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Matheran may be a hill station and a municipal council within the Raigad district in Maharashtra. Matheran is a component of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Matheran is one of the littlest hill stations in India. It is located on the Western Ghats range at an elevation of around 800m above water level. It is about 90 km from Mumbai. 

Matheran's proximity to several metropolitan cities makes it a weekend getaway for urban residents. Matheran, which suggests "forest on the forehead" (of the mountains) is an eco-sensitive region, declared by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and global climate change, Government of India.

It is Asia's only automobile free hill station. There are around 38 designated look-out "points" (viewpoints) in Matheran, including the Panorama Point that gives a 360-degree view of the encompassing area and also the Neral town. There are many hotels and Parsi bungalows within the area. Old British-style architecture is preserved in Matheran. 

The roads aren't metal and are made from red laterite earth. The British developed Matheran as a resort to beat the summer heat within the region. The forest sort of Matheran is semi-evergreen forests. The trees are evergreen, making the plateau forests very dense and even congested in places. The laterite, porous soil alongside very heavy rainfall mixed with dense fog for 4-5 hrs resulted in unique flora rich in diversity on the plateau. 

The forests show vegetation in the top, middle, and ground story. The trees form a canopy over large sort of shade-loving herbs, climbers, ferns, and mosses. As of the 2001 India census, Matheran had a population of 5139. There are many places to go to in Matheran: -

1. Louisa Point

Louisa Point | Places To Visit In Matheran

Louisa Point is one of the most famous viewpoints in Matheran which provides beautiful views of the surrounding area. It offers two different views from the highest - one view is of the sky touching the mountain and a bird's eye view of the valley below. 

The other view is of the picturesque Charlotte Lake looking sort of like a diamond necklace. Visit Louisa Point on a transparent day to enjoy the spectacular view of the town and therefore the remains of Prabal and Vishalgad fort. The best time to go to Louisa Point is during sunset. It is located 1.5 km far away from the most market area and is reachable on foot. 

This place is additionally mentioned as photographers' paradise in Matheran because it offers panoramic views of mountains, peaks, valleys, lakes, and waterfalls. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

2. Charlotte lake

Charlotte Lake is one of the foremost spectacular attractions of Matheran. It is an ideal quick retreat for people who seek silence within the lap of nature and a perfect spot for the campers and picnickers. Set amidst a densely populated forest, birdwatching may be a popular activity here. 

Visit Charlotte Lake during sunrise and sunset to catch a scenic view of Echo Point and Louisa Point. On one side of the lake is an archaic temple of Lord Shiva - Pisharnath Mahadev Mandir. A unique aspect of the temple is its Shiva Linga, which, unlike the standard black ones, is smeared with vermillion here and is tilted to at least one side. Located only a walking distance far away from the most market area, this lake is the primary source of fresh beverages for the population of Matheran. 

The origin of Charlotte lake may be a dam, which overflows when it rains and forms a pristine little waterfall to make the lake shimmering in the monsoon. This 50 feet deep lake was inbuilt in 1956 AD. This popular tourist destination is splendid during Monsoon and mostly gets dried up in summer. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

3. Monkey Point

The Monkey Point of Matheran is found within the state of Maharashtra. This unique destination overlooks the gorgeous scenery of the Western Ghats and its intimidating mountains and deep gorges. As the name suggests, this place is usually frequented by gangs of monkeys. 

This destination also has abundant quantities of indigenous flora and fauna and makes up for stimulation thanks to studying the local weather and vegetation. You can also experience the phenomenon of echoing here if you shout out into the mountains while facing the Hart Cliff. The Monkey Point houses a good sort of local variants of monkeys and langurs, and you'll spot them here quite easily. 

But beware! These monkeys can get aggressive sometimes, and you would like to be very careful while navigating through this destination. You shouldn't carry any food items or attention-capturing articles with you at this place. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

4. Shivaji's Ladder

Shivaji's Ladder | Places To Visit In Matheran

Downhill from One tree hill viewpoint in Matheran, Shivaji's Ladder may be a pathway with the steps within the shape of a ladder. Surrounded by lush green woods, it's one of the foremost popular trekking points in Matheran. 

