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“Friends” is a 1994 American Television Sitcom that was produced by David Crane and Marta Kauffman. Filming took place at Warner Bros. Studios. in Burbank, California. Each of the ten periods of Friends made it into the main ten of the TV season's last standings; at long last arrived at number one in his eighth season. 

The series finale circulated on May 6, 2004, and was seen by an expected 52.5 million US watchers, making it the fifth most-watched series finale in TV history and the most-stared at the TV scene of the 2000s.

Central Perk | FRIENDS TV Show

The popularity of ‘Friends’ proves the strength of nostalgia. Friends is a Manhattan-based 90s comedy television show, it is about 6 friends who live together and support each other in the rain or shine and have almost lived every life experience imaginable; Love, marriage, divorce, children, lovesickness, fights, new jobs, and job losses, and all kinds of dramas together. 

The show begins with each FRIENDS Character in their twenties and spans 10 years as each character tries to find happiness.

Let’s talk about the FRIENDS Characters who are the heart of the show Rachel Green, Phoebe Buffay, Monica Geller, Ross Geller, Joey Tribbiani, and Chandler Bing.

1. Rachel Green

Played by: Jennifer Aniston

Rachel Green | FRIENDS Characters

Not many people's favorite, the first FRIENDS Character on our list is Rachel Green.

We initially meet Rachel when she comes into the coffeehouse with a wedding dress on from fleeing and leaving her life partner at the adjust. Once an extremely famous, kid insane young lady in school, is currently a ruined young lady who relies upon her dad for money.

Be that as it may, abandoning her wedding and moving in with Monica gave her the understanding to begin another life. With the assistance of her companions, she cut her Visas down the middle, remove her monetary binds with her dad, and found a new line of work as a server in the companion's most loved coffeehouse "Central Perk".

Friends Quotes/Dialogues

At last, Rachel spreads her wings out into the universe of Fashion, and terrains some truly steady employments which is unquestionably a good fit for her, since she adores shopping!

Rachel and Ross experience passionate feelings for one another and one day Rachel coincidentally gets pregnant with Ross' kid. Even though en route Rachel has a ton of issues meeting a hero, there is consistently an association among her and Ross, that in the end ends up being exceptionally quite solid. When a ruined young lady, presently a mindful grown-up and mother.

Friends Quotes/Dialogues

The life lesson taught by Rachel Greene is that she re-imagined freedom for some. From being a rich spoilt imp to filling in as a server, Rachel bloomed into an engaged lady with a ton of drive and energy.

2. Monica Geller

Played by: Courteney Cox

Monica Geller | FRIENDS Characters

The next FRIENDS Character on our list is the popular queen of her time, Monica Geller.

Monica Geller, Ross' sister, is a hopeful gourmet expert who begins at the lower part of the food business and in the end advances toward the top. At the point when she was more youthful, she was harassed because she was overweight and albeit thin now, her companions never let the picture of overweight Monica's diet out.

Friends Quotes/Dialogues

Presently, Monica is an exceptionally vigorous, habitual, and stringently coordinated perfect oddity who loves to clean and carry on everything honestly. She additionally has issues with her affection life en route. 

Monica falls frantically infatuated with her eye specialist, Richard Burke, who is quite a while more established than her. Richard, being more seasoned didn't have similar expectations and future objectives as Monica did.

Friends Quotes/Dialogues

Monica is a very objective arranged individual who knows precisely what she needs throughout everyday life and how she needs it so she realized it would not have the option to work out with Richard. 

At the point when they separated, she was sorrowful, however through a few preliminary and mistakes with men she tracked down affection is probably her dearest companion. Chandler Bing. 

Monica was sufficiently fortunate to have the option to wed her dearest companion. Albeit incapable to have kids, however hopeful and trying as Monica seems to be, she and Chandler took on a kid and lived joyfully ever after. She loves to clean!

Friends Quotes/Dialogues

The life lesson taught by Monica Geller is that she is always up for a challenge, the go-getter in Monica stimulated us to usually intention for the gold and win it. Remember her playfulness at the same time as creating a batch of cookies for paintings and checking out them on Rachel and Phoebe? No quantity of rejection may want to forestall her! (We want it done, though!)

