Baaghi 2 Is Full Of Entertainment And Stunts Of Tiger Shroff, Don't Expect More
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Baaghi 2 Is Full Of Entertainment And Stunts Of Tiger Shroff, Don't Expect More

At least, Shroff has been grown up now!

March 31, 2018

Article By- Ashish Verma

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The biggest reason to watch Baaghi 2 is the rumored relationship of Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani. What? Didn't you know this? As this is the first movie of Tiger and Disha’s together, the audience is quite excited to confirm their doubts. Thus, the movie was in favor of the audience, but the critics are not at all satisfied.

The director and the Choreographer, Ahmed Khan has put his great effort to make it worth a watch but those 150 minutes are saddled with just songs and action scenes of Tiger Shroff.

The bones of the movie have been borrowed from the Telugu thriller - Kshanam, and the whole muscles were taken up by Tiger Shroff. And guess what? The entire movie is shot at Goa, which is the city of Gamblers, Drug addicts, the Cops, and the Russians.

The Storyline

Neha (Disha Patani) calls for her ex-boyfriend and army man Ranveer Singh (Tiger) to find her 3-year-old daughter Ria, who has been kidnapped 2 months ago. Ranveer Singh aka Ronnie has to solve the mystery of the missing child.

Amidst the consolation and the hunt for the little girl, Ronnie and Neha go into the flashback of their happy times and this is how the story progresses. Quiet predictable!

The Best Of Baaghi 2

Good Friday comes to be good for the movie. It helped in the record-breaking box office opening collection ever for Tiger Shroff.

One of the best things that the movie has is the thrilling item number of Jacqueline Fernandez.

The second important thing is that the kidnapping of the child makes some sense in the movie. Actually important!

And the third good thing, we have the poorest look-alike Jack Sparrow of India, Randeep Huda. His acting is remarkable. Hats off to the scriptwriter.

The Worst Of Baaghi 2

The Thalaiva, Rajnikanth can easily replace Tiger in this movie, because this is what Tiger has done in the whole movie. He has single-handedly fought with about 500 villains in a scene. And it was like PTSD awaits right outside the hall.

Intolerance is even better than Baaghi. Post this, is the unbearable remix of “Ek Do Teen”, which reduces the Bollywood classics to calisthenics, and this one can be a haunting nightmare for Madhuri Dixit.

Attractions Of The Movie

Tiger had spent extremely many bucks, which actually can be seen in his made out shirtless Avtaar. Almost all casted actors like Randeep Huda, Manoj Bajpayee, Prateek Babbar are the showcase of the movie, for their respective roles.


And otherwise, it is just the endless saga of badly acted, illogical and disconnected scenes. It is going to impact in the next sequel of the movie Baaghi 3. Yes, Baaghi 3 is already announced by Ahmed Khan.

The success of the movie might is much like the mystery portrayed in the movie. It can be felt that Tiger Shroff is under-training and he’s receiving homework. Just as the dialogue from Baaghi 2 goes “Jo Tera torture hai, Wo Mera Homework hai”.


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