It is said that Maratha Emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji used this pathway for his hunting trip in Matheran. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

5. One Tree Hill Point

One Tree Hill Point in Matheran is one of the foremost scenic viewpoints in Maharashtra. It is named so because it's only one tree growing on top of the Hill. The one tree hill viewpoint affords a panoramic and unobstructed view of the deep valleys and stretching forests that surround the Hill station of Matheran. It is also famous for trekking. 

A gentle trek up to the hilltop offers a mesmerizing view of the encompassing tourist spots of Tent Hill and Chowk Village. Shivaji's Ladder Road marks the way downhill from this site, and you'll enjoy the scenic beauty on the way down also. 

This place may be a quaint destination to relax and unwind in nature. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

6. Panorama Point

Panorama Point | Places To Visit In Matheran

Panorama Point may be a scenic point in Matheran that gives 360-degree panoramic views of the Western Ghats and therefore the verdant plains dotted with villages far below. An ideal picnic spot, this place is relatively less crowded than other points in Matheran because it requires one to trek. 

One can also take a horse which may take around one hour from the most city or take the Neral-Matheran toy train and trek for 2 kilometres on a rocky path. 

Panorama Point may be a magnet for photo fanatics and adventure seekers because it offers gorgeous sunset and sunrise views, views of clouds, valleys, lakes, and peaks. It offers beautiful views of Prabalgad fort and distant views of Heart Point, Porcupine Point, and Monkey Point. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

7. Echo Point

Echo Point is a popular viewpoint in Matheran. It is famous for the reverberations and echoes it generates. In addition to the present phenomenon, this destination is additionally famous for its natural virgin beauty. The hilltop also gives a bird's eye view of the whole region. Carpeted with a blanket of green grass, the mountains of Sahyadri are a sight to behold. 

Located on top of a cliff, Echo Point is additionally known for adventure activities like rope climbing and zip-lining. Echo Point is additionally a food lover's delight, as various stalls and little shops provide delicious local Maharashtrian delicacies at reasonable prices. 

This place is understood for its cleanliness and incredibly pleasant weather. The place is frequented during the monsoon months when the place is dotted with magnificent waterfalls. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

8. Neral Matheran Toy Train

Neral Matheran Toy Train may be a heritage railway that connects Neral to Matheran via a 21-kilometre railway line. It is a 2 ft. narrow gauge railway built by Adamjee Peerbhoy in early 1907 and is now run by the Central Railways. It is a stimulating mode of transport to explore the Western Ghats of India. 

The Matheran Toy Train is currently dysfunctional because it was discontinued in 2019 after getting derailed. It is awarded as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

9. Ambarnath Temple

Ambarnath Temple may be a historic Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Located at Ambarnath near Mumbai, it had been inbuilt 1060. The temple complex features a stark resemblance to the Dilwara Temples located in Mount Abu. 

The stunning architecture of the temple complex maybe a treat to the eyes. The annual festival of Mahashivratri is widely known with great enthusiasm within the temple. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

10. Porcupine Point

Porcupine Point | Places To Visit In Matheran

Also referred to as the sunset point, Porcupine Point may be a famous viewpoint in Matheran. It is called so due to the form of the Hill which resembles the form of the porcupine bird. It is famous for the mind-stirring view of Matheran during the sunset and an unparalleled view of the Prabalgad Fort situated nearby. 

Located around 2km from Matheran railroad station, Porcupine Point is often reached on foot or horse riding. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

11. Alexander Point

Alexander Point is one of the foremost scenic viewpoints in Matheran with emerald greenery and a peaceful aura. It is famous for enchanting panoramic views of Palasdari Lake, Rambaug Point, Garbut Point, and Chowk Point. Alexander Point is the perfect place to catch glimpses of Matheran's verdant skyline and luxuriate in a picnic. 

The misty clouds and crystal blue skies of Alexander Point, against the backdrop of lush green mountains, make it one of the foremost popular tourist attractions of Matheran. The view of the sunrise from now is mesmerizing and maybe a favorite among locals. 

You might need to access the varied points here on horseback, which may be a delightful experience on its own. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

12. Hart Point

Hart Point | Places To Visit In Matheran

The Hart Point is one of the favoured viewpoints in Matheran, Maharashtra. It affords a shocking bird's eye view of the encompassing lush valleys and therefore the Western Ghats. A very soothing & relaxing atmosphere about the place makes it an ideal choice for a picnic and for watching the sunrise and sunset. 

