How I Am Going To Miss It!

The Twelfthies



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This is a story of every student who is in the last year of their school, which is considered as the twelfth. The year of school is the most precious time of every student's life it is probably the life-changer point of every student. They would be separated from their friends and enter a world where they are all alone. So, here a short poem remembering all those school memories.

How I Am Going To Miss It!

Passing hurdle after hurdle,

The journey is going to an end

Having spent 15 golden years in school,

We are ready with our wings to soar,

All broncos are going to start a new race.

The day when all this started, I cried,

And the day it is going to end, I am crying again.

I wanna relish more, I wanna stay more.

The errand is going to be finished.

We all are going to be on next stage,

The new doors are going to open.

The school life is going to be faded.

The place where we all pounced on other's lunch,

Roaming around and bunking classes,

Those flattering talks with teachers are going to end.

I would miss the worthless talks after the lessons, The endless and pointless laughs,

The nail-biting during the class tests;

The silent dance during the class.

Everything! Everything! Everything!

Oh, How l am going to miss it all.

The family is going to separate,

Some will take the road to the left some others right

But we all have to keep pace

Because this is life.

Lastly, I wanted to expand that maybe the journey would be tough but the path is always enjoyable. So celebrate every moment and learn something new each day. Let your colors disperse the most and success get into your door.





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