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In today's time, Mobile phones are slowly becoming a major necessity of human life. A phone with an internet connection is a must for our day-to-day life. Everywhere we go for a trip, tracking, meeting or just around, it is important to have a mobile phone with an internet connection.

When we are on the trip for our tripping, tracking, meeting, our favorite time pass is playing mostly online games. But, not everyone and at every place, we are accessible to the internet connection. The majority of the popular games like PubG, free fire, Pokemon Go, and many Marvel superheroes games alongside numerous racing games are operated online. A cellular data network is established for many games for Android. Whether this is receiving content from the internet, as in Clash of Clans, or using it as DRM security, like in most Final Fantasy titles, it appears as almost every game requires you to be in close enough proximity to a web association merely to play.

But not every place on the blue planet is accessible to internet services. Not only is this inconvenient for passengers, but it also implies you won't be capable of playing your games if your connection starts going down. So, here we have prepared the most awaited list of top 10 Android Games offline These top 10 Android Games offline are solely prepared for travel lovers.

1. Alto's Odyssey

Genre platformer

Google play rating 4.2

Quick overview Let us start our list of the top 10 Android Games offline with one of the best. Alto's Odyssey is the latest offline gameplay that does not demand Wi-Fi. It's an endless sprinter with side-scrolling gameplay. You roll down numerous slopes, leap over different obstacles, and earn cash. The entire game is set in a never-ending wilderness with ever-increasing obstacles. After a quick outline of the basics of this offline Android game, you'll be immersed in a beautiful environment with a calming backdrop and pleasant visual effects.

Alto's Odyssey's basic strategy relies on hopping, backflipping, and stomping on ropes to gather coins that can be used to develop your character. This is one of the most amazing games in the list of top 10 Android Games offline.


Completely Offline

Free to play

Stunning visuals and soundtrack

Easy to learn


Contain Advertisements ( Can be removed after purchase )

Download here

Alto's Odyssey | top 10 Android Games offline

2. Bloons TD 6

Genre Strategy

Google play ratings 4.6

Quick Overview Bloons TD 6 is the newest version in the venerable strategy game series. It is very similar to its previous efforts in terms of gameplay. As terrible men approach, you set up structures along the route and destroy them. The gameplay has 56 landscapes, five development tiers, superheroes, and 22 powerful monkey towers, each with three upgrading pathways. You also get a diverse dynamic with a variety of distinct tower improvements for different scenarios.

Finally, gamers can choose from a variety of challenges and styles. The game is, obviously, accessible offline. In India, It cost around 440Rs with some In-App purchases. The stunning gameplay and awesome control make it a must to include the entry in the list of top 10 Android Games offline.


Regular Updates


Engaging and entertaining


Not free to play

Bloons TD 6 | top 10 Android Games offline

3. Crossy Road

Genre Endless Arcade Hopper

Google play rating 4.3

Quick overview let's include the gamer's favorite in the list of top 10 Android Games offline. For a long time, Crossy Road has indeed been available on the Google Play Store, and for a valid reason. In this offline Android game, you play as a rooster to cross the road, railroad tracks, and waterways.

Crossy Road is a simple game to play. The gamer must tap the screen to guide the rooster in multiple directions. Be cautious, since Crossy Road's strong bustle and incredibly fast railroads will be your undoing. Although there is no true time limit in the gameplay, a hawk is continually hovering above the land, waiting to feed on you.

Characteristics of a twisty road Woods, automobiles, as well as other structures are modeled in a polygonal form, similar to what you'd see in Minecraft. The stunning gameplay and awesome control make it a must to include the entry in the list of top 10 Android Games offline.


Costume less space

Highly addictive

Simple to play

Innovative gameplay


Contains Advertisement

Crossy Road | top 10 Android Games offline.

4. Dead Cells

Genre Roguevania

Google Play rating 4.6

Ouick overveiw please welcome our next content of the best offline game in the list of top 10 Android Games offline.

The game Dead Cells is a roguelike. It has an interlinked universe and non-linear gameplay, allowing you to go wherever you want. There's also the risk of emergent gameplay, as well as some repetitive gameplay and exciting slash features. The game also has two modes (automatic strike and standard), unique settings, compatibility for external devices, and full offline functionality. Dead Cells is one of the most challenging games on the list, but it's a lot of fun. This is one of the most amazing games in the list of top 10 Android Games offline.


Custom updations are available

Great gameplay

Engaging formats

Great Graphics

Numerous bosses make the gameplay tougher

No advertisements



Often crushes on few systems

Dead Cells | top 10 Android Games offline

5. Eternium

Genre RPG

Google play rating 4.5

Quick overview Eternium is among the few freeware RPGs that are at their best in offline mode. This is an adventure role-playing game. You travel through the world, casting spells, slaying bad guys, and investigating sites and catacombs. Of course, there's a plot, a tonne of treasure to gather, and a tonne of things to do. It's similar to most mobile combat RPGs in terms of gameplay. This is one of the most amazing games in the list of top 10 Android Games offline.

You do not, however, need to connect to a server to play anything. However, you must ensure that data is downloaded. Otherwise, the game might not work as it should. It's a freemium game, but not in a pushy way.


