Marketing Strategies That You Need To Implement: 2022 Edition

Strategies you should in 2022

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There's no doubt they'll face plenty of challenges along the way. If you devise a strategy and distribute your resources right, you'll be able to stay ahead of the curve.

User Experience 

Users become more demanding every day. The majority of them are looking for a high-quality user experience when visiting a website. Research shows 88% of users wouldn't visit the website again after having a bad user experience. On the other hand, search engine algorithms favor websites with excellent user experience. If you can't keep the users on your website, you're not only risking high bounce rates but also ranking low in the results. To measure UX, you can use Google's latest invention — Core Web Vitals. It measures page loading speed, stability, and responsiveness. Based on these measurements, you can make adjustments and improve your website's UX.

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Security and Information Sharing 

During the pandemic, the majority of employees worked remotely. Some of them used online platforms to connect with their superiors and colleagues. Exchanging information is faster and easier than through emails. Apart from employee communication, companies used platforms to share sensitive data and files. Since employees don't feel comfortable returning to the offices yet, they'll continue to rely on them to do their jobs. Hackers are never dormant, and improving the security of apps and tools is always a trend. As technology evolves, security has to evolve too.

Customer Retention 

Attracting and converting new customers takes too much time and money. That's why keeping the existing customers is much easier and more affordable. It's something even marketing beginners or new business owners know. What if you could do both in 2022? Loyalty programs appeal to new and old customers alike. However, offering incentives to customers isn't easy at all. If you don't offer value and get something in return, the investment will fail. Research what your competitors are doing to get an idea for your program. Make sure it reflects your brand's values and serves its purpose.

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When thinking about social networks, which of them first spring to mind? For most people, those are platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. But, there's LinkedIn too. Believe it or not, it's the buzzword in the marketing world. Up to now, it has reported a continuous increase in active users and engagements every quarter. To keep up with the influx of new users, the network continues to add new features. You can now create polls and photo frames, share stories or merge accounts under one email address. Since the network works on delivering the best results for businesses, marketers should make the most of it in 2022.

Marketing Automation

Whichever strategy you decide on, you should make sure it supports marketing automation. There's no doubt machine learning, AI, and automation are becoming deeply embedded in digital marketing. Why not leverage them to save time and focus on more demanding campaigns and projects? Most strategies allow you to automate notifications, analytics reports, social media posts, and emails. Also, you can automate lead flow. By sending them emails with valuable information, you're leading them through the funnel until they make the transaction.

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Video Content 

According to the newest research, video content is 53 times more likely to rank on the first page on Google than its written counterpart. Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube have been dominating the social scene for some time now. It's because users like to consume video content more than any other type. As visual human beings, it takes a video to convince us to buy a product instead of a lengthy product description. You can take video marketing to the next level and offer interactive videos for your customers to enjoy. Users get the best of both worlds. A UX like no other and the freedom to consume the content when and how they want it.

Paid Advertising

The pandemic has affected digital media the least when compared to those in print. Since it's not over yet, people continue to work from home and shop online. Most businesses have decided to use this opportunity to find customers, increase sales, and expand. They have moved onto digital platforms. They're also the place where the majority of their competitors are. If your business isn't visible online, then you're losing big time. Businesses parting ways with traditional forms of marketing has become a common occurrence. Marketers expect them to invest more and more in paid digital advertising in the future. 

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Together with technology, digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. It’s hard to predict with certainty which trends will emerge. However, we have dropped some hints for the marketers to take their marketing efforts in the right direction. 


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