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Kareena Kapoor Khan was born on 21 September 1980 is an Indian entertainer who shows up in Hindi movies. She is the little girl of entertainers Randhir Kapoor and Babita, and the more youthful sister of entertainer Karisma Kapoor. 

Noted for playing an assortment of characters in the scope of film classes—from lighthearted comedies to wrongdoing dramatizations—Kapoor is the beneficiary of a few honors, including six Filmfare Awards, and is one of Bollywood's generally well known and most generously compensated actresses.

In the wake of making her acting introduction in the 2000 conflict film Refugee, Kapoor set up a good foundation for herself with jobs in the recorded show Aśoka and the acting Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham.

Hitched to entertainer Saif Ali Khan, with whom she has two children, Kapoor's off-screen life is the subject of boundless inclusion in India. She has gained notoriety for being candid and confident and is perceived for her commitments to the entertainment world through her design style and film jobs. 

Notwithstanding film acting, Kapoor partakes in stage shows, has a public broadcast, and has contributed as a co-essayist to four books among them two are self-portraying diary and two are sustenance guides. 

She has begun her line of dress and beauty care products for ladies and has worked with UNICEF beginning around 2014 to advocate for the training of young ladies and an expansion in quality-based schooling in India.

So, let’s look into some of the amazing work done by this beautiful:

1. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham | Kareena Kapoor Movies List

This Kareena Kapoor movie was released in December 2001. Rahul, the adopted child of a rich couple, is exiled by his dad when he decides to wed a working-class lady. A long time later, his more youthful sibling, Rohan, embarks to discover him. 

The IMDB rating of this movie is 7.4/10. This movie was a mega-hit.

2. Jab We Met

Jab We Met (2007) | Shahid Kapoor And Kareena Kapoor Movies

This 2007 Romance/Musical was a smash at the box office. This Kareena Kapoor movie is about how Aditya, a devastated business magnate, carelessly sheets a train to get away from his discouraging life. 

He meets Geet, an effervescent Punjabi young lady, and gets maneuvered into her insane life.

3. Good Newwz

Good Newwz (2019) | Akshay Kumar And Kareena Kapoor Movies

This 2019 Comedy/Comedy-drama Kareena Kapoor movie is about how Two wedded couples are fruitless in imagining and looking for clinical treatment. In any case, they end up in a convoluted circumstance after their PCP makes a bumble.

4. Veere Di Wedding

Veere Di Wedding | Kareena Kapoor Movies List

This 2018 Comedy/Buddy Kareena Kapoor movie is about friends. Kalindi's mates Avni, Sakshi, and Meera come to meet her after they discover concerning her wedding with her darling, Rishabh. Sakshi takes her youngsters to Thailand and they rediscover themselves.

5. Ra.One

This 2011 Action/Sci-fi Kareena Kapoor film is about an After confronting analysis from his child and business, Shekhar, a gaming developer, makes a strong virtual person called Ra.One. Before long Ra. One enters this present reality and kills Shekhar.

6. Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Bajrangi Bhaijaan | Kareena Kapoor Movies List

This 2015 Drama/Action Kareena Kapoor movie is my all-time favorite. Pawan, an enthusiast of Lord Hanuman, discovers a young lady, who is discourse impeded, lost in Haryana. He before long discovers that she has a place with Pakistan and decides to rejoin her with her family at extraordinary individual expense.

7. Bodyguard

This 2011 Action/Romance movie is about how Lovely Singh is incredibly deferential of Mr. Rana and his little girl, Divya. While selected as her guardian, he falls head over heels for a young lady called Chhaya, ignorant that she is Divya.

8. Ki & Ka

Ki & Ka | Kareena Kapoor Movies List

This 2016 Romance/Drama Kareena Kapoor movie is about Kia, a goal-oriented lady, weds Kabir, a man who favors the job of a house spouse. They partake in their offbeat relationship until challenges including personality conflicts and envy set in.

9. Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu

This 2012 Rom-com Kareena Kapoor movie is about following an inebriated night in Las Vegas, Rahul, a youthful designer, understands that he is currently hitched to Riana. Both commonly choose to invalidate the marriage, yet the accompanying not many days envoy many astonishments.

10. Khushi

In this 2003 Romance/Action Kareena Kapoor movie, you will see that how Khushi and Karan share an adoration disdain relationship. While setting their companions up seeing someone, they wind up going gaga for one another.

