25 Leonardo Dicaprio Movies To Watch and Witness His Great Performances

He’s the king of the world!

Kavya Dharshini

Dec 30, 2020|10 min read


If you are more into Hollywood, there is no doubt that you know this man; even if you do not know much about Hollywood, you would be familiar with this man as “Jack Dawson”. Yes! It's Leonardo Dicaprio, the man who is celebrated as the almighty of Hollywood by many across the world. 

Leo Dicaprio’s movies have been milestones in his career and in Cinema history as well. May it be romance, may it be thug, may it be horror or even the biopic kinda movies of him has inspired a lot of people irrespective of ages and places. 

He aces the screen with his flawless acting skills and the great accolades such as the Academy and the Golden Globe, acknowledges it. 

If not all the movies of Leo Dicaprio, there are some of his best movies that are must-watch. Here is the 25 best Leonardo Dicaprio movies list for you:

1. Body of Lies

The Body of Lies, a novel adaption, portrays Leo Dicaprio as a detective tracing out the wanted terrorist, Al-Saleem. He seeks help from his master, Russell Crowe and formulates a plan to disguise themselves as terrorists serving as the bait to capture Al-Saleem.

He indulges in this act with dedication at the risk of his life. This movie is one of the best of Leo Dicaprio movies that shows the bold and courageous acting skill in him.

2. Romeo and Juliet 

Romeo and Juliet, a novel by Shakespeare, is made into a film starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Claire Danes. This 1996 romantic crime movie is an example of many tragic love stories that arouse war between the families of the boy and the girl. 

The story revolves around the lovers from Montagues and Capulet families which show enmity since ages. Finally, both end their lives for love. A big pack of action and romance makes it one of the best out of Leo Dicaprio’s movies list. 

3. Titanic 

Who wouldn’t know Jack and Rose? A 90’s film that is evergreen forever in our hearts. Titanic is a historical film that rose in fame for its eternal love story of  Leo Dicaprio as Jack Dawson and Kate Winslet as Rose DeWitt. This is one of the best Leo Dicaprio movies by James Cameron.

It all starts with the titanic ship which is real and shows the fictional love story of Jack and seventeen-year-old Rose. Rose, who is going to get married soon boards the ship and eventually falls in love with Jack. Situations turn out to be worse and they drown giving up their lives in the huge tragedy. The dialogues in this Leo Dicaprio’s movie are to be cherished.

4. The Revenant 

The Revenant casts Leonardo Dicaprio as Hugh Glass, a skilful frontiersman who survives a ferocious bear attack. This Leo Dicaprio’s movie spots him as an adventurous and courageous person who gets through the pain of threatening injuries by a bear attack and reaching back to his homeland.

The hunting crew companion kills his son, and with the tough vengeance, Hugh treks snowy terrains to give him back hard. Leo Dicaprio’s performance in this movie got him the Academy Award for the best leading role. The Revenant is one of the best Leonardo Dicaprio movies. 

5. The Wolf Of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street is the memoir of Jordan Belfort who cracked Wall Street and reached heights manipulatively during the 1990s.  Leo Dicaprio led this movie as Jordan. The story shows how manipulatively a small stockbroker at Wall Street earns huge money after starting up with his own firm, Stratton Oakmont. 

However, the cunning man undergoes severe turnovers and learns lessons from his own life. Leo Dicaprio is seen all thug and swag throughout his role in the entire film. This biopic centric movie identifies him as a versatile actor and is one of the best Leo Dicaprio’s movies. 

6. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is one of the best Leonardo Dicaprio movies of all time. The two legends, Brad Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio slew the screen with incredible action in incidents dating back to the 1960s. 

The story is all about the once-famous actor (Dicaprio) but not now and his best friend, stunt double (Pitt). The plot tells how they survive the crisis and the ways to gather their lost fame again. 

Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate plays an important role along with them, who is threatened by the Manson family. Bagging more than one Academy Award, Golden Globe award and being screened on Cannes Fest, this adds on to the best Leonardo Dicaprio’s movies list. 

