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Nov 28, 2020|4 min read


It is often said that what we see and what we hear makes an impact on us even in the slightest way possible. The basic mode of entertainment or to pass time in leisure has always been a “Book” which can be easily available if the right efforts are made to get it.

We are often told that books provide us with a sense of relief and comfort which is hard to find anywhere else, they talk to us, nurture our thoughts, and give us a story with which we can play forever! 

When it comes to novels and books, we first go and search for the best books by an inspiring writer and Chetan Bhagat stands out to be one such writer who has been an inspiration for the coming generation. 

Thus, we have brought you the List of 12 Chetan Bhagat Books which should be given a read!

1) Five Point Someone (2004)

Are you an Engineering Student or want to take up admission in an engineering course after completing your 12th? Then this Chetan Bhagat book is written for you! One of the best selling Chetan Bhagat books, which received positive feedback worldwide for making the readers live the life of an engineering student while reading the book! A fun fact about the book is that the famous Bollywood movie “3 Idiots” is based on it!

2) One Night @ the Call Center (2005)

This Chetan Bhagat book revolves around six friends working at a call centre and gives you an insight into the problems they face and the kinds of calls they get!! You will be able to relate to it instantly. Like all Chetan Bhagat books, this one too is interesting and will make you ask for more!

3) The 3 Mistakes of My Life (2008)

The 3 Mistakes of My Life is a book that narrates the story of three young boys who are determined to open a Cricket Shop to get hold of their passion. This Chetan Bhagat book is a brilliant piece of work, which was even made into a Bollywood movie named “Kai Po Che”. The film was a huge success because of its storyline provided by Chetan Bhagat himself!

4) 2 States (2009)

2 States is a Chetan Bhagat Novel that will introduce you to the hardships when one falls in love with a person from a different religion. The story of 2 States is very relatable and made a connection with the masses. The way Chetan Bhagat has portrayed the love between the main characters of the book has been a beautiful read in itself. This Chetan Bhagat book too was made into a Bollywood Movie by the same name.

5) Revolution 2020 (2011)

Revolution 2020 is a Chetan Bhagat book that deals with the corruption involved in the Indian Education System nowadays, especially the private coaching institutions which exploit aspiring engineering students and how their parents sacrifice their lifetime earnings for them. This is one of those books, which received appreciated by everyone. It was critically acclaimed and gained positive reviews for its narration of such an important issue!

6) Half Girlfriend (2014)

Half Girlfriend is a very fine Chetan Bhagat book that will make you engrossed in the book for hours leaving all the other things behind. The book that takes you through a rough ride of love is comforting yet enough to make your heart-wrenching. In the end, the book ignites us with the hope of getting our true love at some point of time in life. And not to forget, this Chetan Bhagat book was also later turned into a movie by the same name!

7) One Indian Girl (2016)

A Chetan Bhagat novel that is intriguing, shows how a girl should be allowed to live freely, and marriage is not for everyone!! The book will change your perception of how women should work, how much they should earn, and what they should wear. The Indian Express calls the book" a right hand for feminists". This is one of th best Chetan Bhagat books.

8) The Girl in Room 105 (2018)

This piece of work by Chetan Bhagat revolves around murder, conspiracies, and a journey to get justice. The book also addressed the stereotypes and political issues faced in India. Once you read this book, you will not have to wait long to know about the real culprit as the sequel to it is also released!!

9) One Arranged Murder (2020)

A sequel to the 2018 book “The Girl in The Room” has been one of the most awaited Chetan Bhagat books of all time and received praises for its catchy storyline and is now available online! If you have read the first part don't wait long enough to catch the culprit with this one!!

10) What Young India Wants (2012)

Published in 2012, this Chetan Bhagat book is a non-fictional one which is a compilation of his speeches and essays, that revolves around his thoughts over the Indian Political system. The book even highlights his thoughts and innovation on how the Indian Economy can be improved. 

11) Making India Awesome (2015)

Another non-fictional Chetan Bhagat book narrates the incidents taking place all over India, giving insights into the true happenings that highlight some of the major issues such as vote banks, women and minority issues, politics, and economy. This piece of work by Chetan Bhagat works as a bitter truth surrounding us!

12) India Positive (2019)

This Chetan Bhagat book is a non-fictional novel that comprises essays that are made for a change to occur. The book asks several questions that can make a difference in the way this country is being run. This piece of work by Chetan Bhagat will give you the information and reformation needed for your thoughts to expand.

If you are a bookworm and love reading books, or want to start reading some of the best books by an Indian Author then you must look up to the Chetan Bhagat books given in the list above. They will not only be your friends in hard times but will also help you in gaining a broader mindset and make you determined to make your future brighter!

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