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Games are something that is loved and played by everyone. With time, there have been a lot of modifications in the gaming sector and community.

Online multiplayer games have become popular because it provides its users with the opportunity to create nexus with anyone around the world anytime. Games help to relieve stress and also relax the mind of the people after work.

Here are the 10 best mobile games which can be played by anyone and at any time to have fun.

1. Pubg Mobile

PUBG | Best Android Games

Also known as Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, the first game in our list of top 10 mobile games is a battle royal game that became popular across the country in a very short period. The game is developed by the South Korean company Bluehole which launched it on 20th December 2017 on PC and in March 2018 on Mobile called PUBG Mobile.

This record-breaking game is listed on the top mobile games of the world and regarded as the most played game by player count.

 An online game that requires a good internet connectivity. Free download, available on both iOS and Android but involves in-game purchases for a better gaming experience.

The game revolves around the players who kill each other by finding weapons and other equipment which involves 100 players in a plane being your competitors. The last player who survives is the winner of the game.

This game is mainly popular among the youth as it brought a great revolution in the gaming and streaming world.

Pubg was also banned in India by the Indian Government as it was a threat to the sovereignty, defense, and security of the nation.

Apart from all the controversies, The game is relaunched (renamed Battlegrounds Mobile India started on 18th May 2021 and launched on 10th June 2021 for Indian users) by South Korean gaming company Krafton with a new version, features, and map which is different from the global version. 


  • Enhances decision-making skills by judging whether the opponent team enemy has better skills or they have defeated us or we should rush the enemy team or not.
  • Improvement in multi-tasking as multiple controls and buttons are to be used at one time making your mind sharp in real life too.
  • A mind-blowing self-satisfaction game.
  • Players can win cash prizes by participating in tournaments.


  • An addictive game once started playing, it wastes 7-8 hours and will make you want to play more and more.
  • It has led to sleep deprivation and nightmares among the youth because of playing long matches at night.
  • Very large size as it lags in phones with less than 4GB.
  • Children have started neglecting their studies leading to a lack of concentration and distraction from work.
  • Children have opted for aggressive behavior because of that they have started using bad words out of anger and frustration in the fear of losing games.

2. Ludo King

The next in our list of top 10 mobile games is an Indian game application, released on 20 February 2016 by Indian studio Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd owned by Vikas Jaiswal. Ludo King has been derived from the game Pachisi. It is one of the all-time best mobile games that particularly became popular among the people during the Covid-19 lockdown and secured 1st position in the play store and app store. It has more than 500 million downloads, engaged in 30 countries in different languages.

Players had to roll the dice and move their points(tokens) to the center of the board with every count of the dice. The first person to bring their 4 tokens to the center of the board wins the game.

It is played by six-sided dice and every token move out of their home only after bringing six.

This game is available on iOS, Android, Windows phone, and kindle which can be played either online or in offline mode.

Players can make a room and connect with their Facebook friends through a code in an online mode which helps them to play with their buddies without meeting each other. A maximum of 6 players can also play in the local multiplayer mode.


  • A free of cost game as it does not involve any in-game purchases.
  • One of the challenging and enjoyable games played among friends, family and kids help in improving the bond between them.
  • It may or may not require an internet connection as it can be played in both online and offline mode.
  • A life skill learning game requires a sharp mind in deciding which token to move at what time.
  • A simple game that can be easily understood by anyone and helps to remain stress-free.
  • The outline of the game could be designed more properly making it very simple.
  • As the dice are generated by the computer, it provides the worst number at the time of winning the game leading to loss of the match.
  • It creates difficulty in winning games after you become a highly leveled player.
  • Addiction can lead to behavioral changes affecting eyesight and mental changes.

3. Among Us

Among Us | Best Mobile Games In The World

The next in our list of top 10 mobile games is a social deduction game developed by Innersloth. It is a 2018 online multiplayer game which can be played on both iOS and Android devices. It is termed as one of the best mobile games with fun, strategy, and a mix of horror.

This game received huge popularity in the year 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic and also many YouTubers playing it.

It involves a space-themed environment in which a room of 10 people is created. 

