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Are you seeking stylish shoes to wear daily, for formal occasions, or for athletic activities? 

A multitude of brands come to mind when you're seeking the appropriate one. The majority of individuals wear shoes for a variety of reasons, including fashion, social prestige, and foot protection. Footwear is the most significant item that we wear throughout the day. 

Furthermore, these shoes quickly improve our fashion game. So these shoes can accomplish everything at once, from being comfy to being fashionable. As a result, we require a good pair of comfy and fashionable shoes.

Choosing the correct pair of shoes is challenging for anyone trying to buy them. India's footwear market is one of the world's biggest. According to India Retail, the footwear market is split into three categories: men's, women's, and children's footwear. Men's shoes account for more than 60% of the market, while women's shoes account for only approximately 30%. 

The research says, "However, the women's market is developing at a significantly quicker Compounded Annual Growth Rate of 20%." Formal, casual, and athletic footwear are the three styles of footwear available in India.

Indian brands have been creating one-of-a-kind designs and patterns that have shifted market trends in India. This is because India boasts a variety of high-quality formal, casual, and sports shoe manufacturers, both native and international.

So here are we with the list of shoes which are of made in India brands or made by Indian.

1. Liberty

Liberty | Indian Brands Of Shoes

The first name that strikes in our mind for the list of made in India brands of shoes is Liberty. Liberty Shoes made its debut in 1983 after partnering with Balbir Singh & Sons. After receiving a certificate of initiation of business on March 11th, 1988, it became a Public Limited Company on September 3rd, 1986.

This certificate was given to the following individuals:

  • Create a Manufacturing Unit
  • Leather and non-leather shoes, as well as leather shoe uppers and leather garments, are available for purchase.

With this foundation in place, the company has expanded into the manufacture of leather and non-leather goods. This is one of the best among the list of made in India brands of shoes.

2. Khadim's

Khadim's | Indian Brands Of Shoes

So, the next in the list of made in India brands of shoes is S.N. Footwear Industries Pvt. Ltd. It was the company's name when it was founded on December 3, 1981. Until 1993, they were only involved in wholesaling and distribution of pre-existing branded footwear. 

Following that, they became involved in retailing and established themselves as a popular fashion footwear brand.

3. Paragon

Paragon | Indian Brands Of Shoes

One of the most famous companies in the list of made in India brands of shoes. It was formed in 1975 in Kerala, India's southernmost state, with a daily production capacity of 1500 pairs of shoes. 

It began to spread its wings throughout the country after becoming popular in its home state of Kerala. After expanding into neighboring states in 1982, The company's distribution quickly expanded. This famous made by Indian brand is loved by everyone.

4. Red Chief

Red Chief | Indian Brands Of Shoes

So, the next on the list of made in India brands of shoes are Red Chief. A firm called Leayan Global Pvt. Ltd., which is an assemblage of potential footwear manufacturing facilities is a fast-growing part of RSPL. They began their principal operation with a single production unit and its brand, Ghari, in 1988, and have been a respected name in the leather industry since 1995.

Ghari has grown into a top FMCG brand in India because of hard work and creativity. This paved the ground for the launch of a new brand, Red Chief, in 1997, to address the growing demand for high-quality footwear. 

To enhance production capacity and meet growing consumer demands, it has two manufacturing facilities and its tannery. This made by Indian brand has its class and legacy.

5. Metro Shoes

Metro Shoes | Indian Brands Of Shoes

In Mumbai, a single shoe business opened its doors to the public in 1947, the year of independence. Colaba, the brand name for Metro shoes, is now a household name across the country, thanks to its great location. Currently, this footwear brand is known for:

  • Unparalleled quality
  • Exceptional craftsmanship
  • High-end merchandise

The brand has lately expanded to more than 206 prominent sites in India, spanning more than 100 cities. Metro Shoes features a diverse range that meets all of its clients' needs, including accessories. This is one of the best among the list of made in India brands of shoes.

6. VKC Footwear

VKC Footwear | Indian Brands Of Shoes

The VKC Group opened a Hawai Sheet manufacturing unit in 1984, and Hawai straps were added to the line in 1986. VKC Hawaii began with the daily manufacturing of 600 pairs of shoes. 

It had grown to 5000 pairs every day by 1989, and it had grown to 17000 pairs by 1996. VKC footwear is made by an Indian shoe brand that is worth to be mentioned in the list.

