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Made in India, for Indians

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Over the past few decades, there has been a trend to boycott Chinese products. Our PM has also given the slogan “Vocal for Local”. It means that Indians should prefer Indian brands only over others.

Indians should prefer Indian brands only, the reason behind it is that the money we spend will go to our country only, the tax will go to our government, and further employment will be generated for our people. 

India is also creating or manufacturing the products that are going international today. Indian Brands are no less than the other brands. The world looks at India as a vast market for Indian Brands.

Here is the complete list of all famous Indian Brands from every category or segment.

1. Woodland

One of the Best Indian Footwear Brands that is most popularly known. It is an Indian brand that was born in 1992. It was launched in three small shops in New Delhi. Its first shoe was released for the Indian market by Woodland company G-0092.

India is the largest footwear producer for Indian Brands. Today Indian Brand “Woodland” is popular all over the world for footwear and is developing day by day.

2. Red Chief

Red Chief | Indian Brands Of Shoes

It is the largest footwear Indian Brand in 20 years. It was founded in 1995 by Manoj Gyanchandani. It is another popular Indian Footwear Brand that surely has achieved very much fame. This Indian Brand is famous for its leather shoes and good quality.

Today in India, it is the most popular footwear brand. Indian Brands today have developed very much in every sector. Indian Footwear Brand is going high and high all over the world.

3. Liberty

Liberty | Indian Brands Of Shoes

Liberty is another popular Indian Footwear Brand for its quality and product. Liberty Shoe Limited (LSL) is an Indian Brand from Kanal, Haryana. This Indian Brand is being very much used by people because of its cheaper price too. It was established in 1954 just after Independence. Force 10 it's liberty first sub-brand launched in India

Today it is famous all over the world as an Indian Brand. Indian Footwear Brand has developed today and is competing with many other brands.

4. Lakhani

Lakhani | Indian Brands Of Shoes

Lakhani is another famous footwear Indian Brand. It is a popular Indian brand that has a stronghold in footwear. This Indian brand also manufactures shoes for Reebok. This Indian Brand Lakhani manufacture running shoe combines a highly flexible, low profile outsole for natural.

This Indian Brand has become popular all over the world for its quality.

5. Pantaloons

Pantaloons is the most popular Indian Clothing Brand for men, women and kids. This brand was started in 1997 in India. This Indian Clothing Brand is the largest fashion brand in India as online and offline. This Indian brand is popular for its good quality clothes.

Pantaloons is the vast brand that we all know today. Today this Indian Brand is having mini store in many malls which is very popularly known for its varieties of clothes.

6. W For Women

It is the popular Indian Brand known for women's clothes. This Indian Brand is most comfortable and fashionable brand. The Indian Brand 'W' currently has 60 exclusive store across 25 cities in India. W is the women wear Indian Brand which manufacture, design & retail fashion for modern Indian women.

7. Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe | Indian Brands For Clothes

This Indian Brand is owned by Aditya Birla lifestyle. Louis Philippe is one of the largest Indian Brands that sells men's clothes. This Indian brand was founded in 1989. This Indian brand was named after the French king.

This Indian Brand has the collection of men's wear comprising of men's formal, casual and semi-formal, denim and luxury wear. Today, Louis Philippe has become the topmost Indian Brand for men's collection.

8. Spykar

It is the leading clothing Indian Brand, which was started in 1992. This Indian Brand has a variety of products but it is most famous for its denim collection for the new youth of India.

This Indian Brand is known for its super comfortable product, quality, unique designs, and great fitting.This Indian Brand promote Aatma Nirbhar Bharat that is to choose Indian Brands clothes only over other.

9. Dabur

Dabur is very popularly known as Indian Brand and is the largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in India. Dabur was founded by S.K. Burman in 1884. It's headquarter is in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Today in India it is the most popular and most recommended Indian Brand.

Dabur manufactures many products such as Ayurvedic medicine, Dabur Chyawanprash, Dabur Honey, Dabur Red Paste, Dabur Lal Dant Manjan, and many other natural consumer products. Dabur is the most trusted Indian Brand by the consumer.

