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Uppalapati Venkata Suryanarayana Prabhas Raju or simply Prabhas needs no introduction. He's one of the finest actors in the film industry.

Prabhas is one of the greatest actors that Indian cinema has ever seen, Prabhas who is called as ‘darling’ by his fans in Tollywood is one of the highest-paid actors in India. Prabhas has started his film career in the year 2002 and recently gave a sensational hit movie Saaho.

Prabhas has done 16 movies to date and was nominated for 19 awards and has won 6 of them, he has also won a state Nandi award. The list of Prabhas Movies In Telugu are as follows:

1. Eeswar

Eeswar | Prabhas Movies In Telugu

The first one on the list of Prabhas Movies In Telugu is his debut movie Eeswar, which was released in the year 2002. 

This movie portrays a love story between two youngsters who belong to two different economic backgrounds. The story revolves around how Eeswar(Prabhas) tries to get to his love.

2. Raghavendra

Raghavendra | Prabhas Movies In Telugu

The second movie on the list of Prabhas Movies In Telugu is the one that deals with social issues, Raghavendra.

Raghavendra was released in the Year 2003. Prabhas as the main lead is a hot-blooded young guy who can’t tolerate crime and injustice, later who was turned into a Saint by his parents because of a major incident. 

This movie contains an incident where a woman is harassed very badly and Raghavendra(Prabhas character) fights against it and then he stops being a saint and goes back to his original self of helping others.

3. Varsham

Varsham | Prabhas Movies In Telugu

Varsham Is one of the old and Evergreen Prabhas Movies In Telugu that has ever been in. The plot of the story revolves around a couple who met on a train traveling to the same destination while it was raining(raining means Varsham in Telugu). 

This new couple always meet while it was raining at beginning of the story, thus the name Varsham. Then, the story leads to a few misunderstandings between the protagonist, the female lead becomes an actress in the movie while facing troubles with her father and the antagonist but in the end, we have a happy ending.

4. Adavi Ramudu

This Prabhas Movie In Telugu was released in the same year of Varsham. Prabhas character in this movie is a tribal man, who gets insulted in his childhood by his crush’s father for being a tribal. 

Fast forward Ramu(Prabhas character) goes to college to earn respect from being a tribal man, meets his childhood crush without knowing it’s her and she reveals herself at her birthday party, but Ramu gets thrown away by his crush’s mother and tries to kill him. The rest involves how he gets his crush back.

5. Chakram

Chakram | Prabhas Movies In Telugu

Chakram Is released in the year 2005. Chakram(Prabhas character) is a doctor who comes back to India after finishing his studies abroad with his fiancé who is also a doctor plans to get married and help the poor by building a hospital, but chakram runs away on his wedding day after knowing that he has cancer as he doesn’t want to ruin his fiancé’s life. 

From that day he decides to help people and make them happy. The movie has a sad ending but gives out an amazing message to the viewers.

6. Chatrapathi

Chatrapathi is the first movie Prabhas has done with an extraordinary directed Rajamouli. This Prabhas Movie in Telugu is one of its kind which was released in the year 2005. 

The plot of the story revolves around a young man who was separated from his stepmother who treats him as his son and stepbrother from floods in his childhood and gets settled under a don who he works for. He starts to revolt against the man he worked for with his friends and tries to bring justice to others as well. 

Later he tries to get back to his stepmother and bring back his stepbrother on the correct path.

7. Pournami

Pournami | Prabhas Movies In Telugu

Pournami (full moon in Telugu) is released in the year 2006. Siva(Prabhas character) is seen to be training his ex-lovers (Pournami) sister for a special dance which is to be done in lord shiva’s temple, this all happens after Pournami’s death in a fight between Siva and his enemy in a crazy tradition of killing each other’s family members. 

During the training period, a rich guy tries to rape Chandrakala(Pournami’s sister) just days before the performance and the climax of the movie is shown how Siva tries to help Chandrakala to give the performance of a lifetime. This movie is available on Amazon Prime.

