Titanic 2, Replica Of Titanic Is Set To Launch, Not In Movie Theaters But To Set Sail In the Ocean
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Titanic 2, Replica Of Titanic Is Set To Launch, Not In Movie Theaters But To Set Sail In the Ocean

It is a dream and a nightmare. It depends on whom you ask.

October 26, 2018

Article By- Damini Bansal

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If you have been hearing of rumors making the remake of Titanic 2, let us tell you it is TRUE. 

Titanic 2 is set to launch in less than two years but not in movie theaters but to sail in the ocean. RMS Titanic is one of the infamous ships of its time, which unfortunately met one of the biggest tragedies in the world.

Remember the ship that collided against the tip of the iceberg? That was RMS Titanic.  It was a Britisher passenger liner, which embarked its journey on 10th April 1912. 

And the Australian Business Tycoon, a billionaire, and Politician Clive Palmer have plans to make the un-sinkable Titanic 2 sail into the ocean on its 110th anniversary in 2022.

It’s a dream and nightmare come true depending on whom you ask.

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Who is Clive Palmer and Blue Star Line?

Clive Palmer is an ambitious and unsuperstitious man.  

He is the Australian business magnate who has invested 700 million in Titanic 2, to replicate the voyage of the doomed original Titanic. 

Earlier it was set to sail in 2018, but got delayed due to financial disputes. 

Clive Palmer has commissioned Blue Star Line to make his ambitious project.

Clive Palmer’s Titanic 2 — an exact replica of the ill-fated ocean liner — is due to set sail in 2022, the billionaire said.

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Tell me more about Titanic 2

1. Titanic 2 will mimic the layout of the original Titanic ship. It will carry 2,432 passengers, same as the original Titanic. 

2. In the bid to make authenticity, Titanic 2 will have all the interiors of rooms, cabin, restaurants bathrooms, layout same as original Titanic. 

3. Not just the interiors but the dimension of the both the Titanic is going to be the same.

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4. Moreover, Titanic 2 will follow its maiden voyage of the original starting in Dubai and then taking the same North Atlantic route from Southampton, England to New York. 

5. After its two-week journey, it will embark on global routes.

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6. Titanic 2 will have the same class division as per the original, so you can find Kate in first class and Jack in third class quarters again as per the classic movie! 

7. It will have 2400 passengers and 900 crew members exactly as in the original Titanic.

8.“The new Titanic will, of course, have modern evacuation procedures, satellite controls, digital navigation, and radar systems and all those things you’d expect on a 21st-century ship,” James McDonald, global marketing director of Palmer’s company, Blue Star Line.

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9. Titanic 2 is being built in a shipyard in China whereas the original “unsinkable” was built in Belfast shipyard in Northern Ireland.

10. Most importantly, this time it will be equipped with enough motorized lifeboats just in case they meet the rogue iceberg again!

What is everyone’s Titanic 2 reaction?

Well, it has received criticism from dead passengers’ relatives, which was inevitable. 

At the same time, Blue star line has been flooded with requests for tickets — with some offering up to about $900,000 (6.6 Crore in INR) for a spot on the first trip.

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We are excited to hear about Titanic-2, this time we want a happy ending for Kate and Jack.


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