10 Ravinder Singh Books Which Arouse the Romantic Lover Inside You

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Lakshita Gaur

Dec 12, 2020|3 min read


Whether it is a bad day, or a day filled up with ample amounts of assignments or work. We all need something to replenish our soul and make us feel emotions which are lacking in today's world.

Thus, what can be better than reading some of the best-sellers by Ravinder Singh which will grip a non-reader too with its gripping storyline and some beautiful love stories set in the current times. 

Inspired by his real-life for his first novel, Mr Singh has never looked back and has been an author to some of the finest books of all times! Here, we provide you with a list of 10 Ravinder Singh books that will make you fall in Love again!

1) I Too Had a Love Story

This Debut Novel of Ravinder Singh was published in the year 2008 and was republished in the year 2012. It was an autobiography of the author and was a best seller for 6 consecutive years. The novel weaved a beautiful love story of two individuals who met at a school reunion. Hailed as one of the best Ravinder Singh books, the novel was praised by the readers and became one of the prime romantic novels of the country!

2) Can Love Happen Twice?

This novel is the sequel to the 2008 Ravinder Singh book “I too had a love story.”, and it lived up to the expectations of the readers. It gave them the ending the readers deserved reading after waiting for 3 years, as the book published in 2011. The novel went on to be the Best Selling novel. It gives us new dimensions of love!

3) Like it Happened Yesterday

Whenever we talk about our school days or our childhood days, nostalgia grips us and we all become emotional for some time. Well, this Ravinder Singh book takes us back in time and depicts some of the emotions we all have lived in the past. Whether it is about the first School Trip, or your first school crush the book will remind all of it!

4) Your Dreams are Mine Now

Most of the Ravinder Singh books belong to the romantic genre. This Ravinder Singh book narrates us the story of two individuals who are completely opposite to each other but still fall in love! The book received positive reviews from the readers and made everyone fall in love with the book!

5) This Love that Feels So Right

This book by Ravinder Singh was a bestseller and made us familiar with the story of a woman, who desired to be loved and fell in love in the most unexpected way, and with the most unexpected person !! Another one from the treasure of Ravinder Singh books in the romantic genre, it garnished positive reviews from the readers.

6) Will You Still Love Me?

This Ravinder Singh book revolves around two individuals “Lavanya” and “Rajdhir” and the male protagonist falls in love with the girl when he sees her for the first time. When both of them fall in love they pass different tests to prove their love. The book was loved and appreciated by the masses.

7) Love Stories that Touched my Heart

This beautiful compilation of love stories touched the hearts of millions as it showcased the real-life love stories of people which were submitted to Penguin India through a Competition, they were selected and edited by Mr Ravinder Singh. The word “Love” is redefined in the book!

8) Tell Me a Story

This book by Ravinder Singh is a compilation of various heart-wrenching, pleasurable events, and incidents from a writer's life! This Book was successful just like the previous books of the author, and contains 21 different stories that will help you take positive decisions throughout your life!

9) The Belated Bachelor Party

It’s never too late to have a Bachelor Party, and “How does it even matter if the Bachelor Party takes place after being married?” The same was thought of by the four friends who graduated about 12 years ago. The Ravinder Singh book leads us to the best adventure and reunion in recent times!! 

10) I too had a Love Story - 10th Anniversary Edition

Celebrating the successful completion of 10 years of Ravinder Singh debut book, the book was republished 10 years later revolving around the real-life story of the author, and how he coped up with the loss of a loved one!

Whether you are a book lover or not, once you read any of these Ravinder Singh books that are listed above you will surely finish all of them in just a few days as they are filled with generosity, love and ignites a spark of spreading love over hatred.

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