8. Yogi

This movie is released in the year 2007. The plot of the story is about Eeshwar(Prabhas character) who lives in a village with his parents, his father can be scene serious ill. After his father's death, Eeshwar elopes from his home with his mother’s gold bangles to the city. 

Eeshwar after reaching the city earns a job at a tea stall and after earning enough money to buy gold bangles for his mother he tries to go back to his village but instead he kills the city’s big shot and becomes the city’s biggest Gunda and tries to help the poor, whiles all of this happening his mother comes to the city and meets Nandini(Nayantara) who always tries to take an interview of Eeshwar but she doesn’t know that she is having his mother at her own house. 

The remaining of the story revolves around how Eeshwar tries to reach his mother after losing contact but at the end, we can see how he dances in front of his own mother’s dead body without knowing and never gets to meet her.

9. Billa

Billa | Prabhas Movies In Telugu

Billa was released in the year 2009. This is one of the movies that Prabhas is seen doing a double role, one playing as a mafia don(Billa) and the other as a local thief(Ranga) who steals to support his siblings. The story starts in Malaysia by showing how ruthless mafia don Billa is and how he dies in an ACP car. 

Then the ACP goes to India to train Ranga to act as Billa to know the secrets of Billa’s gang, in this process Ranga gets to know that Maya(Anushka Shetty) who is in the Billa gang is also on the same mission as his. The movie ends with Ranga eloping with Maya and Billa’s money to help orphans and set up a business with his friends. 

This Prabhas movie in Telugu is available on Amazon Prime.

10. Darling

The movie darling was released in the year 2010. This movie portrays the importance of friendship and childhood love and this is the movie that gave Prabhas the nickname ‘darling’. The movie opens in the late 1980s with a group of friends enjoying a party and Prabha(Prabhas character) and Nandini(Kajal Aggarwal) talking to each other. 

Nandini informs Prabha that she is leaving for Switzerland with her family and then Prabha gives Nandini a bracelet which is shown impotence later in the movie. After a few years, the same group of friends comes for a get-together and Nandini acts like she doesn’t know Prabha, then comes a series of events Nandini’s brother in law trying to marry her Prabhas friend who is trying to marry him and a big fights scene at the end and the movie ends showing that Prabha and Nandini get together.

11. Mr.Perfect

Mr.Perfect | Prabhas Movies In Telugu

This movie was released in the year 2011. This is the second movie that Prabhas has done with Kajal Aggarwal. This movie shows how childhood enemies who are always bickering with each other fall in love. The movie starts with a cricket match where Vicky(Prabhas character) lost because of Priya(Kajal Aggarwal character) and decides not to change for anyone and be himself. 

Then Vicky seems to come back to India after working for some time in Australia for his sister marriage and meets Priya again and as usual, they start to hate each other, but in the process, Priya starts to like Vicky and changes a few of her habits in order to fit in Vicky's life that scares Vicky because he believed that Priya might like her old lifestyle after getting married and rejects Priyas marriage proposal. 

Vicky after reaching Australia meets maggie(Taapsee) who is just like him and he tries to talk to her family about their marriage but in the process, he changes and starts to realize that he likes Priya, so he goes back to India to win Priya back. Priya acts hard to get initially but they get back together to lead a happy life. 

This Prabhas movie in Telugu is available on Amazon Prime.

12. Mirchi

Mirchi | Prabhas Movies In Telugu

Mirchi was released in the year 2013. The movie opens in Milan where Jai(Prabhas character) helps Manasa(Richa) who is trying to escape from creeps. They slowly become friends and Jai comes down to India to help Manasa from her hell-like home and tries to change everyone in her home to be kind, in this process Manasa falls for Jai and the whole house accepts it. 

Manasa then opens up to Jai about her love but Jai then tells her that he is the son of their enemy in another village who came to their house to resolve the conflict after his mother’s death and his father asked him to leave them alone for life and also tells Manasa that he loves his sister in law Vennela(Anushka Shetty). 

