What Happens When You Smile?

Say Cheeeeessssseeee!!!!

Mahima Bachani

8 months ago|5 min read


As I say …..
With a smile on my face, 
I go through every phase of Life's Race.

So, I wanted to start my blog by giving reasons about how that beautiful curve on our face helps us to go through every phase of life’s race. Let us start with understanding what is smile? 

A smile is a curve on our face with happy expressions believed to set everything straight.


To feel beautiful inside and to make the world beautiful outside what we need to do is Just Smile. With just a beautiful curve filled with expressions, we can make it beautiful both inside out. It expresses positivity, joy, amusement, delight, happiness, and emotions. We say that the pen is more powerful than the sword but little did we know that this curve carries more power than both sword and pen to change the world. 

How magical is that, a curve that can straighten anything. When we smile we embrace positivity and joy. And with the positive vibes, we spread happiness and positivity. While spreading good vibes we build a happy and healthy society. With the happiness inside and outside, we instill the seed of delight around us. The idea of smiling revolves around imbibing positivity, bringing change to the world, building a healthy and positive society. 

What does smiling do to you?


Did you know that smiling is contagious? Yes, you read it right it is contagious. It is a vicious cycle, when your brain is happy, you smile and when you smile your brain is happy. While you smile the other person can’t stop himself/herself to smile and feel happy. Thus you become responsible for spreading good vibes.

How smiling helps you step up your life?


With a sweet smile on your face, you can start any conversation easily without any hesitation, because when you smile the other person smile. So basically, smiling helps you to start a conversation. 


Psychology says that when a person smiles he/she looks more friendly compared to another person. This is the first step towards building a block of building trust amongst each other. This creates a positive impact and leaves an unforgettable impression on the other person which builds trust amongst each other. 


A daily dose of smiling boosts happiness and positivity in you. Helps you to avoid grinning over hectic life and work. And researches say that the more the person is happy the more he is productive. This improves the efficiency and the quality of his work done. 


A smile a day keeps the tension away. While you smile, your brain releases signaling molecules called neuropeptides to the rest of your body. These molecules are responsible for influencing your brain and body. Which ultimately influences the way you behave. So when the brain releases molecules of happiness, it bursts your stress too and leads you to live a happy day and life. 

Now you might be bewildered about how to be happier and keep smiling throughout, below are a few steps you can follow to be happier.

Habits to be happier 

Adapt acceptance - Stop resisting the reality. Accept the situation and learn from it. With the adaptation of acceptance, you become resilient, you become more powerful to go through the rough phase of your life. 

Self-care - Practice self-care. The utmost important part of your life is YOU. In the rat race of achievement and earning we forget ourselves behind. While running ahead, we remain behind. Until you care for yourself you can’t take care of others. First, learn to care for yourself and then care for others. 

Accept yourself - No matter at what stage of your life you are and how have you been throughout accept yourself. Never compare your chapter of life to the chapter of another’s life because we don’t know the chapter of the other person’s life is from which book. Compare yourself with yourself. If you won’t be able to accept yourself you won’t be able to accept others and the society around you. 

Workout - The activity to keep you happy and healthy. With the workout, you don’t only sweat perspiration but also negativity from the body. This helps you to stay active and happy. You will feel more energetic. 

Delete negativity - You should do this daily. Delete negativity from the day. Before sleeping forgive everyone and ask for forgiveness for your deeds. While you feel negative for a person try to practice affirmation for the same person. For e.g. you bitch for a person, instead of bitching practice discuss good qualities of the same person. This way you remove negativity from your life.

Practice gratitude and affirmation - The first thing that you should do when you wake up is practice gratitude and affirmation. Be grateful for whatever you have and you are. Be affirmative for the day and activities scheduled for the day. Before sleeping too practice the same and see the magic happening to you. 


Thus, at the end of the article, we conclude that smiling makes you healthy and happy. So don’t forget to smile every day, because a smile a day keeps the worry away. Wake up in the morning with a smile on your face, pray to god, practice gratitude and then follow your schedule. One time in a day go to your mirror. See yourself in the mirror and then smile and practice affirmation while gazing at yourself smiling foolishly in the mirror. Talk to yourself while seeing in the mirror, because if you don’t talk to yourself, you will miss out on talking with the greatest person present on the earth, says Swami Vivekananda. So push your day with a smile and spread positivity around you. Make your inside and out the happiest place for everyone and for yourself. 


As I say …..

With a smile on my face, 

I go through every phase 

of the Life's Race, 

With a smile on my face 

I embrace 

The situation with grace, 

And with a smile on my face, 

I will win the Race.

Chant these lines with me- "Smile today and smile tomorrow. Smile in your work and in play.'


Mahima Bachani

Hi, I'm Mahima Bachani. I am a human full of positive vibe, enthusiasm, and kindness. With a smile on my Face, I go through every phase of the Life's Race.



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