The viewpoint is named Hart Point as it is shaped like a heart. Located near Panorama Point, it is often easily reached via trekking or horse ride. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

13. Little Chowk Point

Little Chowk Point is one of the foremost loved spots of Matheran. It is named so because the view of Matheran Chowk from now is completely breathtaking on a transparent day. One also can view the mighty Vishalgad and Prabalgad Fort from here. 

The large statue of Lord Ganesh is another attraction. Little Chowk Point is found near Rambaug Point and is reachable by walking or hiring a pony. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

14. Honeymoon Point

The Honeymoon Point may be a viewpoint in Matheran which is the legendary Grand Canyon of India. The stunning view of the mountains and therefore the nearby Prabalgad Fort from now is just breathtaking. Honeymoon Point is the biggest valley crossing point of Matheran which makes it important for adventure enthusiasts. 

From here, one can see Prabal Fort, various valleys accommodating civilizations, and a stunning sky that changes colours at dusk. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

15. City Shopping

While in Matheran, buy leather items, Kolhapuri footwear, Chikki, honey, and straightforward handicraft items here. One can head to the Mall road for his or her shopping spree. The market here is full of local artisans and craftsmen who sell their products like leather shoes, bags, wallets, etc. 

The Kolhapuri chappal is so famous here that young girls from far away visit to urge their collections for the festivals and functions. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

16. Rambagh Point

Rambagh Point is one of the foremost famous picnic spots of Matheran. It provides a spectacular view of Karjat and Khandala, and therefore the surrounding valleys. 

This place is simply a couple of minutes faraway from the marketplace. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

17. Prabalgad Fort

Prabalgad Fort | Places To Visit In Matheran

Prabalgad Fort, also known as Kalavantin Durg is situated between Matheran and Panvel in Maharashtra, at a height of 2,300 ft in the Western Ghats. The fort built at the height of a rocky plateau very on the brink of Matheran has become a serious tourist attraction. A trek to the present place is ideal for those that enjoy adventure and therefore the thanks to the fort may be a dangerously steep climb. 

The steps leading up to the fort have dug the rock of the Hill. Reaching the fort is one of the toughest trekking challenges in Maharashtra and as long as you're an experienced trekker, you have to choose this trek. This trek which commences from the bottom village of Shedung takes about 3 hours and you would like to climb rock-cut stairs through a steep slope. 

Reaching Kalavantin Durg is extremely difficult and this trek is for knowledgeable trekkers. But for those that do choose this trek, be able to touch the clouds and hug the wind and see the mountains around you as you reach the highest. You can also explore other forts around Kalavantin Durg like Karnala, Irshalgad, which have a stimulating history and story linked to them. 

You can also spend a while near the serene rivers which are on the brink of Kalavantin Durg like the Ulahas River, Gadhi River, and Patalganga River. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

18. Belvedere Point

A paradise for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and photographers, Belvedere Point may be a famous viewpoint to urge a wonderful view of the gorgeous valley of Matheran. The site receives high-velocity wind which even reverses the flow of the waterfall flowing downhill. 

A visit to Belvedere Point will offer you a greater insight into the varied cultures and traditions of Matheran. It is an intrinsic part of the socio-cultural landscape and hence, offers an insightful peek into life because it exists in Matheran. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

19. King George Point

King George Point may be a viewpoint in Matheran to ascertain the rolling hills covered in lush green natural vegetation, the valleys, the enchanting waterfalls, and therefore the mesmerizing Charlotte Lake. It is an ideal attraction to flee the polluted city air and replenish the body, mind, and soul. 

During the season when the excessive waters of the Charlotte Lake overflow, this flooded water forms enchanting cascades that gush down the verdant plateaus of Matheran. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

20. Lord Point

One of the various viewpoints in Matheran, Lord Point offers a special angle to look at the gorgeous natural surroundings. 

The beautiful valleys, the charming waterfalls, the sounds of the birds chirping their hearts away within the unpolluted air are certain to mesmerize everyone and function as an ideal attraction for nature lovers. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

21. Khandala Point

Khandala Point | Places To Visit In Matheran

Khandala Point is one among the foremost preferred points in Matheran to urge an honest view of the scenic great thing about the situation. Due to its proximity to the most road and therefore the market, it often gets many visitors. 