After Manasas uncle gets to know the real identity of Jai they fight but during the fight everyone in their house supports Jai as he helped them to change for good, Jai’s father comes to pick him up and apologies. At the end of the movie is a scene where Jai goes to Vennela and asks her to marry him. 

This Prabhas movie in Telugu is available on Amazon Prime.

13. Baahubali The Beginning

Baahubali 1&2 (2015 & 2017) | Greatest Telugu Movies

There is no one in India and most of the world who doesn’t know the master blast from Tollywood, THE BAAHUBALI. The movie was released in year 2015 and was filmed in both Telugu and Tamil, since then Prabhas became a famous personality around the world. This is part 1 of 2 movies. This is the other movie where Prabhas is seen doing a double role.

 The movie opens where Shivagami is carrying a child in her hand and fighting a few royal guards and the child was saved by a few tribals and Shivagami dies. A few years later as Sivudu(Prabhas character) the boy who was saved by the tribals is the scene as a young man, who always tries to climb the mountain he came from and is always stopped by his stepmother. 

After a few days, he sees a face mask, and in order to find the beautiful face behind it he climbs the mountain successfully, there he meets Avanthika(Thamana character) and tries to help her to finish her lifetime mission saving Devasena. There he gets to know his biological mother is Devasena and his father's (Amarendra Bahubali) greatness. 

Kattappa tells him the whole story that how his father and his uncle were at a competition to become king to their kingdom Mahishmati. The movies end with Kattapa saying that he killed Amarendra Bahubali.

14. Baahubali The Conclusion

Baahubali The Conclusion | Prabhas Movies In Telugu

The movie was released in the year 2017, both parts 1 and 2 were shooted for over 5 years. This is the first Indian movie to collect 10 billion around the world within 10 days. The movie starts with Kattapa explaining to Sivudu about the special puja that Shivagami does as Rajamatha for the kingdom. 

Then Kattapa goes on to tell about the past that how Bahubali was sent to go through the kingdom to get to know people even better. During his visits, his brother(Ballaladevudu) being evil, plans to sabotage Shivagami's plan to make Bahubali the king. Bahubali comes back to the kingdom with Devasena by Shivagami’s order with a misunderstanding that to marry both Balla and Devasena, but Devasena stands up for herself and marries Bahubali. 

Then Kattapa explains the series of events that made Bahubali leave the royal status, he starts to live as a common man. After explaining how Bahubali was killed and how he was manipulated by Ballaladevudu, Amarendra Bahubali the real name of Sivudu plans to avenge Balla and kill him. 

The movie ends with Amarendra Bahubali crowned as king and Ballaladevudu’s golden head thrown down the mountain Amarendra climbed in the first part. 

Both the parts are available on Netflix and Hotstar.

15. Saaho

Saaho | Prabhas Movies In Telugu

This is the most recent Prabhas movie in Telugu, also available in other languages, which was released in the year 2019. The movie starts with a big heist in the city of Mumbai against Waaji city, which is known as the crime city of the world. 

Then enters Ashok(Prabhas character) to stop the big crimes happening in Mumbai. During work, his colleague Amritha (Shraddha Kapoor) and himself falls for each other and the team makes an amazing plan to catch the criminal but it turns out that Prabhas's character was just acting as Ashok but he was the actual criminal. His real name is Saaho, who plans all these crimes with help of the hacker of the police team. 

Later Saaho is seen in another country attacked by the people of Waaji and Amritha was there to catch him. Amritha lies that the police have fired her but comes to spy on Saaho, but later she falls for him again and leaves the police work. 

A Series of events takes place where he meets the king of Waaji and steals tons of gold but later it is shown that he is the actual king and the fake one was his friend who came in order to find the culprit of his father's death. The movie ends with Saaho and Amritha getting back together. This movie is available on both Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Here we can see that Prabhas has never repeated the same plot for a movie but the fact is that in most of the movies his character ends up helping the poor. The actor who became a world sensation father Bahubali is busy shooting 3 high-budget movies and ready to release RADHE SHAAM in the year 2022.

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