MOM: The Most Selfless & Strongest Person I Know

Mom is a multitalented person!

Akshada Borhade

9 months ago|1 min read


A mother is the strongest of all. She supports us in all our endeavors and through thick and thins in life. 

Since the day we are she has been by our side as a great support system. A mother is the one whom we can worship after God. She is the guarding and caring angel of our lives. 


For this strong woman of our lives, I have a small composition:

The wonderful woman of our lives

Our whole house together she binds

You are so gentle yet so strong

Everyone shares with you a special bond


The fingers for the first time we hold

In human form, we have found our gold

A whole day for us you care

For yourself, not even a minute you spare


You are special to us, Oh dear Mom!

In our lives, you bring peace and calm

To have you in life it feels so blessed 

Truly you are one of a kind and the best

We should learn to love, care and respect this lady love of our lives. She may not utter what she expects, but a small hug from us can take away all her pain and tiredness. So, what are you all waiting for? 

Go and hug and your moms. Do tell us in the comments if you found this composition relatable.


Akshada Borhade

An engineer trying to find an escape by writing her heart out!



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