Whenever You Cancel An Ola Cab, Make Sure You Don’t Become The Subject Of A Meme

Like the idiotic man did.

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FT Crew

Aug 23, 2018|2 min read


A tweet by a man, who canceled an old cab because the driver was a Muslim, sparked hilarious memes to show that such hypocrisy is not welcomed by people in India anymore.

If everyone adopted such standards, interdependence would be in great danger and almost all businesses would go bankrupt. Are we still sustaining ourselves on this orthodox mentality?

Imagine if such secularism existed throughout the year, even the sellers would not get customers! It would be like you cannot buy anything from a person who belongs to another community.

From groceries to jewelry, you’ll have to wait until you get your favorite merchant and must compromise on quality as well.


Realising the hypocrisy hidden in this gesture of the foolish man, witty people on Twitter decided to make it a hilarious meme. Here are a few hilarious tweets that gave a tight blow to the logic hinted in the incident. Most rubbish reasons were given by people to cancel the Ola cab. Have a look at the reasons:

1. Salman Khan as the name of Ola cab driver.

2. Amar Akbar Anthony as the name of Ola cab driver.

3. Jaitley as the surname of Ola cab driver.

4. Rahul Gandhi as the name of Ola cab driver.

5. Sunny Deol as the name of Ola cab driver.

6. Vikas as the name of Ola cab driver.

7. Achche Din as the name of Ola cab driver.

8. Arvind as the name of Ola cab driver.

9. Yogi as the name of Ola cab driver.

10. Arnab as the name of Ola cab driver.

11. Just some friendly conversations.

We are thankful to them for aching our stomachs and giving us some important food for thought. These reasons are hilarious enough to make the poor man’s shit shittier.

We can’t live without logic in the 21st century!

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Because those who do, are trolled in the same manner.

But still, there are some people who want to become the center of a meme.

Like the man who canceled an Ola cab because he wanted to become a meme.

So, the next time you cancel an Ola cab, make sure you don’t do become the subject of a hilarious meme!


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