4 Experiments Were Performed To Differentiate An Engineer From A Normal Human
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4 Experiments Were Performed To Differentiate An Engineer From A Normal Human

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April 1, 2018

Article By- Jerry

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Do you know? Main tenu kinna pyar karda…

Oops sorry! Just an overflow of jazbat.

So, I was asking you an important question. Do you know that engineers and humans are two different races running parallelly on this planet?

No? No problem my dear reader. Feeding Trends is always there to tell you all that you must know!

Here's a short list of experiments performed at our laboratory, to help you differentiate between an engineer and a normal human. (Do try these at home, but at your own risk).

Experiment 1: The Maggitivity test.

Objective: To show that Maggi is the real engineering food and an engineer loves Maggi.
Requirements: A pizza, a plate of biryani, a beautiful hot girl, a bowl of Maggi noodles and a hungry person.
Procedure: Take the person who is hungry (for anything), place him on the chair. Place the pizza, biryani, Maggi and girl on the table in front of him. If he runs towards the bowl of Maggi ignoring everything else, he is a true engineer.
Note: Since the person ignored the hot and beautiful girl for Maggi, we can assume that he was from the mechanical branch.
Conclusion: Maggi noodles is real engineering food.

Experiment 2: BKFT (Baap Ki Fatkar test) in the presence of berojgari catalyst.

Objective: To prove that engineering gives us the power to listen every sort of taunt without being affected.
Requirements: 1 father, 1 berojgar son, 1 Sharma Ji’s son for comparison.
Procedure:Take the son and place it on a chair. Take the father and turn the khadoos mode on. If the son reacts to his father's 'gaalis’, he is not an engineer but if he listens quietly, then he is an engineer.
Conclusion: Engineering may not help us get a job, but it definitely gives us the power to absorb all the taunts.

Experiment 3: The bro code-ination test

Objective: To show that an engineer can do anything for bro.
Requirements: Group of engineers. Rest we will take as per need.
Procedure: Take one person from the group and pair him up with a girl. Now arrange a date for that bro. If all the bros of the group donate their things (from under wear to bike) to make the committed guy look like a dulha then they are engineers bro! Now on the date, make the girl say fowl words to bro ke bros. If the bro leaves his girlfriend then and there for his bros, he is an engineer bro!
Conclusion: Engineers can do anything for their bros.
The final experiment in the list is here.

Experiment 4: Sutta rollingivity test

Objective: To prove that engineer rolls the best joint in the world.
Requirements: Rolling paper, maal, rolling person, secret place to perform the test.
Procedure: Take the rolling person into the secret place better known as khopcha. Hand him the maal and rolling paper. If he takes less than 60 seconds to roll the perfect joint, he is an engineer. This is because an engineer knows how to roll and smoke a joint within 3 minutes in order to save themselves from the warden.
Conclusion: Engineers roll the best joint in the world.

So, these were the experiments performed in the Feeding Trends laboratory under great supervision. Hence these are all OK tested experiments, which differentiate an engineer from the human race. And a wise man once said “ chaar saal lagta hai ek insaan ko engineer bnane mein, fir chahe poori zindagi lagado wo dobara insaan nahi ban sakta”.

Feel proud to be an engineer. You hold the power to change the world.


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