10. Parle

Parle is the biggest Indian brand which is popularly known as a food products company. It was founded in 1929. Parle began manufacturing biscuits in 1939, and after Independence the company launch glucose biscuits campaign which is today popularly known as “Parle - G”. Parle -G became a very famous Indian Brand biscuit.

The Parle Indian Brand became well known in India by the success of many products such as biscuits like Parle -G, Krack Jack, Hide & Seek and cold beverages like Gold Spot, Thumps Up, Frooti.

11. Amul

Amul is an Indian Brand popularly known for the Indian dairy cooperative, based at Anand in Gujarat. It was founded in 1946. As we listen the Indian Brand name Amul it strikes us to the famous line “Amul Dudh Peeta hai India”.

Today Amul the famous Indian Brand has become the International Brand too by its quality and popularity. Amul produces dairy products such as Butter, Milk, Cheese, Dahi, Ice cream and many other products.

12. Patanjali Ayurved

Patanjali Ayurved was started by Baba Ramdev, commonly known as Patanjali. Ramdev establish Patanjali Ayurved in 2007. It is the biggest Indian Brand which manufacture herbal products.

It is the fastest growing FMCG company in the list of Indian Brands. They manufacture many products such as Dant Kanti, Patanjali Kesh Kanti Oil, Patanjali Cow Ghee and many other product which got famous as one of the best Indian Brand.

13. Britannia

Britannia is one of the oldest Indian Brands. Britannia is one of India's leading food companies for 100 years. It is the most trusted Indian Brand, which is famous for manufacturing food products. It is the most popular Indian Brand among FMCG.

Britannia manufacture India's favorite product such as Good Day, Tiger, Nutri Choice, Marie Choice and many other products.

14. Wipro

Wipro is one of the best Indian Brands under FMCG. Its headquarters are in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. It is an Indian FMCG Brand that manufactures consumer care products.

Wipro manufacture its first product in 1945 and it was vegetable oil. It also manufactures Wipro Consumer Care that is Yardley, LED lights, Softouch, and many other products.

15. Hidesign

Hidesign is a good quality, luxury Indian Brand in the handbags category which is used by the popular heroine. Hidesign bag is known for its leather goods in Pondicherry. Hidesign design the varieties of bags.

Its leather cone is from tanneries in Tamil Nadu. Today Hidesign, the Indian Brand is the leading handbag manufacturer and is recognised for its good quality and service.

16. Lavie

Lavie is one of the best Indian Brand for handbag. It is relatively a new Indian Brand in our lifestyle. This Indian Brand launched its first handbag collection in 2010 and launched itself as one of the best handbag Indian Brand

You must have seen many Bollywood Actress leading Lavie handbags. Lavie handbag became popular for its quality product and listed in the top Indian Brand of handbags.

17. Officer's Choice

It might surprise you but not only Europe but India also make good quality of Liquor. One of the best and namely Liquor of Indian Brand is Officer's Choice. Officer's Choice is owned by Allied Blenders and Distillers.

This Indian Brand has ranked No 2 in world's 100 top-selling brands. Officer's Choice is considered as one of the largest whisky Indian brands in the wor

18. Amrut Single Malt

It is the whisky of Indian brand, manufactured by Amrut Distilleries. Amrut Single Malt is the first whisky to be made in India. Amrut Distilleries is an Indian Brand that supply liquor to the Indian Armed Forces from long time.

This Indian Brand whisky is famous in Indian but it also become world's third finest single malt whisky. Indian Liquor Brand is now developing day by day.

19. Paul John Single Malt

Paul John single malt is another Indian Brand of single malt whisky. This Indian Brand was manufactured by John Distilleries and launched on 5 October 2012. It is less common but a great Indian Brand.

This Indian Brand of whisky is also famous across the world. It stand on the place of 7th largest selling whisky in the world. This Indian Brand also receives Liquor Gold Award by Whisky Bible.

