Enlightening Women Empowerment With Social Worker Shruti Singh

Understanding Nirbhaya Case with Shruti

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Who doesn't remember the night of 16 December 2012? We all do. It was the night of one of the most heinous crimes of our times. But we all don't know exactly how everything proceeded, from the **** to the hospitalization, to the court cases, to the delay in serving of the justice, and finally the victory when all the four accused was hanged.

Interview with Shruti Singh | Women Empowerment

Video Link: Interview with Shruti Singh

In this interview, we have with us Shruti Singh who is an HR manager and she is also involved in social work as well. She is a fierce woman, a perfect example of women empowerment, who has seen it all when it comes to a woman being degraded due to her marital status. She is a divorcee and hence she had to pay a hefty price for the tag she was attached to. She is the victim of infidelity. She is the victim of a male bruised ego. When she divorced her husband, the world turned against her but she didn't stop. Shruti Singh stood high and conquered what she deserved. Although she has no blood relations with the mother of Nirbhaya, she developed a bond of a mother and a daughter with her. She supported the case with all her will and power, and become a strong example of women empowerment. It is not easy to be a part of a case such as of Nirbhaya but she didn't loose the hope. She believes that in order to find our peace, we need to fight a war first.

In the interview, of THE ANAMIKA YADUVANSHI SHOW, she throws light on how a case such as Nirbhaya brought not only Indians together but other nations as well. She believes that in order to find our peace, and attain women empowerment, we need to fight a war first and fight she did. She throws light on how a case such as Nirbhaya brought not only Indians together but other nations as well. It is very difficult for a woman to fight for herself and Shruti didn't only for herself but also for so many victims of abuse, acid attack survivors and **** victims. For each and every female, this conversation guides them towards actual women empowerment as well also apart from women empowerment it turned out to be so inspiring, but gut churning at the same time as well. It is quite clear that if a woman decided to win and stand for herself, she leaves all her doubts and fears and stands as a Goddess to slay all the demons coming her way. If you proudly talk about women empowerment, then this interview is for you. If you are non hesitant to speak on Nirbhaya case, then this video is for you. If you want to see women independent, and at work then this video is for you.

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