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What is SAS Software, and how does it work?


SAS stands for Statistical Analysis Software in its full form. It was created for a wide range of purposes, including business intelligence, predictive analysis, descriptive and prescriptive analysis, data management, and so on. Many new statistical procedures and components have been added to the software since then.

SAS Software Types

Now, in this SAS software tutorial, we'll go over four different types of SAS software. They are

1. SAS for Windows

SAS Software includes the following features:

• Make your SAS environment more modern by enabling grid processing, prioritizing programs and users, and utilizing all of your available infrastructures.

• Take advantage of a variety of cloud data sources, process big data wherever it is stored, and deploy it in a stream, cloud, data lake, or operations.

• SAS is simple to install, maintain, and support because there are fewer software integration points. For new users, you can use a container deployment distribution strategy. Whatever you choose, the clustered midtier ensures high availability.

2. SAS Enterprise Guide  (EG)

SAS Enterprise Guide (EG) is a more GUI-like IDE that includes wizards to help you write code for different processes. EG guides newcomers through unfamiliar procedures and solves some issues for seasoned programmers.

For instance, the new program editor includes various levels of auto-complete, such as the library and table name suggestions. Wizards aid a program by abstracting certain elements, such as graph color selection.

SAS Software includes the following features:

• An intuitive, visual, and customizable interface

• Access to much of SAS' functionality

• Easy ways to export data and results to other applications

• Scripting and automation

• A code editing facility

• Transparent access to data

• Ready-to-use tasks for analysis and reporting

3. SAS Enterprise Miner  (EM)

SAS Enterprise Miner is an advanced analytics data mining tool that allows users to quickly create descriptive and predictive models using a data mining process.

SAS Software has the following features:

• Simple user interface and batch processing – Create more and better models in less time.

• Advanced data preparation, summarization, and exploration – Use powerful and interactive data preparation tools to address missing values, filter outliers, develop segmentation rules, and more.

• Predictive and descriptive modeling that is more advanced – With a suite of statistical, data mining, and machine-learning algorithms, you can gain superior analytical depth.

• R open-source integration – Use R to transform and explore data, as well as train and score supervised and unsupervised models.

• High-performance capabilities – Take advantage of the included high-performance data mining nodes to boost performance.

• Model and reporting comparisons, as well as management – With simple assessment features, you can quickly determine which models produce the best lift and overall ROI.

• Automated scoring – Generate score code in SAS automatically.

4. SAS STAT Software

This SAS software is designed specifically for statistical processes and includes a number of features, including:

i. Variance Analysis

• Linear models

• More analysis of variance capabilities

• Multivariate analysis of variance and repeated measurements

• Balanced and unbalanced designs

ii. Descriptive Statistics

• Box-and-whisker plots

• Calculate standardized rates and risks for study populations, directly and indirectly,

• More descriptive statistics capabilities

iii. Distribution Analysis

• Univariate and bivariate kernel density estimation

• More capabilities for distribution analysis

• Least squares regression

• Principal components regression

• 18 standardization methods

iv. Regression

• Hundreds of statistical graphs with analyses are available

• Customization is available

• Statistical graphics capabilities are available

• Sample selection is available


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