inexpensive and widely available, with a high amount of molasses-based spirits and a smaller proportion of malt whisky. It is unquestionably one of the top whisky brands in India.

27. McDowell's No.1 Platinum

This is a low-profile brand. Mc Dowell's is a quality grain-based whisky product that is also one of the most trusted options among Indian whisky fans.

The Platinum whisky is manufactured from a combination of Indian spirit and thoughtfully selected scotches, and it is designed to give a refined taste as well as a smooth whisky experience to consumers on a smaller budget.

28. Aberlour 12 Year Old

This typical packaging is a severely underappreciated single malt Scotch whisky that has yet to achieve the international fame of other whisky brands but has begun to make its impression on the whisky club scene in India. 

Strong word of mouth, a remarkable range of aromas and flavors from its double-cask aging, and extremely competitive costing make it a clear winner.

Aberlour is undoubtedly one of the main Scotch whisky brands in India, and it is on its way to being one of the country's top whisky brands shortly. It is unquestionably one of the top whisky brands in India.

29. Glenfiddich

Glenfiddich, like The Glenlivet, is a Renowned classic and one of the world's best-selling single malt Scotch whisky. It possesses all of the distinctive Speyside qualities that distinguish Speyside single malts so popular around the world, and it has received countless medals at whiskey tasting events.

Glenfiddich's inventory, like many others, begins with the regular 12-Year-Old bottling and progresses to the 21-Year-Old as part of their core offering. The price of a Scotch like Glenfiddich varies greatly across India.

30. Laphroaig

This Islay classic is unlike another Scotch whisky, which is both its greatest strength and its worst flaw. It is distinct due to its medicinal, iodine-rich, and heavily coast-influenced characteristics.

Laphroaig aficionados adore it, whether in India or overseas, while detractors despise it equally. Whatever your thoughts are, Laphroaig's quality makes it, without a doubt, one of the top single malt Scotch brands now available in India. It is unquestionably one of the top whisky brands in India.

So here comes an end of the roll of 30 whisky brands in India. This list of whisky brands in India is solely based on the aroma, aftertaste, and price. 

All the above-mentioned whisky brands in India are worth trying. The aroma and the ambiance created by these magnificent whiskies will surely make you go crazy.


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