7. Inception 

Inception is one of the highest-grossed movies of Leonardo Dicaprio. A science-fictional movie showing the multifaceted talent of Dicaprio has a strong and thrilling story base. 

Cobb, a thief with unusual talent interferes in people’s dreams and makes money out of it. He is much in demand by corporate minds and is interrupted by someone who watches all his moves. 

The Christopher Nolan and Dicaprio duo makes a perfect cinema to be celebrated forever. This is one of the interesting movies of Leonardo Dicaprio of different genres. 

8. Django Unchained 

Having come through the Leo Dicaprio movies list with Leo as the lead role, here’s a twist! In this movie, Django(Jamie Foxx) is the lead role and Calvin Candie (Leonardo) plays opposite him in a negative role.

Freed Django, with the help of a bounty hunter companion, sets out to find his lost wife(Kerry Washington) for a long while. Kerry is a slave in the hands of heartless Calvin, plantation owner. Though he played a negative role, he did justice to his character and is a likeable villain. 

9. The Departed 

In this movie, Leonardo Dicaprio is an undercover agent named Billy, who gets into an Irish gang in disguise. Another main role is Sullivan, a spy informer who traces the activities of the police organisation. 

The incidents take turns resulting in counter-attacking each other for their own survival. This is one best among the crime thrillers of Leonardo DiCaprio movies. 

10. Catch Me If You Can 

This is a crime blockbuster movie starring Leo Dicaprio as the lead but a brainy deceptive role. Frank Abagnale (Dicaprio) is a master in deception who has betrayed people looting millions of dollars with his skill. He is then traced out by FBI agent, Tom Hanks. 

Frank plays a ‘catch me if you can’ game with Tom, who always thinks higher than the FBI agent. A complete crime engrossing one out of Leonardo Dicaprio movies list. 

11. Shutter Island 

This Leonardo Dicaprio movie casts Leo as Marshal Teddy Daniel as the lead role. He is accompanied by another official named Chuck, together they are sent to investigate a patient’s case in an asylum located at a remote island. 

The walls of that hospital give more hints in unfolding the truth. Both fight hard and finally find the truth residing in that place. This is one of the best crime-mystery genre movies of Leonardo Dicaprio.

12. The Great Gatsby 

Two special things about this movie - one is Leonardo Dicaprio and the other is our Amitabh Bachchan! Jay Gatsby’s(Leo Dicaprio) story expresses his determination to get reunited with his lost love, Daisy Buchanan. 

Meanwhile, his life takes turns making him rich, uniting with his girl and finally to death. This Leonardo Dicaprio movie is full of romance and drama. 

13. Aviator 

Aviator can be an inspirational film for many. This Leonardo Dicaprio movie is named “aviator” not because of the lead role, Howard Hughes, owns huge aviation but his determination and withstanding personal difficulties lifts him high. 

The lead character is a brainy aviation tycoon but his other side is worse with mental illness that has been threatening his career. The struggles grow high beyond his ability to balance. A good inspirational and life lesson movie of Leonardo Dicaprio.

14. Blood Diamond

Wondering how a diamond can relate with blood? Leonardo Dicaprio justifies you with his act in this movie as Danny. Solomon, who is forced to work in mines, finds a rare diamond and doesn’t want to let it out. Danny somehow finds it and both end up in an agreement. 

Leo Dicaprio promises Hounsou in finding his family but claims the diamond in return. Upon agreeing with this, both set out on the adventurous mission. This is why it is called Blood Diamond. This is a must-watch adventurous movie of Leonardo Dicaprio.

15. Gangs of New York 

Amsterdam, the lead role played by Leonardo Dicaprio is an Irish immigrant to New York. His motive is to take revenge on the anti-immigrant gang leader in New York, named William Cutting. Eventually, he gets trapped into civil war but still fights hard enough for his own survival and also to get justice for Irish immigrants. 

Leo is seen as a self-determined character and holds his vengeance strong enough to fight back the enemies. This is a good fighter movie by Leonardo Dicaprio.

16. The Basketball Diaries

Another biopic of Jim Carroll portrays the teenage life of him getting through addiction and mean practices. This is a Leonardo Dicaprio movie who took up the role of Jim Carroll and brings the incidents to live on screen. 

