1 Reason Why You Should Feel Sad?

Sadness - a necessity

Mahima Bachani

9 months ago|5 min read


Is this girl mad?

Because she talks about being sad,

Let us understand

Why does she feel glad?

Talking about being sad.

Being sad.... that means we are not happy with our surroundings, with our feelings, and what is happening with us. Isn’t this the feeling that we avoid experiencing? Don’t we try to run away from such situations? But is it necessary to run and avoid? Have we ever pondered about, what do we get by avoiding? Sadness is an emotion just like the jungle fire; it spreads as quickly as possible. So when you choose to escape from such situations you often dive deep into the sea of sorrow. This relationship with the emotion of sadness is just like the relation of VIKRAM BETAL, just like BETAL stucks with Vikram, sadness stucks with us if we try to run and escape.

Sadness is not just an emotion but also a feeling, an experience, a lesson, and a push. As it is said more of anything is dangerous. Like while preparing a tea, it is necessary to put milk- water, sugar- tea leaves, etc in proper proportion. More of anything would ruin the taste. Similarly, we also need to experience all emotions and feelings in proper proportion. More or less would disturb everything and our environment.

We say until we experience it, we don’t understand its importance. Similarly, until we experience situations that would hurt us or invite difficult situations, we won’t be able to build ourselves. To build a stronger you, you need to pass various examinations. These exams build a person in you that your aim requires you to be. Day by day, situation by situation, you become the person that your dream requires you to be. You might experience the feeling of I am on the wrong path, I would fail, I can’t reach them. But believe me, day by day you are growing. But you would only grow when you choose to embrace every phase of your life’s race with grace. When you choose to escape you lose, but when you choose to face you win.

We never escape from the feeling of happiness, but we tend to escape sadness. But we should now stop doing this from the very moment. And the moment you take this decision of your life of experiencing every situation you win at that particular moment. When you firmly choose to experience the feeling of sadness, you build yourself. This phase helps you build confidence within yourself. You become a charismatic person with a beautiful and calm aura within you. You become more energetic and more strategic. You get motivated to reach your destination with more power. Day by day you grow, you succeed.

The feeling of sadness pushes you to think more or let’s say push you into overthinking. Many consider it as harmful for health, yes of course sometimes it is dangerous, but you must learn the art of transforming your weapon of losing into your weapon of success. The phase of overthinking will push you to answer certain questions which might not arise when you are happy, but arise when you are very sad.

Questions like...

Who am I?

What is the purpose of my existence?

What do I aim for?

Why do I aim for that?

Am I capable of doing anything?

Will I be able to bring change?

Reason Why You Should Feel Sad?

Such questions come when you are in the state of feeling very sad. To answer such questions, you must first experience such questions, understand them. And when will you understand them when you are in a state of thinking. 

And when will you be able to answer them when you are demotivated, when you feel like losing when you are hurt when you feel that you failed and when you are losing even the last ray of hope. These answers then help you to build yourself. And you come out of such situations like a WARRIOR.

Now I would answer your question.

Is this girl mad? Because she is talking about being sad.....

No, this girl is not mad; she understands the importance of being sad. She likes to embrace such situations and learn from them. I tend to overthink. I tend to be sad. I tend to have self-doubt. Sometimes I feel quite low, sometimes I feel quite high. So one day when I was sad and overthinking, one of my friends told me:

Mahima you are a person who tends to take the basket of sadness purposefully on your head. You have everything a beautiful family, luxury, friends like family, and career everything. Then why do you always have to take this basket on your head? Why do you always overthink and get sad and feel hopeless?

And this made me think why I do this every time? This again pushed me into a state of overthinking. I was thinking and thinking and this led me to come to a solution that I might write an article over WHY TO BE SAD? But then thought occurred in my mind that these words and this article would create a negative image in the mind of the readers. This again pushed me to think about how should I write positively and create a positive impact in society? 

Guess what I got the answer to my question. I thought to write an article which would help understand that why feeling sad is important for us, why we should not escape. I always want to be a person who should be the source of light, hope, and happiness in other person’s life. 

So if I lose, how will I be able to motivate others? So basically such situations first push me to overthink then question myself, this helps me to understand myself better every time, and then finally I get my answer to the question. And when this phase is over I come out as a Warrior, a new Mahima every time with a handful of learnings. These situations are building me brick by brick to help me reach my destination and achieve my goal. 

Though I feel demotivated and loser during such situations then I come out as a winner and motivated person. So basically I take this basket on my head to go through the situation, to understand it emotionally and practically in both ways. This helps me to clear the clouds of doubts in my head.

I would like to thank my friend for asking me this question. Because honestly, that statement pinched me. And this led me to overthink, which led me to write an article. I hope this article leaves a positive print on your mind and helps you achieve your dreams.


Mahima Bachani

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