Music Is Peace

A feeling which is speechless...

Sonali Negi

5 months ago|1 min read



The cheer

The intensity which could change your mind. The feeling which gives immense pleasure mixed with happiness, joy, and peace. Every note has little differences that are much bigger than the whole mountain.

One smile comes with every good feeling. The shyness roams around whenever the soul feels the love and expression of the loved one. Life is the love of music roller coasters or we can say music is life's, first love. Every beat has described a heart filled with love, romance, smiles, and sentiments. When we were children we were scared of the darkroom but now we are youngsters who chose the dark rooms to weave the optimistic dreams and chase the ways which are calling us to laugh and explore.

The roads are like "moh moh ke dhaage which really want to stay and we really want them to get stuck in our fingers"

The cartwheels are running over the path and the sound is as attractive as the bells and rattle in the kid's hand. The ways are far better than staying stuck at the starting point. It is always better to keep the Bluetooth on and to cover the distances. Move as far as you can go because these ways would be something that would define you. When you will think of this time in the future you will give a simple smile. When you will listen to the same music in the future you will realize the moments you were covering ways.

Soothing voice makes you feel loved and pampered. stop searching for another human when you have a good music taste and good playlist to reach different beautiful destinations. Every trip you can cover alone when you still have time. Those mountains will sing with you when you would jump over the blank roads. The sky will shed you with love and the birds will chirp to give your music a loving tone.

Feel the music and feel the ways instead of feeling the hurt you had



Sonali Negi

A creative life is worth and indeed when you have a path to explore, mark and write.



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