Yes, Periods Are Normal. Your Daughter Will Also Have One Day!
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Yes, Periods Are Normal. Your Daughter Will Also Have One Day!

Naari ashudh nahi hai, wo paavan Ganga hai!

April 25, 2018

Article By- Ashish Verma

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Looking at the blood bank she wandered, “Why is it Holy to donate it, but unholy when on Cycle?”

Holy and Unholy perceptions are coming from generations. But people forget that “She” is the only reason why all gone and coming generations exist.

Unfortunately, all women have been through this feeling. Let's get one thing straight, understanding is the first step and there is absofuckinglutely nothing wrong with talking about periods openly!!


After PadMan, a young team of enthusiastic members, Aman's Group, along with the team of a blog, The Walt Fury has taken a step forward to embrace the untold story of every girl, “Periods”. The duo delightfully organized an Open Mic Competition on “Mahawari: Garv ki Baat”.

The interesting thing about the event was the presence of more male participants than female. Really, it took everyone to the shore of the cause.


The skinny man in the session, named as Kushagra Juneja coined the situation of today’s world and obscure mentality of people with respect to periods beautifully. A wonderful snippet from his piece is follows:

“Maa akhir Chhupana Kya hai, Pads Ko Pads kehte hain na;
Kya dikkat h usme, Periods Ko periods kehte hain na,
Aakhir Kya dikkat h usme?”

Exactly, even the women are not ready to accept the truth. They have supported the male mentality by not recognising periods as a blessing for them.

Along with the astonishing audiences and the jovial participants, there were three esteemed guests of the evening. And there too, numbers of males were dominating.

We met with Juhi Singh (an aspiring Samajwadi Party Leader), Dr. Sandeep Kumar (an illustrious Founder and Director of AIIMS, Bhopal), and Mr. Gaurav Prakash (An Awardee, The Best Book Seller by Universal), supportng the thought.


For people who feel it as mortifying, "Periods is not a curse; it is a natural process”.

The man in black sadri, pink kurta (Pink isn’t a girls’ color) and a blue jeans, Shubham Mishra, who is a student at Lucknow University, had thoroughly observed the life of the victims of those 3-5 days. There’s an excerpt from his part of poetry:

“Maine Dard Me Bhi Apni Maa Ko Khana Pakate Huye Dekha Hai,
Apni Takleef Chhupa Kar, Mujhe hasaate Huye Dekha Hai”.

Luckily, Shubham was entitled as the winner of this Open Mic Session. So, here we have another line from Shubham:

“Kya Hai London, kya hai Paris, kya hai Berlin ki kahani hai?
Sheher hai ye itne viksit, wajah inki jawani hai,
Yuva agar thaan le ki ab bharat ko badalna hai,
Delhi hogi sabse achi, rago me wo ruwani hai”.


The 1st Runner Up of the session, Shivank Srivastava, stunningly briefed us the plots of “Mahawari”:

“Yeh mahawari koi bhram nahi hai,
Wo ladki hai isme koi sharm nahi;
Aur hum us maasik dharm par ungli uthaaye,
Yeh hamara dharm nahi hai”.


Apart from all these, we have seen the striking and the impressive drama performed by four members on the same theme. The play was about the unalike thinking of Pooja (as mother) and Bhavya (as grandmother). Here, mother is supportive towards Ananya (as daughter), who is suffering from periods and she wants to participate in the dance competition.

So, her grandmother is not allowing her to participate because she’s on periods. And as always, Ashish (as father) is kept away from these types of matters (mentioning Periods). But at the end, grandmother realized about the fact that “Periods is not a curse for females”.


Adding to the list of performances, two budding talents presented a dainty dance, and they become the stars of the whole show. The most of the selfies were taken with the two little bunnies.


Another Open Mic performance was took by a slam poet, Saurabh Joshi. His expressions clearly spelled out his words:

“Kyu Menstrual cycle ko log taboo samajhte hai, kyu?
Ye kudrat ke banaye huye kanoon hai,
to kis baat ki hairani hai?
Aur aurat ke shareer se nikalta hua khoon,
nayi zindagi ki nishaani hai”


Moreover, audience at the show enjoyed the Sur, Taal, Sargam performances. A beautiful song, “O re chiraiya”, was carried out by the “Volume Up Academy”. Their coordination was too good, that the audience was enthralling even after the few seconds of the performance. And another rhythmical song was presented by Divyam.


Pratibha Gupta, the 2nd Runner-up, beautifully placed her words into clear message, for every girl consecrated on periods.

She clearly said, “I dream of a future where menstruation is not a curse, not a disease, but a welcoming chain in girl’s life!”
And she humbly requested everyone,” Take periods positively. Women are not dolls. They are the ones who have the power to bring life from birth, after God. So, take care of those, who take care of you”.


Together, they all created awareness amongst the common people about this problem, which is actually not a problem.

Well done!


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