20. Godrej

Godrej is a very big Electronic Indian Brand, which is today very popular known by its product. Godrej was established in 1897. Godrej Consumer Products Limited is a very famous Indian Brand goods company in Mumbai, India.

Today Godrej Group has become an Indian Multinational company. This Indian Brand includes soap, hair colourants, toiletries, refrigerators, and many other products.

21. Voltas

Voltas is a famous Electronic Indian Brand. Voltas is an Indian multinational electronic company. Voltas was incorporated on 6 September 1954. Voltas became the largest Indian Brand in the list of Electronic.

Voltas manufacture air conditioners, refrigerators, air purifiers, air cooler and many other products.

22. IFB

IFB popularly known as Indian Fine Blanks Limited. This Indian Brand IFB was incorporated on 12 September 1974. The company manufactures the engineering product. It is a Made In India product ie., proudly following the line “Vocal for Local”.

The company manufactures the products like washing machines, microwaves, air conditioners, chimneys, dishwashers, etc.

23. Tata Motors

It is one of the largest Indian Brand of automotive. Tata Motors was founded in 1945 as a locomotive. Tata Motors manufacture its first vehicle in 1954, and entered with the passenger vehicle in 1988. Tata Motors Indian passenger car was launched in 2008 as the first Tata Nano as Made in India.

Tata Motors when first came to market or does not have a vast market but today it's the biggest Indian Brand spread over the world.

24. Bajaj Auto

Bajaj Auto is a biggest Indian Brand we all known today. It became popular as an Indian multinational company which manufacture two wheeler and three wheeler as Made in India product. Bajaj Auto was founded in 1940 by Jamnalal Bajaj.

It manufactures motorcycles, scooters, and auto-rickshaw. Bajaj Auto became the world's largest manufacture of three-wheelers and second-largest as an Indian Brand.

25. Mahindra and Mahindra

Mahindra and Mahindra as we all know it today is a very popular Indian Brand which made it place in the market by its good quality and product. First it was founded as steel company in 1945 in Ludhiana. It is a very common Indian Brand.

The company produces tractors, SUVs, or lightweight commercial vehicle as the most popular Indian Brand.

26. Force Motors

Force Motors it is the famous Indian Brand which manufacture automotive. It is popularly known for van make. Formerly this Indian Brand was first named Bajaj Tempo Motors.

Today, this Indian Brand is popular over the world. It manufactures the product like van, traveller van etc.

27. Micromax

Micromax Informatics | Indian Mobile Brands

Micromax is a name known smartphone that is Made In India. It was known for it quality and product. In 2014, it became 10th largest smartphone in the world as an Indian Brand. Micromax, an Indian Brand manufacture good quality smartphones with new series from years ago.

Its headquarter is in Gurgaon. Micromax was founded by Rahul Sharma and Rakesh Agarwal on 29 March 2000.

28. Intex

Intex | Indian Mobile Brands

Intex is another Indian brand of smartphones. It is an Indian multinational electronic company. Intex is the India's second largest selling Indian Brand mobile company.

It is not only famous for its smartphone but also for its electronic accessories that are headphones, MP3 Player, DVD player, etc.

29. Nykaa

Nykaa as we all know a makeup product Made In India. It is the number 1 Indian Brand in the list of makeup product. Nykaa has recently launched a new makeup segment. This Indian Brand competes good in makeup products with other Non-Indian Brands.

India Brand has made a good variety product of lipstick from creamy to matte. Nykaa is mostly famous for its high quality lipsticks.

30. Lakme

Lakme is another cosmetic brand which is Made In India. Lakme is owned by Hindustan Unilever. This Indian Brand launched many lipstick series from which 9 to 5 is very popular series.

Lakme has made an exclusive journey from years to not famous ti the topmost Indian Brand all over the world.

I hope that I have listed some good quality Indian Brand or Made In India Brands that are looked when considered. Some of us might be using the product which I have been listed above, but we should make it our regular habit to use only our Indian Brands because they are no less than the other.

As our India has made many products which are very world famous today as Indian Brands. If you know more Indian Brand's products which are popular worldwide today for their good quality and material, so let me know in the comment box.


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