7. SKO

SKO | Indian Brands Of Shoes

Nishant Kanodia, a London-based investment banker, dreamed of returning to his homeland. He decided to leave his 13-year employment, continue his family's over-30-year-old footwear business, and start his own company. 

When he discovered that the local market was fragmented as a whole, he set out to fill the void, particularly in the boutique footwear arena, where there was a distinct lack of aesthetic in India. This Made by Indian brand has its class in the market.

He began by selecting high-quality raw materials, with a focus on the following footwear characteristics:

Durability, Comfort, Design

8. Inc.5

Inc.5 | Indian Brands Of Shoes

So, the next in the list of made in India brands of shoes is Inc.5. A family-run business that began and was limited to basic and formal footwear manufacturing until 1998. A plethora of opportunities arose at the time, resulting in the formation of a new brand known as Inc.5. 

Inc5 began in a 100-square-foot store to provide ladies with a wide range of footwear. The goal was to meet their comfort level by selling them affordable comfortable footwear. This made in India brand has set up a raise in the bar of quality.

All of this occurred at a time when there was a widespread belief that women's footwear could not be both fashionable and comfortable. The introduction of Inc.5 dispelled this myth.

9. Red Tape

Red Tape | Indian Brands Of Shoes

The Redtape brand is owned by Mirza International, which makes leather and leather items. As a result, the business has been split into two sections:

  • Wet Blue Tannery Division creates finished leather from rawhides.
  • Crust Shoe Division, which produces finished leather shoes

Aside from Red Tape, they have another brand called Oaktrak.

10. Lakhani

Lakhani | Indian Brands Of Shoes

Lakhani, a Made in India luxury footwear firm started in 1966 by Parmeshwar Dayal Lakhani, is still a household name in India. When global brands like Nike, Puma, and Adidas joined the Indian footwear market in the mid-2000s, Lakhani, which had once maintained a significant portion of the market, sank into obscurity.

Lakhani Vardaan's traditional business approach was updated by Mayank Lakhani, the company's second-generation entrepreneur. This made in India brand has set up a raise in the bar of quality.

This is when he founded Lakhani Infinity Footcare Pvt. Ltd. in Sahibabad, Uttar Pradesh, having been taught the fundamentals of the footwear industry since childhood.

11. Hitz

Hitz | Indian Brands Of Shoes

So, the next on the list of made in India brands of shoes is Hitz. Hitz is noted for its unrivaled comfort, worldwide aesthetics, and high quality as part of Popsons International. From the time it was first introduced in 1990 till now, it has become synonymous with high fashion and lifestyle, earning the greatest level of trust. 

They use high-quality materials, which has been a major factor in their success. Furthermore, their modern and fashionable designs have contributed to the same. This is made by an Indian shoe brand that makes people go crazy.

They have their website where clients can obtain free shipping on their shoes, as well as free returns and secure payments. The class maintained by this made by Indian brand is worth mentioning.

12. Action

Action | Indian Brands Of Shoes

They were widely recognized in the Indian market and held a large share of the shoe business soon after they began as a consortium of shoemakers. This grew to the point where Sachin Tendulkar served as the brand ambassador at one point. This made in India brand has set up a raise in the bar of quality.

Following their success in the shoe industry, they expanded into other industries such as:

  • Steel\sChemicals
  • Monitors for computers
  • Projects for housing
  • Retailers of health care services

In most of these fields, their expansion is massive and rapid. Under the Action Group of firms, they have named their company this way.

Microtek Inverters, Pioneer Flex, Suncity Projects, Action Shoes, Action Ispat, Action Chemicals, Action Tesa, Action Retail,

13. Ruosh

Ruosh | Indian Brands Of Shoes

Though the name appears to be a posh English name, its origins are attributed to Sanskrit. Yes, Roush is an Indian brand founded by Indians, and the meaning of this Sanskrit word is "passion." This is completely made by an Indian brand.

Sara Suole is the well-known face behind this brand, which is headquartered in Bengaluru. They, as an Indian footwear exporter, were exporting their footwear to the following brands:

  • Clarks
  • Steve Madden
  • Gabor, Kenneth
  • Cole Haan

With so much experience accumulating over time, it's natural for any company to start their brand, which is exactly what they did, and the rest is history, as they manufacture great shoes.

