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From 1GB/month to 1.5 GB/day and from 3G to 4G in last one year, internet in our country has gone through a massive change. We have become consumers of the internet – we can eat, drink and even inhale the trending viral things on the internet.

Ambani's Jio dan dana dan offers helped each and every Indian to access the viral videos, trending stories and memes, in almost every village. Well, we have a large population of viral YouTube video makers and fake Instagram bloggers, to feed us over the internet.

And we don’t have a problem as long as we are getting entertained!

Many videos went viral across the globe gaining millions of views. These viral videos broke all records and of course gained lots of fame. Many of them appeared in the trending videos on YouTube as well.(Their popularity is the reason I am writing this article and you are reading this. Lol.)

For instance, the ‘Despacito’ song. Seriously tell me how many of us understood the meaning of this song at first?

The majority of the Indian youth didn't get a single a word of the original song but still we enjoyed it and the song broke all records. In fact, we viewed it so much that we made it the most viewed song on internet.

Trending Youtubers like Bhuvan Bam, Harsh Beniwal and Amit Bhadana's, also got a break when their videos went viral. Their lives took a great turn in past one year.

I would accuse the affordable internet plans being provided by companies for making these viral videos viral.

Not only the network companies but even the 4G phone manufacturers started competing on making the best, cheap and durable smartphone. The scenario is that we can buy a good smartphone for INR 5000/- and can get 1.5 GB data per day at just INR 5.

But let us keep that aside. There are so many videos on YouTube by Indians which went viral to such an extent that they were trolled, redubbed and memes were made out of those videos.

Presenting the top 10 viral videos of 2018 -
1 - Selfie Maine Leli Aaj - Dhinchak Pooja

The singing sensation Dhinchak Pooja came like a hurricane on YouTube. Her viral video gave her motivation to create more funny videos. I accidentally played the ‘selfie’ song for the first time on my speakers.

The whole family gave me a judgemental look. They were astonished at my stupid taste for music. My best wishes with the ‘Dhinchuks!’

2 - Bol Na Aunty - Om Prakash

Here comes the ‘baap’ of all singers and rappers and viral videos. Deeply inspired from HR’s nose singing skills, Om Prakash took the internet by his song ‘Bol na aunty’.

Though in the whole song, he couldn't manage to stand straight for 10 seconds, but still he keeps the guts to ask aunty for a date. He even forced many college students to shout out ‘Bol na aunty aaun kya’ at specific locations. There were Facebook events created for the same. Such a cool guy, no?

3 – Je Bik Gayi Hai Gormint - Gormint aunty

Who didn't copy that cute look of Gormint aunty? She's such an honest soul. She hurled some choicest abuses on the then Pakistan government and earned the name ‘Gormint Aunty’ for herself. She has given voice to the grievance of millions of people.

Even I copied her dialogue 'Je bik gayi hai Gormint’’ in almost everything I used to say. Even the famous phrase 'my whole life was a lie’ got replaced by ‘Je bik gayi hai Gormint’ for Indian youth. Viral Gormint Aunty has her own swag dude!

4 – ‘Naam Kya Hai Tera?’ - Kamlesh Soluchan

Though we got to know it later that this video was a part of a drug addict children documentary, this video became the king of memes. The viral video of Kamlesh who came ‘bhag ke’ from Bhopal, was a subject of fun everywhere.

The director of the documentary Dheeraj Sharma got disappointed on the Indian youth’s inappropriate memes and trolling done to Kamlesh’s viral video. We never tend to take things seriously until we are the victim. This went viral but was created for a genuine reason.

5 - Arey Bhai Bhai Bhai – Nagar Palika Wale

The man in the video is talking about the problems a common man has to face on day to day basis but then he himself gets trapped in one such problem. Its mere mention is making me grin. The way this viral video was filmed always makes us laugh.

The guy was walking so confidently that he didn’t care about looking what comes in his way. Not even the ‘gadha’. Almost every famous YouTuber used this 'arey bhai bhai bhai’ dialogue in their video. Don't you use it when your friend falls, trips, is stuck up or says something good?

6 - Aloo Dalo Sona Nikalo – Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi has always been in limelight for his funny speeches. He gets trolled for the same but this time, he challenged science. In the viral video, he said that he'll make machine in which you give potato as input and get gold as output.

I guess he must have joined the Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, for his extra higher education, because that's the only place which supports all our fictional thoughts. Wingardium Leviosa!

7 - No Sutta Song – MZ Female Band

We all love to dance on the songs which encourage the consumption of tobacco and alcohol unofficially. And though every movie's first scene is the one in which our friend Mukesh dies, we don't step back from having a sutta.

The viral video of a female band, which says 'sutta nasuddha’ made everyone in India dance. What, you didn’t dance on its tune? Guys, gone are thee days of ‘Naagin dance’, its time for ‘Sutta dance’!

8 – Dancing Eyebrows - Priya Prakash Varrier

The national crush of Indian boys for the year 2018, was none other than Priya Prakash. Her dancing eyebrows and gun wali flying kiss made every guy say 'waise to mai sakht launda hu par yaha mai pighal gaya’. The viral video of Priya Prakash Varrier gave Indian girls complex.

The news that she would be doing a film opposite Ranveer Singh was another reason for their jealously. But we at Feeding Trends are still looking for a school which allows girls to wear this much makeup. Poor we!

9 - Dancing Uncle - Sanjeev Srivastava

This die-hard fan of Govinda has taken internet by storm with his dance. Being a teacher by profession, Sanjeev Uncle never underestimated his passion for dance. The result of his passionate dancing is here. Everybody in India is in love with his viral dance video.

His moves are fresh, advocating that age is just a number. He is popularly known as ‘Dancing Uncle’ and the first song that comes to our mind is undoubtedly, ‘Dil behalta hai mera, aap ke aa jane se’!

10 - Chai Pee Lo Frands – Chai Wali Aunty

After the introduction of apps on which you can earn by making videos, a lady made video for almost everything she did and got trolled for the way she says ‘Hello frands, chai pi lo’.

The viral video got even better when she added 'garam hai’ to it. I mean we never knew that chai garam hoti hai before Chai wali aunty told us. Did we?

The list of top 10 trending and viral videos of 2018, that made us laugh, dance, sing and talk ends here. These trending videos became trending because of the 'ghar ghar internet’ era going in our country.

Which one of these is your favourite? Or, if you think we missed any video, do let us know! We will add it to the list of top 10 trending videos of the year!





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