21 Romantic Punjabi Shayaris To Express Your Feelings

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Love is the best feeling anyone can feel. There is no language barrier in the matter of love one can express even without speaking anything. A soulmate is a fortunate gift from *** and the best way to express it to your partner is through Shayari. Shayari are small poems with phonetic effects and rhyming words.

And talking about Punjabi shayaris, these are the most romantic and sentimental to express your love. Punjabi shayaris are simple and easy to understand and make your partner feel your vibes.

If you are around to search for Punjabi Shayari, here you should end your search because listed below are so cool and easy romantic Punjabi Shayari that you can use to express your love.

1. Mein taan rooh ch vasaya Tera mukh sajjna

Mere chehre te gaur tu vi kar leya kar..!!

Mein akhan nam kar lawa tenu dekh ke

Kde tu vi menu dekh akh bhar leya kar!

Romantic Punjabi Shayaris

Oops, do you understand this? Don’t worry we have also had an explanation of this. The sum of this is, I have fixed your face in my soul, you too please focus on me sometimes. I see you from day to dawn, you too see me sometimes.

2. Gall sun lai sajjna ve

Tere gam vich jhalle Haan..!!

Bhawein bheed e lokaan di

Tere bin ikalle Haan..!!

Ok, this one is a little sad which says, listen to my love in your sadness I am insane, in spite many people me without you I am alone.

3. Sajjna ve kamle jehe mere dil utte

Tere vallon kita kehar vi manzoor e..!!

Hora nu taan ungli vi chukkne na dewa mein

Tere hathon zehar vi manzoor e..!!

Romantic Punjabi Shayaris

This one is sweet, Baby you have stolen my heart and now I will accept your every level of possessiveness. For others I don’t even allow them to touch but for you accept poison.

4. Sohneya sajjna da chehra

Akhiyan ch vsaa baithe haan..!!

Bin chahe bin mangeya hi

Asi rabb nu paa baithe haan

This one is another beautiful romantic Punjabi Shayari which explains that my lover’s face is stuck in my eyes. And I am so blessed that without asking for it I have already got the ***

5. Akhan which laali, Chehre te noor, Tu das tenu ki kavan, Heer ya Hoooor?

Romantic Punjabi Shayaris

This one is a bit flirty. Which a boy says to a girl that your eyes have another sort of shine and face has another sort of glow. What should I call you my love, an angel, or my bae?

6. Twada saya banke twada sath nibha waga Tu jithe vi jayegi tere piche aavaga Saya ta chadd janda hega sath andhere wich Lekin main andhere wich twada ujala ban jawaga

Awwwww next romantic Punjabi shayari is so cute, this means I would stay with you like your shadow, come behind you wherever you go, shadow might get vanish when darkness come but I would be there to be your light.

7. Tere Agge Challe Ki Jor Sada,

Bas Ek Supna Naina Vich Piryo Lyi Da, Sanu Pata Ae Tu Sada Nai Hona,

Bas Tenu Apna Soch Ke Khush Ho Lyi Da

Another most romantic Punjabi Shayari is this. What can I do in front of you I just bind you in my eyes, I know you won’t be mine. But still, I am just happy, thinking you are mine

8. Aaj dil di kehen nu jee karda hai, Tere dil Wich rehen nu jee karda hai, khushiyaa deke tere gam sehen nu jee karda hai, rabb jaane sada ki rishta, Tainu bas apna kehen nu jee karda hai!

Romantic Punjabi Shayaris

Today I wanna say my heart talks , I wanna stay in you heart , I wanna take all your stress and give you all my happiness, *** know what is our relationship but I just wanna consider you as mine. This is the next beautiful and romantic Punjabi Shayari.

9. Asi likh – likh chithian paunde rahe, oh bin pade hi teeli launde rahe, ise umeed vich lang gyi zindagi Sadi, oh rusde rahe asi manaunde rahe…

Further, this one says , I write a lot love letters but still they don’t focus , my whole life is spent just in this , you get angry , I will convince you soon.

