IPL Has Become Another Investing Hotspot, Bookies And Punters Lead The Way
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IPL Has Become Another Investing Hotspot, Bookies And Punters Lead The Way

The show must go on!

May 17, 2018

Article By- Ashish Verma

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IPL is a term that is well-known to everyone in the Indian subcontinent. Since the very first season of IPL, I mean since its inception, it has continued to bind people to television screens. The crowd wants the entertainment, and IPL provides that.

Entertainment! Entertainment! Entertainment!

This is what keeps IPL going. This is what IPL organizers keep providing. This is what the players on the ground are supposed to do. They are not just last ball finishes, hat-tricks or super overs – they are entertainment matches.

Those of you who follow IPL closely can guess who will win the match and why, and sometimes even how. If you look through the prism, IPL is a den of corruption. A huge money-making industry is thriving on it, creating an addiction amongst people.

People Pay, Brand And Players Earn

Vivo, Oppo, Pepsi, Coca Cola and every big brand in the world is a sponsor for the IPL. But that’s one part. The brands get all their money back by the sales they generate during the IPL season.

The spectators at the grounds, book their tickets for the match in return of some money. They basically pay to enjoy, while the players pay to earn. What we forget in all this is the part played by the franchises and their owners.

A Well Scripted, Directed And Enacted Film

None of us knows or could hardly believe that the entire IPL season is a pre-determined sequence of events. No, no, I am not saying anything about match fixing. I even don’t know what match fixing is. The glitter and glamour of IPL doesn’t allow anybody to grasp it.


But, yes, I must say it is a very well scripted, directed and enacted film. It’s marketing is done in the best manner, and for the promotions, the title track is enough! What I can’t comprehend is the sudden twists and turns that take place in IPL.

Bowl A Yorker, Bat A Six

You must have heard that teams like RR and CSK were banned for 2 years due to their involvement in malpractices. After that, nothing came to notice. This was just one case when Delhi Police caught them with a sting operation. However, this clearly doesn’t mean that IPL’s world became free from it. There’s a huge betting market that feeds itself on IPL matches.

Mom Is Always Suspicious About The Teams

What happens suddenly when a team scored so well in a match, and in another match, it gives too poor performance? (Nazar Lag Jaati Hai Kya?)

Or an in-form player loses all his power to get bowled at a crucial stage? (Match se pehle boost nhi mila tha kya ?)

I know, Kevin Pietersen had said that he cares about cricket. He’s undoubtedly a fantastic player. But at present, he is not the part of IPL 11. Why? (Shayad uski galti ye thi ki wo sach bol gaya.)

And what happens to the camera at the time of toss? The toss is not shown clearly. Just a coin is flipped, and some captain won the toss. (Ullu banaya, bada maza aaya)
(M57: GL vs RCB Toss)

Food For Thought Giveaway

Please take out time and watch the last over of this match - M56: MI vs. RR Match Highlights. You will have enough content to break your heart.


It will more hurt to those 9 out of 10 boys, who loved cricket in their childhood. It will break the soul connection to cricket. It will kill the zeal for IPL.

But like me and millions of others, you can choose to ignore it and entertain yourself!

Until you put a bet, you are at no loss!


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