From being a beloved son of his mother and pressurised by his basketball coach, he gets distracted from moral life into an unethical path of addiction to heroin, looting and finally into prostitution. 

A life lesson for teens about what all ways distractions can come and how to get rid of it. One of the best biopic movies by Leonardo Dicaprio.

17. J. Edgar

This movie of Leonardo Dicaprio is a personality centric in which Edgar Hoover (Leo) seems to be the head of FBI for around 50 years. He is so possessive of his country that he takes any merciless steps to save it. His constant and closest companions are Clyde and Helen and maintain a limited circle. 

The story is all about how he rises as America’s most influential person. It is a political drama movie, and one of the finest performances by Leonardo Dicaprio. 

18. Total Eclipse 

The main couple of this story is a youthful poet named Paul and his wife Mathilde. Another younger, well-celebrated poet named Arthur Rimbaud (Leo Dicaprio) interferes with their life and widens the gap between the couple which was already prevailing between them. 

This is one of the Leo Dicaprio movies in which he played negative roles. But as any fan would say, we loved him in this movie too.

19. Don’s Plum

Don’s Plum is a low-budget black and white movie by Leo Dicaprio as Derek. The story is all about a few adults discussing life eating dinner. This discussion happens for one night. 

20. Celebrity  

Celebrity is one of the Leo Dicaprio movies in which he has played a side character called Brandon Darrow. In this comedy-drama movie, he is portrayed as a teen infatuation who undergoes the circumstances of a celebrity. 

He is one among the characters of Woody Allen’s film that adds name and fame to it!

21. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

Besides Gilbert Grape, another heartthrob is Johnny Depp who plays the lead role. The story revolves around a young man, that is Gilbert, who is burdened with responsibilities within his family and is committed to his girlfriend. 

Leo Dicaprio plays an important supporting role as Gilbert’s younger brother, who suffers from a mental disorder. Leo Dicaprio’s role in this movie has come out extraordinarily that has hit an award for the best supporting role from the National Board of Review.

This is one of the best Leo Dicaprio Movies in which he played a supporting role to lift the film up. 

22. The Beach 

In this movie by Leo Dicaprio, he is seen as an adventurous guy who indulges in a quest for a paradise island. Richard (Leo) is a young man who wants to explore something adventurous in life and flies to Thailand. 

From there starts the story where he is all set with his friends Etienne and Francoise to find the mystic paradise. Needless to say, it is one of the best Leonardo Dicaprio movies.

23. This Boy’s Life

This is one of the Leonardo Dicaprio movies that was well-spoken during the '90s in which he played the role of Toby. The story goes the same as the title which shows the life of the young boy, Toby. 

After migrating to Washington with his mother, Caroline, she finds a partner, Dwight, for herself and gets married. Dwight finds Toby to be a trouble and decides to treat him violently for him to be disciplined. 

However, Caroline doesn't want to give up Dwight. This Leonardo Dicaprio movie tells the struggles of a stepson and the plans to escape from it. One must watch it to understand the true trials and tribulations of life.

24. Revolutionary Road 

This Leonardo Dicaprio’s movie unites him and Kate Winslet again after the legendary Titanic. This story illustrates Frank (Leo) and April (Kate) as a married couple living together with their two children. However, they face obstacles in their marriage life, and eventually, April dies. It is a good romantic drama movie by Leonardo Dicaprio.

25. Marvin’s Room

Marvin’s Room is a family drama having Leonardo Dicaprio as one of the main roles. Hank’s (Leo) mother Lee and her sister Bessie find their own ways of life due to their varying nature. Bessie takes care of her ailing father, and Lee has a family look after. As time passes, Hank becomes the reason for their family reunion.

Huh! What more can this man give us than these unconvincing premiums. The above 25 best movies of Leonardo Dicaprio is more than enough to show who he is and what kind of talent this Cinema industry is gifted with. 

Many movies, unique characters, different genres and most importantly, flaunting off each such chances on screen is something to be honoured. Hope you got to know the best Leonardo Dicaprio movies from the list!

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