5 Instagram Major Issues/Problems Along With Their Solutions, That Every User Face

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Mohammad Fahad

Aug 20, 2020|4 min read


Instagram is among the most popular social media platforms of today's era. After the ban of TikTok in India and many other countries, Instagram introduced Reels, which offers similar features like TikTok. This was an opportunity well encashed as it gave them a massive rise in the number of users.

Instagram gave fierce competition to Facebook through its photo-sharing feature and diverted a lot of users to its platform from Facebook. As a result, the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg, got interested in the startup and bought it for $1 billion in 2012.

Instagram is also challenging Youtube with its IGTV feature. And needless to say, the IGTV feature is also grabbing the attention of a lot of YouTubers.

If you are a regular Instagram user, you must be facing a few issues while updating your feed, like giving a line break in the caption to separate the paragraphs or to schedule a post, etc.

Issues Faced On Instagram

Following is the list of 5 major issues faced by me along with their solutions.

1) Scheduling A Post On Instagram

We all know Instagram is a live photo-sharing app, and we cannot schedule a post.

But now we can schedule our posts on our public pages of Instagram using Facebook Creator Studio.

We need to have a Facebook page created and linked with the respective Instagram account. After that, we can log in through our desktop/laptops and start using it.

Facebook Creator Studio provides these features

i) Post from our desktop
We can schedule, draft, or publish our posts to the Instagram feed and IGTV from it.

ii) Manage our content
We can manage and publish content to Instagram Feed, IGTV, and Instagram Stories.

iii) Observe the insights
We can learn more from our audience through follower data and content engagement.

2) Give A Line Break In Caption

While writing extended captions on our posts, we try to separate the paragraphs using Enter to make it readable. But Instagram removes these Line Breaks.

There are many websites on the internet on which we simply paste our caption with the line-breaks and then copy from there to paste it again in our captions. It's a little tedious task but works 100% and makes our caption readable.

I use this website to give line breaks on my captions. It doesn't display many ads and is easy to use.

3) Follow/Unfollow Users

In the initial days, we either boost our account to reach the audience or follow accounts with the similar interest of ours. After a while, these follower count becomes so much that we cannot follow new accounts. At that time, it becomes necessary for us to unfollow the inactive accounts.

Now to identify these inactive users, Instagram just gives us one option in its app, Least Interacted With. This section displays the top 50 inactive accounts we follow. Once we unfollow them, it shows the next 50 inactive ones and so on.

Apart from these, there are few third-party apps and websites which give us a proper analysis of all the active and inactive accounts from our following list. These apps are quite helpful as they unfollow the accounts following the safety algorithms of Instagram.

4) Monetization Through Branded Content

No, we can't monetize through Instagram yet. For monetization, we still need to have our home country based in the US.

5) Instagram Images On Google

Getting our Instagram images listed on Google search results is now possible. We need to have a public Instagram account for it.

While uploading the image, in the Advanced Setting option, write the Alt Text for the image. This will help Google to provide your image in the search result for the specific matching keywords supplied by you in the Alt Text.

By doing this, you redirect users from Google Searches to your Instagram Accounts.

Other than getting our account verified simply by submitting our documents in the app, we can now also get our own GIFs and stickers visible on Instagram easily. We just need to have a verified GIPHY account and our stickers will be available in the Insta Stories. We can also use our GIFs during the chat.

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These stickers and GIFs will be available in all the apps that use GIPHY like Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

Instagram is not just a social media platform for us. We can easily exploit our talent in front of a vast audience without any limitation through it. We can get to know about the actual market trend of every specific genre of the current time. We can get inspired, motivated, and even chat directly with the celebrities or the people we admire, and a lot more can be done using it.

Do let us know, in the comment section below, if any of the above-mentioned solutions helped you. Also, if you are facing any other issue, or wanted to share some tricks, do share with us in the comment section. 

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