26 Sanjay Dutt Dialogues Which Will Stay In our Heart For Long

Tereko 'Jaadu ki jhappi' chahiye kya?

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Sanjay Dutt aka Sanju Baba is a Bollywood figure who has maintained a bad guy image since the ’90s. Having experienced a mix of tragedy, hatred and love, Dutt has survived every wound that life gave him – and the scars have only made him stronger.

For him, life has never been free from turbulences – whether his failed marriages, drug addiction or long jail-terms for his alleged connections with the underworld. Sanjay Dutt has given a good amount of gossip across India and to the Bollywood Industry.

So, here we are enlisting some of the famous Sanjay Dutt dialogues from his Bollywood movies:

1. Agar do logon mein connection ho na, feelings ho na ... toh dil ki awaaz dil se sun sakte hai. (Munna Bhai MBBS)

This Sanjay Dutt dialogue is from the famous Bollywood movie” MUNNA BHAI MBBS “where the beauty and power of love are intensified to its fullest. One cannot define LOVE but this Sanjay Dutt’s Hindi dialogue reaches to the core of the hearts of many lovebirds out there.

2. Jab tu smile karta hai na ... toh aisa lagta hai ki kya mast life hai. (Munna Bhai MBBS)

This is another one of the famous Sanjay Dutt dialogues. Here the magic, positivity of a sweet gesture is emphasised. One smile can make someone’s day. So, keep smiling!

3. Time time ki baat hai, kabhi din hai kabhi raat hai ... khatam ho jaye joh coffee ke bina, woh mulaqat koi mulaqat hai. (Shaadi No.1)

Sanjay Dutt dialogues have underlying humour. The above dialogue is another pickup line used these days, mostly to build a new friendship or mark the beginning of a new story from the cafe.

4. Aye Mamu ... jadoo ki jhappi de daal aur baat khatam. (Munna Bhai MBBS)

In today’s busy world where our minds have become too complicated to understand others emotions, this formula of giving a JADOO KI JHAPPI solves the issue. So, whenever you feel that your relationships are not working well, just give a jhappi, and your issues are resolved, filling your heart with love, compassion, empathy and completeness.

5. Badi muddat se mere dil mai ek tasveer behti hai, teri zulfon ki chaao mai meri taqdeer behti hai. (Saajan)

This is one of the Sanjay Dutt dialogues from his movie Saajan, which brings us the aroma of old day romance. The insanity of love can turn dependency into this beautiful form.

6. Bachpan ki pant jawani mein fit nahi hoti ... aur har no-ball pe free hit nahi hoti (Son of Sardar )

This dialogue by Sanjay Dutt emphasises on the fact that time never remains the same. If you escape from a dangerous situation once, there is no guarantee that you will escape from it safely the other time too.

7. Zindagi mein luck bhi sirf uska saath deta hai ... jis mein jeetne ka jazba ho. (Luck)

This dialogue by Sanjay Dutt adds to another dialogue “kisi cheej ko agar shiddat se chaho to poori kaynat tumko usse milane lagti hai” …...but  “aapko use pane ki shiddat rakhni hai “and then the universe will help u in every way to achieve your dream.

8. Taqdeer teri chutti pe hai, maut tere sarr pe hai ... lekin baatein aise karta hai, jaise zindagi tere bistar pe hai. (Musafir)

Sanjay Dutt dialogues like this motivate you to strive harder in life. If you don’t value your life enough, there will be a time when life won’t value you. This dialogue is for all the Khalnayaks of the century.

9. Luck jitna ghista hai ... uski dhaar utni hi tezz hoti hai. (Luck)

This Sanjay Dutt dialogue from the movie Luck elaborates the saying that success chahiye to aazma khudko, risk se ishq kar le ..life khud hi muthhi mai aa jaegi. Nothing great was ever achieved without taking challenges and risk.

10. Jaan dene se lakeerein mitt jaati hai ... aur zinda rehne se shayad lakeerein badal sakti hai. (Luck)

Sanjay Dutt dialogues have a bold angle. This one is for all the dabangs out there. Undoubtedly, this is as provoking as a fire to all the people who are hopeless in life. If you die, your fate dies too, but you work in life, your fate can change.

11. Aaj ke jeevan ka doosra naam hai - rokda, paisa, maal. (Agneepath)

This brilliant dialogue of Sanjay Dutt, tells everything about the need of today’s human to survive in this materialistic world. Here, money is told to be a substitute for life. If you have money, you believe that you can get anything.

12. Jab bhookh lagti haina , toh pet yeh nahi poochta ki yeh roti beimani ki hai ya imandaari ki. (Andolan)

This superhit dialogue of Sanjay Dutt from the movie Andolan says it all. Here, Sanjay is portraying a poor man who is forced to take the wrong step due to his need for food.