10. Us pal nu sanjoo kar rakhya hai, jado mere hath nu tera hath milya, khush qismat ha mai is jahan wich, je mainu zindagi wich tera saath milya…

I would keep that day safe in my memories when you come in my life , I am really lucky that I got you , these lines means bind this beautiful meaning

11. Tere Naalo Jhalliye Haseen Koyi Na Chann Ambar Zameen Koyi Na Main Jado Tere Modde Utte Sir Rakheya Eh Ton Sacchi Sama Vi Haseen Koyi Na

This one is another romantic Punjabi Shayari which means you are the most beautiful more than the moon and anything when I kept my head on your shoulder this moment is my best moment.

12. Dil tenu rainda sada chete karda

Kise hor te na mare tere te hi marda

Ban meri rani tera raja ban jaan

Tu hi ban mera ghar darwaza ban jaan

Romantic Punjabi Shayaris

My heart always wants to keep you, I fall for only you please be my queen and I’ll be your king please be my door or my house as well as of my heart. This Shayari is the most emotional romantic Punjabi Shayari.

13. Krta pyar tenu sachi Dil to na pyar Mera farzi hai

Me dil vali gal tere aage rakdi ni baki Teri mrzi hai.

Another romantic Punjabi poetry is this which means I loved you to the fullest my love is not fake I keep all my heart talking in front of you now it’s your choice.

14. Dil Karda Ae Tere Kol Aa Ke Ruk Jaava,

Teri Bukkal Wich Rakh Ke Sir Muk Jaava.

Hanju Ban Ke Digga Teriya Aakhaa Da,

Tere Bulla De Kol Aa Ke Sukk Jaava.

This beautiful romantic Punjabi Shayari means I come to you and just stop, and become the tear of your eyes and then vanish around your cheeks.

15. Takk ke tenu rabb da deedar ho janda si…

Mein jinni vaar tenu dekhda si, onni vaar pyar ho janda si.

Romantic Punjabi Shayaris

Awwwwww another romantic Punjabi Shayari is this sweetest one which says whenever I saw you I saw ***. I fell in love with you every time I saw you.

16. Duniya Pyaari Ae Badi

Tere To Pyaara Koi Hor Naa..

Ek Wari Mil Jawe Tu,

Khuda Ki Khudai Di V Lod Na

This world is beautiful but no one is like you, if I got you I don’t want anything else out of you, meaning, essence everything is just beautiful in this Shayari

17. Oyee Gal Sun,

Jithe Vi Na, Apna Dhayan Rakhi!

Kyuki Sirf Zikar Band, Kita Pyaar Nahi!

Romantic Punjabi Shayaris

Listen, my love, wherever you are take areas, I just stop talking to you, didn’t stop loving you.

18. Main Tere Liye Duniya Nu Chhadeya

Tere Layi dur Apne Kare

Ve Main Tenu Kinna Chauni Aan

Eh Gal Teri Soch Ton Parre

Romantic Punjabi Shayaris

Another in the list of romantic Punjabi Shayari is this one which says I left my clone ones and world for you, I love you so hard you won’t get this.

19. Bas enna hi me kh sakda ae,

Tere varga hor na koi,

Ho lakhan chehre disde ne pavvein duniya te

Par menu kise hor chehre di lor nyi koi.

I just wanna say no one is like you, I saw many faces in this world but I like only yours and I only want you.

20. Dil baar baar kheda ae,

Bullan naal ikraar ki kara,

Jind jaan tere naam kar diti,

Hun is to vadh tenu pyar ki kara!

Romantic Punjabi Shayaris

Eehhhhhhh another best romantic Punjabi Shayari decide that my heart says how to propose you, I dropped my heart for you now at what extend I show you, my love.

21. Pyar bina assi tere rhe nahi sakde, Sath bina assi tere rhe nahi sakde, Tere karke te jinda Ae Bin tere te zindagi nu vi jee nahi sakde!

Romantic Punjabi Shayaris

Last but the most satisfying is this one which says I can’t live without your love I can’t live without you, for you, I am alive without you even I can’t live my life.

Punjabi is the most amazing language one can express their love in, and shayaris is the best way to do so, and combining both gives you the best result of Of romantic Punjabi Shayari as this.

So go through the incredible feeling of love, keep loving keep enjoying. Feel free to comment more romantic Punjabi Shayaris in the comment box below.

Also, don't forget to like and share this list of cute yet romantic Punjabi Shayaris with your loved ones and dedicate them your favorite one from the list above.





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