50 Phobia Kinds And Symptoms That Everyone Should Be Aware Of

Are you suffering from any?

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Feb 12, 2019|11 min read


Phobia is a new trend in today's world. Every second person you meet today is suffering from one or the other phobia. But is it really so? 

What is Phobia

Phobia is actually an extreme fear of something like a place, a situation or some kind of creature. Fear prevents a person from doing a particular thing.

Phobia is not a disease, it’s actually a mental disorder that causes the immense fear in a person.

When a person is suffering from any kind of phobia, he or she imagines the threat from that fear at a very great level than it would actually be in reality. Hopefully, phobias are diagnosable mental disorders.

Types of Phobia

There are various kinds of phobias, listed further in this article, that a person can suffer from. But before this, let’s read about the facts that indicate a person is suffering from a phobia.

Symptoms of Phobia

A person suffering from phobia cannot control his or her instant reaction towards the fear they are suffering from, despite knowing it.

He or she gets panic or feel intense anxiety as soon as they come across that fear.

They might do anything or everything to avoid this feeling of fear.

A person suffering from a phobia will feel sensations like sweating, abnormal breathing, dry mouth, trembling, accelerated heartbeat, nausea, hot flushes or chills, a choking sensation, chest pains or tightness, butterflies in the stomach, pins, and needles, confusion, and disorientation, dizziness or a headache more often.

Causes Of Phobia

Phobia usually begins during the childhood, teenage or early adulthood but in some cases, it starts after the age of 30 years as well.

Basically, a phobia is caused when a person experiences any frightening event at an immature age or it is transferred from the parent or household member who is suffering from this.

It is also caused by a stressful experience.

Treatment Of Phobia

As already mentioned above, a phobia is a diagnosable mental disorder. One needs proper treatment which includes medication and behavioral therapy. 

Moreover, apart from these, a person needs love affection and special care from any person they know while suffering from a phobia.

Types Of Phobia

1) Acrophobia

An extreme or irrational fear of heights.

2) Didaskaleinophobia

The fear of going to school.

3) Kakorrhaphiophobia

An abnormal, persistent, irrational fear of failure.

4) Athazagoraphobia

The fear of forgetting or being forgotten/ignored.

5) Thantophobia

The fear of losing someone you love.

6) Keraunophobia

An abnormal fear of thunder and lightning.

7) Algophobia

An abnormal and persistent fear of pain.

8) Cynophobia

The fear of dogs.

9) Arachnophobia

The fear of spiders. (It affects women four times more than men.)

10) Alektorophobia

The fear of chickens.

11) Ailurophobia

The fear of cats.

12) Apiphobia

The fear of bees.

13) Myrmecophobia

The fear of ants.

14) Lepidopterophobia

The fear of butterflies.

15) Ophidiophobia

The fear of snakes.

16) Katsaridaphobia

The fear of cockroaches.

17) Anatidaephobia

The fear of ducks.

18) Galeophobia

The fear of sharks.

19) Achievemephobia

The fear of success.

20) Nosophobia

An irrational fear of contracting a disease.

21) Gynophobia

The fear of women.

22) Erythrophobia

The fear of blushing.

23) Tokophobia

The fear of pregnancy.

24) Gerascophobia

The fear of getting old.

25) Latrophobia

The fear of doctors or hospitals.

26) Chronophobia

The fear of the future.

27) Bathophobia

The fear of depths.

28) Gephyrophobia

The fear of bridges.

29) Aquaphobia

The fear of water.

30) Pyrophobia

The fear of fire.

31) Hemophobia

The fear of blood.

32) Trypanophobia

The fear of needles.

33) Globophobia

The fear of balloons.

34) Glossophobia

The fear of public speaking.

35) Numberophobia

The fear of public numbers.

36) Samhainophobia

The fear of Halloween.

37) Enochlophobia

The fear of the crowd.

38) Androphobia

The fear of men.

39) Monophobia

The fear of being alone.

40) Theophobia

The fear of God.

41) Traumatophobia

The severe and irrational fear of injury or war.

42) Vehophobia

The fear of driving.

43) Chaetophobia

The fear of hairs.

44) Emetophobia

The fear of vomiting.

45) Kinemortophobia

The fear of zombies.

46) Cacomorphobia

The fear of fat people.

47) Telephonophobia

The fear of talking people on phone.

48) Somniphobia

The fear of sleep.

49) Coulrophobia

An extreme or irrational fear of clowns.

50) Technophobia

The fear of technology.

Phobias are not like simple fear sensation, it is more serious and hazardous if not taken seriously.

In an approximate fact by WHO in later 2018, more than 76.34% of the total world population is suffering from at least one kind of phobia, irrespective whether they know it or not.

It is recommended to get a checkup of your friends and families, and find out of anyone is having a Phobia. Getting rid of Phobias is much necessary.


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