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Dec 17, 2020|4 min read


Whether you are a Computer lover or not, you might know one thing for sure that is “Who is Steve Jobs?”, and this is possible just because we have our smartphones and our Macs easily available to us to get all the information in a jiffy. Steve Jobs made it possible for us and has never failed to inspire his fans, family, and friends to do great work.

A college dropout made his name bigger than anyone else who pursued the degree and did it for our betterment and the digital revolution. To know the details of Steve Jobs's life we have brought to you the list of the best Steve Jobs movies and documentaries which will help motivate and inspire you to do the right thing at the right time!

Here we begin with the list of Steve Jobs movies:

1) Jobs (2013) 

This 2013 movie was based on the life of Steve Jobs. This movie narrated all the incidents which took place in Job’s life from the year 1974 to the time iPod was invented in 2001. This Steve Jobs movie was directed by Joshua Micheal Stern starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs. Since it was much awaited, it is one of the most loved movies on Steve Jobs.

2) Steve Jobs (2015) 

This 2015 biographical Steve Jobs movie was adapted by some interviews, 2011 Walter Isaacson’s biographical book. The book was famous for its editing, and screenplay. The supporting actors in the movie received Golden Globe Awards and the BAFTA Awards. The movie narrated a detailed version of Job’s life. While all Steve Jobs movies are amazing, this one is recommended.

3) Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine (2015) 

This movie on Steve Jobs was directed, produced, written, and narrated by Alex Gibney. This was a documentary based on Steve Jobs and received love from the masses. The movie was first released over the Internet and then was released in a limited number of theatres.

4) Triumph of the Nerds

This is a 1996 Television Documentary which was loved by the viewers and was a great watch! The show tells us about the development of Personal Computers in the US from World War II to 1995. The show featured interviews of computer specialists including Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Steve Vozniak, etc. You will get a good insight into the tech at that time by watching this

5) Pirates of the Silicon Valley

This is a 1996 American Drama Television movie on Steve Jobs. It revolved around the rivalry of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates for their Apple and Microsoft personal computer development. The movie was loved by everyone who admires both of them and was a hit!

6) iSteve

This is a 2013 parody film based on Steve Jobs's life and claims to be the first movie to be released after his death. Directed by Ryan Perex, this movie starred Justin Long in the lead role. The film was written in a short span of 3 days and was shot in 5 days!

7) Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy

In this Steve Jobs movie, we meet the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, and some other experts giving their views on the rise, fall, and come back of Apple and how Apple has been able to be on the top for several years now.

8) Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview

Do we all know about Steve Jobs's life, when he left Apple and started his own companies Next and Pixar? Well, this documentary on Steve Jobs features his interview where he introduces us to his life after leaving Apple and starting the other companies. Well, this is a must-watch to grab some inspiration!

9) Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

This biographical documentary on Steve jobs made us meet people who have been a part of his life for several years. Whether they are his fans, colleagues, family members, rivals, or even Bill Gates, everyone gives their views on Jobs' talent and his way of working.

10) iGenius: How Steve Jobs Changed the World?

Well, many of us know who Steve Jobs is, and what he did for the development of the computer world. But do we have an idea of what impact he created with his work? Don’t worry the answer to this question has been found in this documentary on Steve Jobs. Watch this movie on Steve Jobs and get inspired.

11) Jobs vs Gates: The Hippie and the Nerd

This 2015 Steve Jobs Movie made us familiar with the digital revolution started by two college dropouts “Steve Jobs” and “Bill Gates”. Well, the rivalry was all about being on top with their respective products. Both of them were complete genius and changed the world with their ideas. This movie shows it all.

12) General Magic 

Ever thought about your life without a smartphone? Well, I have never and can surely not imagine myself without that addictive device. This 1-hour long movie on Steve Jobs tells us about the development of the idea of the first smartphone in the year 1990 and there has been no turning back from that day!

13) Inside Bill’s Brain

How cool would it be to know what all processes in the brain of a timeless genius, whose ideas still live long and have been surfacing the world for quite a long time! This Netflix Original Series is here to help us and make us explore the mind and motivation of Bill gates so that we can do something like this!

14) The Pixar Story

Animations are loved by everyone, and so Steve Jobs decided to start his own animation based Company that is “Pixar”. This Steve Jobs documentary takes us on a ride, where we get to know about the upliftment and working of the Pixar Studios.

I am sure, you might be feeling pumped up just by reading a few lines about these movies on Steve Jobs. Watch them and fulfill all the things you have dreamt of as a child, a teenager, or a College Dropout !

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