3. Phoebe Buffay

Played by: Lisa Kudrow

Phoebe Buffay | FRIENDS Characters

The weirdo yet many people's favorite, Phoebe Buffay is our next FRIENDS Character on the list.

Phoebe Buffay is by a wide margin the most extraordinary person in Friends. Phoebe has the weirdest, terrible, and most frightening accounts of growing up, bastard and with a mother who ended it all.

She encountered a harsh youth, with insane anecdotes concerning what she needed to go through to endure, including taking children cash and things when she was more youthful, which later on turns out that Ross was one of the young men she burglarized when they were children and she couldn't understand. 

Friends Quotes/Dialogues

Phoebe is an exceptionally invigorated, hopeful, and senseless witted hippy, who loves playing guitar and making her own unconventional, weird melodies like "Rancid Cat". She cherishes wearing adornments and many rings on her fingers.

On another note, she is additionally extremely mocking and clever. She is rigorously vegetarian until she becomes pregnant, and falls head over heels for meat; as she says she eats nothing with a face. Discussing pregnancy, Phoebe gets in vitro treatment containing her sibling and his life partner prepared eggs, since the life partner couldn't get pregnant.

Friends Quotes/Dialogues

She is extremely sweet and able to get things done for others generally. Phoebe has an adjusted inner self "Regina Phalange" she frequently utilizes in circumstances to take care of her companions or escape inconvenience. 

Phoebe winds up being an individual masseuse, who gets hitched to a man named Mike and has a bizarre external winter wonderland wedding. So abnormal thus delightful ideal for Phoebe Buffay.

Friends Quotes/Dialogues

The life lesson taught by Phoebe Buffay is that Phoebe, the strangest of them all, never got angry! Her songs, even if they are a bit absurd and funny, can lift anyone! She taught us that happiness is achievable in any situation.

4. Ross Geller

Played By: David Schwimmer

Ross Geller | FRIENDS Characters

In the whole series, you'll feel sorry for this guy, a lot of times and that's what makes him a special FRIENDS Character.

Ross Geller, Monica's elder sibling, has encountered the most relationships, separations, and labors out of the entire gathering. At the point when the show begins, Ross is with consternation when his significant other lets him know that she is a lesbian and has a day-to-day existence accomplice she's had her eyes on for some time.

Friends Quotes/Dialogues

What's more, she later goes to his responsibility to let him know that she is pregnant with his youngster. That is when Ross has his first kid Ben. Ross has his Ph.D. in fossil science and is continually being ridiculed by the gathering for his affection for dinosaurs and the History Channel. He is a school teacher also.

Ross has been enamored with Rachel Green since secondary school, and never received the shared love consequently until they were more seasoned. Things were extraordinary until they weren't incredible and they separated and saw others for some time.

Friends Quotes/Dialogues

That is until Ross impregnated her inadvertently, which ultimately moved them back together genuine affection won't ever vanish. Before Ross winds up with Rachel, he was hitched to Emily, said Rachel's name at the adjust, and that before long turned into his subsequent separation. His third and last separation was unexpected to Rachel when they got hitched in Vegas seriously inebriated.

3 separations and 2 kids later, Ross got his beauty queen from secondary school eventually miss Rachel Green.

Friends Quotes/Dialogues

The life lesson taught by Ross Geller is that three relationships, three separations. In any case, he never abandoned love. Ross showed us how it is alright to be confident regardless of all the sorrow and how putting forth the attempt is consistently great.

5. Chandler Bing

Played by: Matthew Perry

Chandler Bing | FRIENDS Characters

The sarcastic king, Chandler Bing is our next FRIENDS Character on the list.

Chandler Bing is by a long shot the goofiest one of the gathering, continually telling wisecracks and starting to cry with clumsiness and gibber babble words when he's in anxious circumstances. He is a monetarily solid information processor who makes a more than liberal amount of cash, however, none of his companions have any hint of what he truly does.

Friends Quotes/Dialogues

Chandler is a somewhat weak, cigarette cherishing geek, who has never under any circumstance been in a committed relationship. Indeed, Chandler's first kiss was the point at which he was 19 years of age. Chandler loathes Thanksgiving that identifies with his odd youth because of his folks separating because his dad had a sex change into a lady. 