11. Milenge Milenge

Milenge Milenge (2010) | Shahid Kapoor And Kareena Kapoor Movies

In this 2010 Romance/Musical movie, you will see that Priya accepts she has met her predetermined sweetheart when she meets and experiences passionate feelings for Immy, yet they before long head out in different directions because of contrasts. Destiny, notwithstanding, unending schemes to unite them back.

12. Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai

This 2001 Romance/Bollywood movie is about how a mishap brings Karan and Pooja near one another. At the point when Karan, at last, chooses to propose to her, he understands that fate has different designs for them.

13. Kyon Ki

Kyon Ki | Kareena Kapoor Movies List

This 2005 Romance/Drama movie is about how after incidentally killing his fiancee, Anand becomes crazy and is conceded to a mental medical clinic. Tanvi, his primary care physician, becomes hopelessly enamored with him, however, her dad doesn't support him, given his past.

14. Bewafaa

This 2005 Romance/Musical Kareena Kapoor movie is about how Anjali sacrifices her love for Raja after her sister's death and marries her brother-in-law. Years later, she meets Raja and is torn between him and her loyalties.

15. Gabbar is Back

Gabbar is Back (2015) | Akshay Kumar And Kareena Kapoor Movies

This 2015 Action/Drama movie is about the city's organization wrongs Aditya, a plebeian. To retaliate for his misfortune, he camouflages himself as a vigilante, Gabbar, and collaborates with genuine government officials to uncover the degenerate.

16. Golmaal 3

Golmaal 3 | Kareena Kapoor Movies List

This Kareena Kapoor movie is full of entertainment. This 2010 Comedy/Bollywood movie is about how a Cupid strikes when Pritam, a single parent, goes over his school darling, Geeta, in Goa. 

Nonetheless, when their separate youngsters go at battle with one another, the two think that it is hard to rejoin.

17. Fida

Fida (2004) | Shahid Kapoor And Kareena Kapoor Movies

This 2004 Romance/Drama movie is about Jai going gaga for Neha, uninformed of her and her sweetheart Vikram's insidious aims. He effectively gets caught in their connivance however chooses to get vengeance while being on the run from the police.

18. Yaadein

In this 2001 Romance/Musical movie you will see how Raj Singh Puri is a single parent of three little youngsters and offers a profound bond with them. At the point when one of his little girls falls head over heels for his closest companion's child, things go bad.

19. Agent Vinod

Agent Vinod | Kareena Kapoor Movies List

In this 2012 Action/Bollywood movie you will see that how Specialist Vinod sets out on a mysterious mission to discover the purpose for the demise of Rajan, his partner. Fear strikes when he unfurls a significantly greater scheme.

20. Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

In this 2013 Romance/Comedy Kareena Kapoor movie, you will see that how Sriram, an egotistical man, deceives his sweetheart, Dia, for his childish increase. Be that as it may, later, Sriram understands his misstep and needs to satisfy a condition set somewhere near Dia to win her back.

21. Chup Chup Ke

Chup Chup Ke (2006) | Shahid Kapoor And Kareena Kapoor Movies

In this 2006 Comedy/Romance film you will see that how an angler saves Jeetu from ending it all, just to offer him to a moneylender. Jeetu is then compelled to act like a man with hearing and discourse hindrance, bringing about silly results.

22. Chameli

In this 2003 Drama movie, you will see that how Aman, an investor, and Chameli, a whore, meet during a deluge in Mumbai as they take cover from the downpour. However they don't share anything for all intents and purpose, they structure a bond and begin discussing life.

23. Kurbaan

Kurbaan | Kareena Kapoor Movies List

This 2009 Thriller/Romance Kareena Kapoor movie is about how life appears to be ideal for teacher Avantika when she goes gaga for a man whom she thinks she knows. Things before long turn dim when life twists wild and she is only a pawn in the game.

24. I Am Crazy About Love

In this 2003 Romance/Musical movie you will see that how Sanjana's family confuses Prem Kishen with Prem Kumar and she falls head over heels for him trusting him to be her admirer. 

Nonetheless, their relationship is compromised when the fact of the matter is uncovered.

25. Aśoka

This 2001 Romance/Musical movie of Kareena Kapoor is about how Asoka, the main successor to the Maurya Empire, is sent on an outcast for having battled with his stepbrother, Susima. While voyaging south, he meets Kaurwaki, the princess of Kalinga, and succumbs to her.