13. Dost mar sakta h dosti nahi. (LOC Kargil)

If you have experienced any bereavement from your dear one, then you can relate to this - the memories, the love and the remembrance of any dear one persist in our heart even after he or she dies. Isn’t it a beautiful dialogue of Sanjay Dutt?

14. Kichad uchhalne par keechadhi milta hai. (Zamane se kya darna)

Wise should stay away from any kind of argument with the fools, as once u step into this you would end up decreasing your standards. This dialogue by Sanjay Dutt has the wisdom to give.

15. Har khote jaisi dikhne wali cheej khoti nahi hoti aur har bhook ka ilaaj roti nahi hoti. ( Son of Sardar)

Never judge a book by its cover, if a man thrives for something, the only thing he wants may not be food. The thought in this dialogue provokes many strikes and marches held by the youth today.

16. Desh toh apna ho gaya...log paraye ho gaye. (Lage Raho Munna Bhai)

Terrorism, riots and corruption are the major evils of the country which are ruining the country at its core. For the country to be happy and flourish, these evils are a must to eliminate.

17. Asli hai asli, pachaas tola  pachaaas tola kitna…. pachaas tola. (Vaastav)

This dialogue is from the movie “Vastav”, which is a story of a gangster turned lower-middle-class man, who is looking for money as his greatest achievement.

18. Zindagi jeene ka maja tab aata hai jab maut ka haaath pakda ho. (Aatish)

This famous Bollywood dialogue by Sanjay Dutt is from the movie Aatish which in itself is rebellious in nature. It tells us to live life without fearing death.

19. Jua woh nasha hai jo ek baar jeete to insan ko wapas kheench leta hai. (Luck)

This famous Sanjay Dutt dialogue tells us about the weakness of human beings, which makes them unable to resists addiction. Once a person is trapped in the web of addiction, it becomes difficult for him to come out of it.

20. Woh bahar casualty mein koi marne ki haalat mein raha ... to usko form bharna zaroori hai kya? (Munna Bhai MBBS)

This is indeed one of the most loved dialogues in this list of Sanjay Dutt Dialogues. Here Munna criticizes the system for its inhumane rules. Isn’t it a brilliant dialogue by Sanjay Dutt?

21. Taqdeer banane wale tune kami na ki ... ab kis ko kya mila yeh muqaddar ki baat hai. (Sajan)

This beautifully written dialogue is from Sanjay Dutt’s Bollywood film Sajan. Here he tells us the fact Life is not at all predictable .. sometimes it comes with a lot of surprises. So, one must learn the art of acceptance.

22. Jindagi main jab ek hi raasta bacha ho, toh kya sahi kya galat mayne nahi rakhta. (Aatish)

Often there come times when we don’t have many choices! At that point of time, all our judgements of right and wrong vanish and we all walk in that one path we have.

23. Case mein dum hai, magar witnesses kam hai. (Desi Boyz)

This one-liner from Sanjay Dutt’s Dialogues is sarcasm on today’s judicial system. You need witnesses to support your case; truth alone doesn't win.

24. Aap kaam karte rahe, aur mai sota raha... sota raha. (Khalnayak)

Although this Sanjay Dutt Dialogue is a serious one. But these winters we all could relate to it in a funny manner, “kyunki ham sach mai sote rahte sote rahte.” I could literally picture myself, the point I read it!

25. Tujhe yahan laya kaun, tera luck ... aur tujhe bhejega kaun, tera luck. (Luck)

What gets you here is your luck and the one who sends u back will be your luck. So, try to use it and practise it as much as you can.

26. Ye more ka takht aur kohinoor badi mashaqqat se paya jata hai, cheen ne se nahi milta. (Panipat)

This is most iconic dialogue from the movie Panipat, which not only talks about India's rich past and greatness, but also the efforts invaders had to do to fight with Indians. Indians were and are forever strong.

Aren’t these dialogues by Sanjay Dutt brilliant? Well to me they are, and the only thing which can’t be presented just by writing these Sanjay Dutt’s famous Bollywood dialogues is the art of saying them so that they reach the hearts of million people.

Sanjay Dutt’s Dialogues give us the classical example of how well a  man could play such varied roles in one lifetime? We agree that Sanjay had his own share of ups and downs in life but who doesn’t? Sanjay Dutt’s Dialogues are sometimes encouraging, other times they can provoke us too.

And last but not the least, we end these Sanjay Dutt’s Dialogues by requesting the youngsters to always see the positive side of  Sanjay Dutt’s journey. He is an influencer in real life, who gave us the lesson that no matter how this life treats us, we can stand up again and be a good social being.

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