The Crewmates' aim is to complete the given tasks around the whole map, identify the impostor and eliminate them whereas the goal of Imposter is to destroy and kill the Crewmates before completing all the tasks.

Crewmates win if they are successful in completing all their tasks or Imposters are ejected. On the other hand, Imposters win if there is a uniform number of Imposters and Crewmates. The main map is known as The Skeld. Also includes in-app purchases for certain products which are not compulsory, totally depends on the user to buy or not. 


  • An addictive quality game that enables us the ability to seamlessly play with people across different devices making it easy to choose to play it privately or publicly.
  • The latest update allows playgroups to hide the taskbar.
  • It builds teamwork which allows us to figure out who can and can't be trusted within the group of players.
  • Helps in crafting Quick-thinking.


  • It leads to violence among the primary school-aged children as it uses knives and visuals of the cartoon players being stabbed and killed.
  • Parents should speak to their children about protecting their personal information, understanding the consequences of in-app currency, and making sure they don’t share it with anyone as the game includes ads and in-app purchases which is difficult to remove.

4. Call Of Duty

Call of Duty: Mobile | Best Android Shooting Games

The next in our list of top 10 mobile games is a free-to-play shooter video game published by Activision for Android as well as iOS users. It is developed by TiMi Studio Group and released on 1 October 2019 which has more than a billion downloads.

Players have the option to choose from 2 modes that include ranked or unranked matches in Multiplayer mode and Battle Royale mode.

It consists of two types of in-game currencies. “Credits", which are earned while playing the game, and "COD Points", which are bought with real-world money.

There are constant in-game events in which players are split into two groups: the good and the bad. You can connect and invite your friends from different social apps like Facebook.

In battle royale mode which has better graphic quality, there are up to 100 players in one game. The players can either play alone or in a group of two or four squads. Every team is given a leader who decides when and where the team will land on the map. Players have to kill their enemies while staying alive themselves. The last team to remain in the game wins the match. Players can also use knives, weapons, vehicles, and other items to kill their enemies on the map.


  • Smaller in size as compared to Pubg.
  • A variety of matches can be played in multiplayer mode and map also.
  • Updates every month with new guns, characters, maps, and modes making it more amazing.


  • It causes eye problems, making your eyesight weak by playing for a longer duration.
  • Less customizable characters in battle royale mode make it boring.
  • Inferior graphics as compared to Pubg as it looks cartoonist whereas Pubg looks more realistic.

5. Candy Crush Saga

CANDY CRUSH FRIENDS SAGA | Best Mobile Games In The World

The next in our list of top 10 mobile games is an all-time favorite game released by King on April 12, 2012.

It is played by eliminating candies of similar color by swapping on a board to make a match of 3 or more candies of the same color. This is then replaced by new candies on the board.

It consists of numerous goals that include having a fixed number of moves or completing a level in a limited amount of time which makes the game more interesting.

It does not involve any cost. Players can enjoy the game without spending any penny. Special actions can be purchased that help in clearing more difficult boards from where King makes its revenues.

This game has been termed as one of the most played and highest-grossing mobile games.


  • It helps in avoiding boredom.
  • It has some tricks to play, if the player gets familiar with it, it will help in increasing his/her IQ.
  • A player can know his rank or position between his friends by connecting to his Facebook and Google accounts.
  • It has a small trash file, therefore, barely harmful for mobile.
  • The good graphics of this game attracts many people.


  • Need to be played carefully because moves are too small.
  • If a person does not have a Facebook or Google account then the player has to play with guests which will not save the gaming data in that game.
  • Infinite or maximum no. of levels makes it boring sometimes. Yet it is one of the all-time best mobile games that particularly became popular among the people during the Covid-19 lockdown.

6. Clash Of Clans

Clash Of Clans | Top Mobile Games

The next in our list of top 10 mobile games is an online multiplayer game developed and published by Finnish game developer Supercell. It can be played by both Android and iOS users. 

Players form communities called clans which require building their village by gaining resources from other player’s villages. It involves attacking their opponent’s villages to collect various types of resources.

Its main resources include gold, elixir, and dark elixir. A maximum group of fifty people can participate in Clan Wars together that allows them to chat with each other, also to donate and receive troops.


