What Is Life Actually?

Life is good with something unexpected

Sonali Negi

6 months ago|2 min read



Let me start writing this article with a quote of mine

“Life has the authorization for verifying the pure happiness and glory as its needed aspirations, no matter how it’s goanna achieve it”

I feel life is something which should make you feel worth. It is something that should satisfy you when you are going through situations. Actually, when it comes to defining life I think we describe our battles, we describe our, joy we describe our glory and most importantly we describe how we make it valuable after healing from the low points.

The era in which this question gives goosebumps, Is the era that is surviving in cutthroat competition. This era is basically dealing with the question in a very subtle way. People actually define this word from their deepest space of the heart.


How life works more importantly

Life has something in it. I would say something that bound us with each other. It works very smoothly sometimes. We get what we want, we achieve what we desire but sometimes it is a mess, it is a mess of chaos. Every narrow step looks wider than the ocean. And believe me, at this point it is so hard for people to pretend they are okay or to pretend they have never been under stress. You know actually when a person goes through something he started doing something which wouldn’t show the world that he is not okay. He starts showing that he is brave and strong, he doesn’t even feel anything anymore. At this point, a person grows up from his weak part and that weak part turns into so much stronger part.


You have the ability to knit your own fairy dreams


What life should mean to you?

Life should mean to you, worth. It should mean to you a performer. Now how could something nontangible look like a performer? See when life takes turns it means it is moving and when it is going in different situations it is showing you paths. It Is showing you the strengths, ups and downs, variety of situations. So, isn’t it a performer? It is a performer for me because a performer is someone who plays different roles and chases the victory. A performer is someone who builds himself beyond expectation.


What life has in store for you?

Life is a cracker. It burst out and disturbs peace sometimes but gives light for a while. Life is a Choco-chip that decorates the cake and acts as a superb frosting. Sometimes it sends us at difficult paths just to tell us that it is going to bring something incredible and something lavishing.


I would like to conclude this article with one of the saying's which is again mine.

” Life shouldn’t be something, you thought of instead, it should be something valuable added into your thought”



Sonali Negi

A creative life is worth and indeed when you have a path to explore, mark and write.



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