This is an ideal point to look at the gorgeous valley when there is a time crunch. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

22. Mount Barry

Mount Barry has the highest altitude in Matheran and offers a spectacular bird's eye view of the Western Ghats, the waterfalls, and the toy train traversing through the rugged natural landscape. 

It is one among the few points that aren't mostly crowded and supply a tranquil escape for the tired soul. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

23. Malang Point

Malang Point is another well-known point in Matheran that provides a stunning view of the scenic mountain ranges and a few other enchanting waterfalls amidst dense forests. 

The point is additionally connected by several trekking trails and is frequented often by trekkers navigating through the forests. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

24. Paymaster Park

Paymaster Park | Places To Visit In Matheran

Paymaster Park could also be a recreational park and a famous picnic spot within the mesmerizing town of Matheran. The beautifully landscaped gardens, the colourful and fragrant flower beds, and therefore the gazebo within the middle of the mesmerizing park are a treat to the character lovers. 

The park also has effigies of sunshine colonel Paymaster and S.L Panday installed in their honour. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

25. Irshalgad Fort

Built at an elevation of 3700 feet above water level, Irshalgad Fort is the sister fort of Prabalgad Fort. It was constructed during the Bahmani Sultanate. The attraction is surrounded by dense forestation and has several thrilling trekking trails. 

The Irshalgad pinnacle also is an ideal spot for mountaineering. The bird's eye view of the Western Ghats from the highest of the attractions is well worth the visit. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

26. Pisharnath Mahadev Mandir

Pisharnath Mahadev Mandir is devoted to Lord Shiva and is the oldest temple in Matheran. The deity is also known as Pisarnath. The Shivalinga is self-manifested and features a unique tilted L-shape. 

At an altitude of 2500 feet, the temple is found on the banks of the scenic Charlotte lake and is not as crowded as other commercial temples. It is, therefore, a preferred attraction for those seeking tranquillity. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

27. Vikatgad Peb Fort

Vikatgad Peb Fort | Places To Visit In Matheran

Named after Goddess Pebi Devi, Vikatgad Peb Fort is an ancient fort on the Matheran Hill range. The fort is surrounded by the scenic natural landscape of the Western Ghats and may be a preferred trekking destination and a weekend picnic spot. 

This fort is in continuation with the Malang gad, Tauli Hill, and Chanderi fort of the Matheran Hill Range. The trek path to Vikatgad is along deep ravines and cliffs. The forest department and native villagers do plantations and a few restorations work on the fort. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

28. Dhodani Waterfalls

Dhodani Waterfalls | Places To Visit In Matheran

Dhodani Waterfalls is one of the foremost picturesque waterfalls situated in Matheran. A popular picnic spot among both the locals and therefore the tourists, the waterfalls also have the choice for several water sports, the foremost popular of which is waterfall rappelling. 

If you're an adventure enthusiast, this is often one activity that you simply should try while you're here. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

29. Rock Climbing in Matheran

Replete with innumerous vantage points and mighty mountain peaks, hiking is one of the very best activities and things to undertake in Matheran. You can avail yourself of the chance near Louisa Point, Alexander Point, Prabal Fort, and Shivaji Ladder, etc. 

One of the foremost thrilling adventure sports, this one is certain to offer you an adrenaline rush. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

30. Chanderi Fort

Located within the Matheran district of Maharashtra, the Chanderi Fort may be a historical monument that may be reached by taking a brief trek to the hilltop. This day-long trek within the Kalyan area may be a breather for people from Mumbai, Pune, and therefore the nearby regions, and therefore the fort is as famous because of the trek that leads to it. 

From the highest of this ancient fort, one can view the encompassing forts of Prabalgad, Nakind, Kalavantin, Irshalgad, Karnala, Vikatgad, and also the Western Ghats far behind altogether their glory. There aren't any fortifications at the location, but only water cisterns, rock-cut steps, and caves that denote that the historical site is indeed a fort. 

Chanderi Fort was captured by Shivaji Maharaj from the Mughal Sultanate, and ultimately it went into the hands of the British afterward. This fortress is usually used as a military base, or a hideout since the trail that leads up thereto is challenging and tiresome. 

The fort offers the simplest of both worlds and appeals to history lovers also as adventure enthusiasts since it provides visitors with breathtaking views, excellent historical information, as well as an adrenaline rush. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

31. Ballaleshwar

Ballaleshwar | Places To Visit In Matheran

The Ballaleshwar temple of Panvel is a component of the Ashtavinayak (Ashta, meaning 8 pilgrimage places of Lord Ganesha or Vinayak, the Hindu deity of letters and learning). The temple, which is within the midst of a busy junction in Panvel has stood the tests of some time and development and turned 400 in 2014. 

