5 Ways To Fix Error Code 0xc00d36c4 While Playing Videos/Music

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We can create video mp4 files on our screen. Playing our favorite music and video files can make us happy and relieved. It also brings the memories of our family, friends, and our loved ones. 

We can also use our leisure time by seeing movies, entertainment videos, etc. But the most disturbing thing is occurring an error when we are playing the video file. 

The most common error is “ 0xc00d36c4” and this occurs mostly due to the upgrade/update of the Windows operating system.

The main reasons for the error are Media player does not support the video file format, the file extension is incorrect, the video is corrupted, the Wrong codec, etc. There are several methods we can fix the error and can run videos perfectly after that.

Method 1: Downloading VLC Media Player In System

To get rid of this error, the most recommended solution is downloading the VLC media player. The VLC media player supports all types of music formats and video formats. It is better than software like Windows media player, Xbox, and groove, etc.

All we need to do is downloading and installing the VLC media player on our system. 

First, we need to visit the VLC media player's official website or windows application store and download the VLC media player from any one of them and install it and run the videos and music files.

It can run any type of format of audio files and video files.

Ways To Fix Error Code 0xc00d36c4

Method 2: Fixing The Codec

This is another method of solving the error. Codec is the program or device we have to install in a system that compresses and decompresses the data. 

If a created file does not work or play correctly, then we can identify that the problem lies within the codec. All we have to do is converting the file to get rid of this error. 

Those video converters are user-friendly and can be easy to use and install.

First, we have to install a program such as a video converter or video repair tool in a system. After completion of the installation, we have to search for the corrupted file and add it to the installed program. 

Here, we have to change the format of the video. The converter may ask simply “ repair” or to the format which we want to change.

Method 3: Moving Video Files From External To Internal

This is a simple way to fix the error. If the video files are stored on an external disk, we have to change them to the internal hard drive.

Copy the files which are on an external disk, USB drive, or DVD using the CTRL+C command and paste them on an internal hard drive using the CTRL+V command. 

This will help us to solve the error and it makes the files run smoothly and perfectly.

Ways To Fix Error Code 0xc00d36c4

Method 4: Turning Off Copy Protection On Windows Media Player

The best way is unchecking the copy protection on the windows media player. This will help us not to occur the error in future. 

This is a simple method we all can do to solve this error. First, we have to search for the Windows Media Player in a start or Cortana search bar and we have to open it. 

Then we have to select Organize option which will be on the top left side and select it.

Then click on the options tab and select the Rip Music tab. In the Rip Music tab, we can see Copy Protect Music. 

We have to uncheck the Copy Protect Music and click on OK. So that changes will be applicable and video files run smoothly.

Ways To Fix Error Code 0xc00d36c4

Method 5: Reconfiguring The Playback Setting

The error 0x00d36c4 may appear due to changes in the playback setting by different users or malware changes. 

First, we have to select the volume icon at the right bottom corner and we have to select playback devices. Then click on the speaker option at the bottom and select configure option at the bottom.

It will open a speaker set up a window where it contains a different list of all audio channels of the computer. Now we have to test each audio channel available by using the test option. If any channel is faulty it gives us a message as “Failed to play test tone” on the screen.

Now after testing all the audio channels, we have to click on next. We have to unselect all the speakers which produce an error message. Finally, we have to check that the error has gone.

Ways To Fix Error Code 0xc00d36c4

By doing this process we can fix the error.

Apart from this, we have some more methods like Bonus Tip, Running the troubleshooter for windows media player, changing the file extension, etc.

Though the error 0xc00d36c4 has occurred we can solve them by following different methods. Videos and audios will play smoothly after solving the errors. 

So that we can enjoy our leisure by watching videos and listening to audio. By following these methods, instructions, and rules one can solve their errors. It will make us happier by remembering our memories.

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