26. 3 Idiots

3 Idiots | Kareena Kapoor Movies List

In this 2009 Comedy/Romance Kareena Kapoor movie, you will see that how In school, Farhan and Raju structure an extraordinary bond with Rancho because of his invigorating standpoint. A long time later, a bet allows them an opportunity to search for their tragically missing companion whose presence appears to be fairly tricky. 

The IMDB rating of this movie is 8.4/10. This movie was a mega-hit at the box office.

27. Mujhse Dosti Karoge

This 2002 Romance/Musical Kareena Kapoor movie is about how Raj goes gaga for Tina after their fellowship blooms through messages. Notwithstanding, he is unconscious that Tina's dearest companion, Pooja, is the one composing these sends.

28. Heroine

Heroine | Kareena Kapoor Movies List

In this 2012 Drama Kareena Kapoor movie, you will see that how Mahi, an entertainer, begins losing a hold on herself when her wedded sweetheart won't submit because of the continuous issues in his day-to-day existence. This leads her towards discouragement and at last her destruction.

29. We Are Family

In this 2010 Drama/Musical movie you will see that how Isolated from her better half, Aman, Maya lives with her three youngsters. Aman lives with his sweetheart Shreya however chooses to get back to his family when Maya is determined to have malignant growth.

30. Singham Returns

Singham Returns | Kareena Kapoor Movies List

In this 2014 Action/Romance film you will see that how Bajirao Singham, a genuine cop, experiences Babaji, a divine being a man with associations with high profile lawmakers when he researches the passing of an official from his group.

31. Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna

In this 2009 Romance/Bollywood film you will see that how Samir gets hitched to Raina, a vagrant, and they live cheerfully until Samir loses his employment. Samir moves to Singapore and when he returns, he finds that Raina is intending to wed Aakash, a companion.

32. 36 China Town

36 China Town (2006) | Shahid Kapoor And Kareena Kapoor Movies

In this 2006 Mystery/Thriller movie you will see that how Examiner Karan researches the homicide of Sonia Chang, an affluent gambling club proprietor in China Town. Notwithstanding, the secret gets more enthusiastically to settle when none of the suspects appear to have a vindication.

33. Hulchul

Hulchul | Kareena Kapoor Movies List

In this 2004 Romance/Comedy film you will see that how Anjali and Jai have a place with two quarreling families and claim to be enamored distinctly to look for retribution. 

Be that as it may, their arrangement turns out badly when they truly experience passionate feelings for and choose to unite their families. The IMDB rating of this movie is 7/10. This was hit at the box office.

34. Yuva

In this 2004 Drama/Musical movie, you will see that how Michael, an understudy chief, persuades Arjun, the detached child of an IAS official, to join legislative issues. 

At the point when an incredible legislator neglects to pay off Michael, he utilizes his hooligan Samba to kill them.

35. Ajnabee

Ajnabee (2001) | Akshay Kumar And Kareena Kapoor Movies

In this 2001 Thriller/Drama film you will see that how Raj and Priya get to know their new neighbors Vicky and Sonia. At some point, Raj awakens in Vicky's home and discovers that Sonia is killed and he is outlined for it.

36. Refugee

Refugee | Kareena Kapoor Movies List

In this 2000 Romance/Drama movie of Kareena Kapoor, you will see that how Manzur's family is compelled to move to Pakistan. Evacuee helps them however becomes hopelessly enamored with Manzur's little girl, Nazneen. Notwithstanding, Refugee is captured after a progression of bomb impacts in India.

Dislike I've seen an excessive number of Kareena films, however from the ones I have, I have just one reply, and that is Heroine.

She has done great work with all the articulations that are required and wanted. She cleared her path through Bollywood, at first she was certainly not an extraordinary entertainer. Be that as it may, after a couple of motion pictures, her ability ended up being undeniable.

Kareena Kapoor has been very down to earth with her film decisions and she takes a stab at meatier jobs. Indeed, she settled on a significant number of keen choices in her acting vocation.

Kareena is somebody who deals with her wellbeing genuinely. She's a wellness freak and trusts in driving a solid and fit life. Kareena shook the country when lost an incredible 20 kilograms for her film Tashan.

So, what are you waiting for! Grab your remote and binge-watch all these Kareena Kapoor movies.

I hope this article will help you to select the movies faster. Share this list of Kareena Kapoor movies with your friends and family. And also don’t forget to like it.

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