14. HRX

HRX | Indian Brands Of Shoes

So, the next in the list of made in India brands of shoes is HRX Many superstars have built their brands on their prior experiences. Similarly, this is one such brand that was founded by the lead actor Hrithik Roshan, making it India's first celebrity-owned brand. Hrithik launched the company with co-founder and Exceed Entertainment employee Afsar Zaidi.

It focuses on Active Fitness Lifestyle items and takes inspiration from Hrithik's work ethic, the incredible tale of overcoming adversity, and, of course, his status as one of Bollywood's most stylish stars. This classy made by Indian brand has its value in the market.

15. Buckaroo

Buckaroo | Indian Brands Of Shoes

The brand's name, which is derived from a Spanish term that means 'Cowboy,' comes from the durable yet comfortable nature of the footwear produced. International name but made by an Indian brand worth talking about.

It offers a wide range of casual footwear styles. Savla Western Lifestyle LLP, a privately held fashion firm that has built a strong basis over the last two decades, launched the brand.

16. Wrogn

Wrogn | Indian Brands Of Shoes

When the three opportunities present in front of Anjana reddy

  • Joining her family's business
  • Start her own business
  • opportunity to join a corporate firm

was presented to her following her postgraduate studies in the United States, she chose the second option of becoming an entrepreneur, launching her own company called Collectabillia while still in her final year of college. She took advantage of her family's celebrity contacts to brand the products she used.

The idea of merchandising came from her exposure to the large US market. These are the motivations behind her founding all of the brands she owns, one of which is Wrogn, with Virat Kohli as a partner.

17. Provogue

Provogue | Indian Brands Of Shoes

So, the next on the list of made in India brands of shoes is Provogue They were a menswear fashion brand for contemporary clothing when they first opened their doors in Mumbai. 

They gradually joined the women's fashion apparel market and increased their line. They were the Rajasthan Royals' uniform sponsor in 2015, in addition to being the Indian Cricket League's apparel sponsor. They had expanded their product offerings to include the following by 2014:

  • Lower Body Garment
  • Shoes and upper garment accessories

Provogue is a made by Indian brand with international qualities.

18. Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe | Indian Brands Of Shoes

Louise Philippe is a men's formal shoe brand from India. Aditya Birla Group, a corporate behemoth, owns it. Louise Philippe formal shoes can be purchased online or at brand stores throughout India. 

Louise Philippe is a very exclusive men's formal shoe brand. A name that is worth to be mentioned in the list of the made in India brands.

19. Tata International

Tata International | Indian Brands Of Shoes

So, the next in the list of made in India brands of shoes are the most trusted Indian company name " TATA INTERNATIONAL". Most people are unaware that India's well-known business conglomerate Tata Group also manufactures formal shoes. 

Tata International manufactures high-quality formal shoes for major international brands such as Marks & Spencer, Zara, Mango, Wolverine, Gabor, and others in India. Tata is an excellent example of Made in India brand footwear. The company's Franco Leone brand of shoes can be purchased online or in select Indian stores.

20. Lunars

Lunars | Indian Brands Of Shoes

Mr. Isac Joseph Kottukappally founded Lunars in Thodupuzha, India, in 1975, and it is one of India's most well-known and renowned footwear businesses. Manufacturing facilities for Lunar can be found in Kerala, Karnataka, and possibly Tamil Nadu. 

They prioritize quality, and the company uses a Multi-tire Checking System to ensure that each pair produced is of the highest quality, solidity, and flawlessness. Lunars is a well-known brand in South India and some northern regions. This is worth making by Indian brand to take into consideration.

21. Mochi

Mochi | Indian Brands Of Shoes

So, the next on the list of made in India brands of shoes is Mochi. It is a one-stop-shop for all of your designer footwear needs, including shoes, purses, belts, socks, multi-purpose cases, foot care, and shoe care products. MOCHI — The Shoe Shoppe, founded in 2000 in Bengaluru, India, is a global leader in public design with more than 136 locations in more than 50 cities.

A significant, unorganized shoe industry exists in India. While rural Indians rely on PVC slippers and shoes during the rainy season, workshops and street-side cobblers in cities such as Kolkata and Kanpur are famed for hand-crafted shoes that provide outstanding comfort and style. 

This list of made in India brands or made by Indian shoe brands is just a glimpse of the total number. You should try these all made by Indians shoes and find your comfortable one.

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