His father is presently a crossdresser working at Viva Las Gaygas that Chandler doesn't stay in touch with until he gets hitched. Goodness discussing marriage the young lady Chandler used to ridicule since she was fat, Monica, later turns into his first love and his better half.

Friends Quotes/Dialogues

The one genuine relationship he at any point was in that get going as an indulgence, finished in a marriage with two took on infants; as Chandler was likewise unfit to furnish Monica with kids. Even though he makes jokes on pretty much everything, the one thing he doesn't kid about is his adoration for his companions, particularly Monica.

The life lesson taught by Chandler Bing is that Covering the uncertainties in his mockery, Chandler showed us that whomsoever you may be, you need to observe the right arrangement of individuals who can endure you and hold on for your miserable awareness of what's funny. It's about continually chuckling, even with wretchedness or when you got a spouse like Monica. Same thing!

6. Joey Tribbiani

Played by: Matt LeBlanc

Joey Tribbiani | FRIENDS Characters

The hilarious and childish yet everyone's favorite, Joey Tribbiani is our next FRIENDS Character on the list.

Joey Tribbiani is a humble entertainer seeking to come to the huge big-name universe of acting. He gets going with a few humble jobs in plugs, plays, and in the long run lands himself a spot as a neurosurgeon in the TV series: Days of our Lives. Generally, he is attempting his hardest over the years to become well-known and rich.

Friends Quotes/Dialogues

Chandler, Joey's closest companion, and flatmate uphold Joey over the years by giving huge amounts of cash to photos, props, and tryout necessities with the expectation that he will one day become wildly successful. 

Notwithstanding Joey being a not ideal entertainer, he has a colossal heart, is very attractive and compassionate to his companions yet, certainly not to ladies.

Friends Quotes/Dialogues

Joey is an immense womanizer, and albeit exceptionally beguiling, he continually dates ladies and never gets back to them so essentially he's fruitful in the lady part of his life. He never settles down in the show, although he experiences passionate feelings for Rachel for a brief period. 

Friends Quotes/Dialogues

He is an extremely delicate person however one thing you should know about Joey is he doesn't share his food. He lives for ladies and food and what is Joey's most loved line you may inquire? "HOW YOU DOIN?!?"

The life lesson taught by Joey Tribbiani is that how you live to eat and not eat to live. Likewise, thinking before you talk, what does that even mean?

'Friends' resembles reality, however somewhat better. The FRIENDS Characters have interesting issues with dating, searching for work, and battling with their folks, yet all is well and everything works out." And not just Americans can relate.

‘Friends’ is habit-forming and incredibly entertaining. Long explanation The portrayal of the cast is clear-cut. You will relate yourself to anybody of the six FRIENDS Characters. Different sitcoms are amusing however what makes FRIENDS exceptional is that it's not comical interestingly, yet for uncountable occasions. Eventually of time, you like to watch FRIENDS again rather than some other sequential because it's cheerful.

‘Friends’ is way not the same as every one of the ordinary kinships. I mean you can never anticipate that people should be so entwined with every other's lives, without making any fracture and still stay such close even after messing up such a huge amount with their stuff! Indeed it causes you to feel how extraordinary your companions can be, regardless of whether in a television series!

‘Friends’ is something that allows you to comprehend and interface with all angles that can at any point emerge in any sort of companionship!

You can giggle with them, you can cry with them and you can even loathe them for their idiocies simultaneously.

That is simply astonishing how you start living with them all together.

‘Friends’ is amazing. Everything has its claim to fame thus does this mind-blowing sitcom. I feel you should hit it and I bet you will be dependent on it and will not realize how to manage your life after you are finished with every one of the 10 seasons.

One of the major lessons is that a good buddy will be there for us, regardless - and sooner or later, become the family we pick.

So, what are you waiting for grab your seat and watch this fascinating show ‘Friends’ with your buddies? I am sure you won’t be able to get over it.

I hope I made you go “Ohh My God”!

Friends Quotes/Dialogues

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