  • Makes you feel happy and fresh.
  • Stress reliever game.
  • It helps us to learn how to set up a strategy.
  • Analyzing a situation and finding its solution helps in improving concentration.


  • Being large in size, it takes a huge memory from your mobiles.
  • Slightly expensive if you're impatient for things to build and in collecting troops.

7. Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go | Best Mobile Games In The World

The next in our list of top 10 mobile games is an augmented reality(AR) game launched in 2016 with a collaboration between Niantic, Nintendo, and The Pokémon Company. It appears to be a real-world game to the players as it uses GPS to locate, train and battle virtual creatures.

This game is mainly famous because it is location-based. In 2016, the game had more than 500 million downloads.

You can either play alone or with your friends with the online character pokemon.


  • Free to play as it does not involve any purchases.
  • It leads to both mental and physical development as it is necessary to walk around to play this game.
  • As players interact with strangers it brings people together and creates a sense of community.


  • It may lead to injury as users can be tripped, fall into a lake, crash a car, and fall on the railroad.
  • This game can be distracting and also dangerous for people.

8. Minecraft

Minecraft | Best Mobile Games In The World

The next in our list of top 10 mobile games is a sandbox game developed by the Swedish and created in the Java programming language by Markus Persson.

Players explore a 3D world where they discover and collect raw materials, craft tools, and other items to build earthworks or structures.

The game can be played in different modes where players can compete with each other in an online mode or fight computer-created mobs.

This game has been termed as the greatest video game of all time.


  • It leads to creativity as it offers the players to learn the landscape. Also to create a world and design them by using blocks.
  • It also does not offer any vulgar language and encourages teamwork among players.


  • As Minecraft is a social game, it can cause bullying.
  • It is an addictive game, so it can lead to laziness and waste of time.

9. Clash Royale

Clash Royale | Best Android Online Multiplayer Games

The next in our list of top 10 mobile games is a real-time strategy game developed and published by Supercell. This game became so popular after its release that it collected $1 billion in revenue in less than a year on the market. Available on both iOS and Android.

This game puts players in a 1v1 or 2v2 situation intending to destroy the opponent's towers. The player wins if he can destroy the king’s tower. The number of trophies collected decides the rank of the player in the game.


  • It’s a worthy and smart game for those who like tactics and strategy.
  • As the game is strategic, players can fight online battles using defense and attack modes.
  • Players can get a chance to win prizes and compete at the world level.


  • It is an extremely compelling and time-consuming game.
  • It can lead to frustration among players after being defeated.

10. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfer | Best Mobile Games In The World

The next in our list of top 10 mobile games is a game developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games which is an endless runner mobile game wherever the player runs through the railroad tracks to flee from the inspector ANd his dog that runs behind him

Players can grab coins, power-ups, super sneakers, jetpacks, and other advantages while dodging simultaneously. It allows the player to jump on top of the train and surf with hoverboards to avoid capture, crashes, and being hit by the train. Collisions with trains or crashes would restart the game. As the player collects more and more coins, it enables him to purchase various items from the store. Character and outfits can also be changed by the player.

Special events are also conducted such as the Weekly Hunt that result in in-game rewards and characters.

It is one of the all-time best mobile games that particularly became popular among the children during the Covid-19 lockdown and secured one of the positions in the play store and app store.

It also involves in-game purchases which depend on the user to buy or not.


  • It boosts attention as a lot of focus is needed while playing this game.
  • A mind fresher game that improves cognitive skills.
  • Daily challenges excite people to play more and more.
  • If players log in to their Facebook account, they can compete against their friends that also have the game making it more interesting.


  • Highly addictive game, once started playing, induces the people to more and more.
  • It sometimes seems boring because of its graphics being so simple and the developers not bringing a change in it.
  • Monotonous because of less up-gradation as the developers don’t change the obstacles or characters that often. They don’t even add new obstacles or areas.

There should be a limit in playing any game that children should understand. Playing the game in limit is not the problem but overdosing creates various problems.

I hope you liked this list of top mobile games that you can enjoy anytime. Do, like and share these with your friends and be their gaming bud.

Also, let us know your favorite mobile game in the comment box below. 

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