The blue and yellow structure made primarily of wood and stone hardly resembles a temple but is taken into account by Ganesha devotees and residents alike because it is the oldest, most special place of worship in Panvel. 

The temple houses more deities, the foremost popular among others being Lord Shiva and Lord Ram. It is one of the places to visit in Matheran.

Matheran is legendary for its natural surroundings and as mentioned earlier, the right place for adventure lovers. Apart from trekking, hiking, and rappelling, you'll also go hiking. There are popular spots like Alexander Point, Louisa Point, Prabal Fort, and Shivaji’s Ladder that are ideal for this recreational activity. 

The Maharashtra Culture is one among the foremost diverse and brilliant throughout India. Today we explore the rich heritage, the occasions where the people close, often no matter religion and community, the aspects that are unique to the state, and their significance in the country of India.

Matheran may be a tiny surprise given the variability of cuisine it offers. Indulge in Gujarati, Maharashtrian, Chinese, Moghlai, and Punjabi cuisines across the various restaurants of the town. The standout items that one must try, while here include the staple Vada Paav, an authentic and rich range of kebabs, also as some Chikki, a well-liked sweet in the area. Also, sip into some refreshing Kokum Sharbat. Liquor is additionally available but only in certain restaurants.

The Maharashtra traditional dress is suited to festive occasions also in the prevalent weather. Rich in vibrant colours and unique designs, the ladies commonly wear the normal nine-yard long saree called the ‘Nauvari’, alongside a ‘choli’ or blouse because of the top. These sorts of sarees have a singular pattern of draping that permits ease in movement, and thus also produces a recognized icon of Maharashtrian culture. 

Stunning pieces of jewelry just like the ‘nath’ or hoop and adorning necklaces called ‘saaj’ are worn as accessories by the ladies. The men, on the other hand, wear a shirt or kurta paired with the ‘dhoti’, usually made from cotton, which is draped around the waist and extends up to the ankles. Other than the cotton caps called ‘pheta’ or ‘pagadi’ which they put on their head, a sleeveless jacket called ‘bandi’ is also occasionally worn. During festive seasons, the boys wear Ackan, Churidar, and Pyjama.

At the guts of Maharashtra’s culture, the first sorts of music that emerged are ethnic music, the semi-classical Natya sangeet or theatre music, and poetry by the saints. Folk music is enjoyed by people from various aspects of the community, each kind sung during certain occasions. The most popular of those are the ballads called Povadas, that sing of the valiant lifetime of the Maratha warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji, the Owi, and are written in couplets. 

They adhere to the responsibilities and joys that girls find in their routine lives and also the exciting Bhaleri that adds harmony to the varied tasks performed during farming in the fields.

Some of the indigenous dance sorts of the Maharashtrian culture are the energetic Lavani with its intricate leg movements, the Tamasha sort of folk-theatre which was made popular by the Mahar and Kothari communities, the joyous dance sort of the Koli fishing community specially performed during the Narali Purnima festival, and Dindi which was popularised by the devotional sect of the Varkaris.

The handmade leather slippers of Kolhapur are a neighborhood of normal footwear since the thirteenth century. These ‘chappals’ boast intricate designs that enhance their basic rustic style and are of immense durability. Kolhapur is additionally famous for its jewelry just like the Saaj, Mohanmal, Bormal, and Putlihaar. 

In the Sawantwadi kind of lacquer crafts, motifs of nature and mythology are deliberately painted on the surface of varied objects like furniture, figurines, and showpieces. Unruffled by the hustle of city life and modernization, the Warli tribe of Thane district still thrives within the very core of nature. 

Their simplistic wall paintings are rich with poetic and spiritual imagery, usually depicting the regular lives of the people. Employing basic shapes like triangles, circles, and squares, the artists symbolically represent aspects of nature and artistic energy in these paintings which are globally referred to as Warli Paintings.

The above mentioned are some places to visit in Matheran and are some charms to be enjoyed to the fullest in Matheran.

Do let us know your experiences at these places in Matheran. Also, don't forget to like and these places to visit in Matheran with your travel buddies.

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