3 Cost Effective Marketing Automation Tools For Startups

Marketing Automation Tools To Boost ROI

Erric Ravi

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Marketing is the process of advertising your product to your target/potential customers. It is the most important step for any business and can determine the future of your business. We’ve seen numerous examples of good businesses not working due to bad marketing. 

Like everything around us marketing has also gone through upgrades and now marketing automation is the big thing. Marketing automation means the use of technology to handle multiple channels of marketing simultaneously without losing effectiveness and also automate repetitive tasks. To efficiently use the practice of Marketing Automation, Marketing automation tools are used. They are software programs designed to simplify Marketing automation by the use of technology so that businesses can use it to gain maximum benefits. 

Advantages of Marketing Automation


Marketing takes man-hours and with marketing automation tools you can automate the repetitive tasks of posting on social media. This way your team can focus on more creative and critical thinking tasks and be more efficient at it.

Conversion Rate:

Conversion rate is the process of converting your potential consumers into verified customers. Marketing automation can help you get more insight information on the successfully converted customers and also on the ones who didn’t. It can also retarget the unconverted customers.

Accurate reporting:

Marketing Automation Tools report accurate analytics and insights automatically. Usually reporting and analysing is a tedious process but Marketing Automation Tools makes it easy to access and analyse.

Startups are the new wave, there are thousands of new startups being launched every month. What differentiates startups and businesses is the availability of resources like money, assets or human resources. Startups don’t have resources to invest in the business and then to market the business, they generally work under a tight marketing budget. So, what to do if you are running a Startup?? We recommend using any one of these 3 Cost Effective Marketing Automation Tools.

Cost Effective Marketing Automation Tools


mTalkz is a Marketing Automation Platform that uses various Marketing Automation Tools to help your business grow and market the brand and its products. mTalkz offers top quality services at affordable rates. Startups can use the support provided by mTalkz’s team and the hyper-personalisation across all channels and segments for marketing. Their motive is to target loyal customers, increase the business’s sales, and build brand image through their market automation platforms. 
mTalkz offer services like:

Data Ingestion

Content Creation

Customer Journeys 

Campaigns Triggering


Go to their official website for more information.


Campaigner is a marketing automation tool that is known for the suite of features it offers for small firms. Campaigner offers its services at low prices to cater to its targeted audience that is small firms. There feature list includes services like Automation workflows and conversion tracking. Go to their official website for more information.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a product based marketing automation tool for small firms. This tool is best suited to run product campaigns by using its email builder and workflow creator. The notable features offered by campaign monitor are :

Email marketing

Marketing automation

Campaign Personalization

Contacts and segmentation

Signup forms

Apps and integration

Transactional email

Analytics/ROI Tracking

Go to their official website for more information.

These are the 3 Cost Effective Marketing Automation Tools for Startups to Boost ROI. Marketing is a step that no business should overlook. Moving towards the future one thing that is for sure is that marketing automation will grow bigger, this, in turn, will only bring in more Marketing Automation platforms. In conclusion, marketing automation tools are only going to be more prevalent in the coming years and every business should use some form of automation in marketing.


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