Completely free to play ( contain In-App purchase )

Engaging with the high-quality soundtrack

Impressive graphics

The variety of characters and villains make the game more preferred

Smooth gaming mechanics


Sometimes bugs causes game crush in PVP mode

Gems ( Game's money ) are difficult to collect

Download Here

Eternium | top 10 Android Games offline

6. Rayman Adventures


Google Play rating 4.4

Quick overview Rayman Adventures is a must-have for everyone who wants to play a home console on their Android smartphone. It's inspired by the much larger Rayman Chronicles adventure, which can be played on both Windows and consoles.

In Rayman Adventures, you can pick between two main characters. Following your selection, the game immerses you in a richly detailed world filled with treasures, secret locations, and a variety of bosses. There are also rush stages in the gameplay where a big boss will approach you, and keeping a respectful distance is your only choice.

You may also greatly accelerate the cinematic cutscenes in Rayman Adventure, which is useful if you don't want to lose out on crucial points but still want to keep track of what's going on in the gameplay. This is one of the most amazing games in the list of top 10 Android Games offline.


Console experience

Details oriented

Simple gameplay

Small game ( just 33MB game )


Loads of advertisement


The game is less stable

Download here

Rayman Adventures | top 10 Android Games offline

7. Dead Rain 2

Genre Action Platformer

Google play Rating 4.3

Quick Overview This Android game puts you in the shoes of a brave dad searching for his baby girl in a world populated with undead and bandits. Hunting undead, improving new gear, and living in a post-apocalyptic environment are at the heart of Dead Rain 2.

It's an incredibly fast shooter with some acrobatics thrown in for good measure. You can only fire straight, which frees up your hand from targeting and allows you to concentrate further on the motion. In this freeware offline game, the undead is marathon runners that will have you on your heels at all times. Dead Rain 2's graphics are modern, which adds to the game's bleak, gloomy, and conflict tone. The stunning gameplay and awesome control make it a must to include the entry in the list of top 10 Android Games offline.


Gripping story

Easy controls

Hi-tech Graphics

A lot of stages


Weak tutorial


Download here

Dead Rain 2 | top 10 Android Games offline

8. The Room: Old Sin

Genre puzzle

Google play rating 5.0

Quick Overview The Room is a fantastic puzzle platformer in the genre. They're all full of challenging riddles, stunning graphics, and enigmatic narratives. The first three matches depict a house full of mysteries. To solve the first three houses, you must resolve these riddles. The fourth game is set in a dollhouse, and it's a gratifying experience. The previous games are a little smaller, but the latter games include various outcomes, which adds to the replayability and duration of the gameplay. Any of them can be played without internet connectivity. While offline, however, you cannot use the cloud saving function in Room 3 or The Room: Old Sins. They're also cheap, don't have any in-app payments, and don't have any advertisements. This is one of the most amazing games in the list of top 10 Android Games offline.


Perfect soundtrack

High-quality graphics

High level of complex puzzles keep you engaging

Completely offline


Pay to play ( 380Rs in India)

The Room: Old Sin | top 10 Android Games offline

9. Pocket City

Genre Pocket Stimulator

Google play rating 4.0

Quick overview Pocket City is very similar to Sim City. It's a city-building simulator that works similarly. You construct streets, residences, and much more else a town requires. Players generally encounter both positive and bad events, such as celebrations and enormous wildfires. 

To get money, scale-up, access additional structures and uncover more territory, you must maintain a solid balance. The core gameplay is included in the basic version, along with advertisements. More functionality, a playground option, and no commercials are included in the premium upgrade. 

This game is a must to include the game in the list of top 10 Android Games offline.


Simpler control

Perfect visuals

Available in many languages

The free version covers the majority of the features

Not at all a play to win the game


Money and resources are harder to collect

Few system settings face glitches and lags

Download here

Pocket City | top 10 Android Games offline

10. Endless Nightmare

Genre FPS

Google play rating 4.3

Quick Overview This is the last game in the list of top 10 Android Games offline. Endless Nightmare is a tactical horror game in which you investigate a crime in a haunted mansion like an investigator. Certain parts of this gameplay, particularly those in the corridor, remind me of Playable Trial, or PT, from the PlayStation 4. Discovering evidence and resolving a crime story are the major features of the game, but staying away from a ghostly evil woman is a must.

You could either escape from her or create a weapon and battle her with the pieces you find about the home. The game has a great dramatic feel to it, and I encourage enjoying it late in the night to get the full pleasure out of it. To be honest, at my point, your heart will skip a beat due to the atmosphere created by the game's horrifying sound and high-quality visual effects.


High-quality graphic

Engaging script

Blended Gripping sound and graphics

Free to play

Multiple difficulty modes are available


Gameplay can be disturbing for a few

Control sensitivity

Download here

Endless Nightmare | top 10 Android Games offline

So here is the index of the top 10 Android Games offline. These top 10 Android Games offline are best among best. The unexceptional Visual graphics and Sound quality along with other features to offer made these games on the list of top 10 Android Games offline.

Please let us know if any offline games in our list of top 10 Android Games offline.


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