12 Diljit Dosanjh Facts That Make Him Punjab Ki Shaan

And our forever favorite!

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Jan 5, 2019|8 min read


Hello Everyone!! It’s almost a week of the New Year but still, Happy New Year readers!! 

The year has just started and we’re all ready to celebrate birthdays of Bollywood celebs. In the list of upcoming Bollywood birthdays is our favorite Diljit Dosanjh's birthday on January 6th.

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Thoda Thanda introduction ho Gaya na? Bhai Punjabi ki baat ho, aur grand intro na ho? It is not fair!

So, Punjab ki Shaan, music ka maan; and obviously not our bhaijaan, but our very own Diljit Dosanjh is the heart of music.  

Diljit Dosanjh Facts 

Our ‘Putt Jatt Da’ is not only a brilliant singer but also a great actor. His performance in Udta Punjab won him many hearts beside the laurels. Feeding Trends brings the birthday special article for Diljit Dosanjh.

Here are some of the facts every Diljit fan must know:

1. Diljit is a down to earth person. 

Diljit Dosanjh has already got himself marked as a top rated singer. He has also gained marvels as an actor. But, all this success didn't blow away his mind. He stayed humble. He has been witty while saying, “Main gaoun ka banda hun, kahan milni thi ye sab cheezein, Black coffee, chai nai milti wahan . Jab guests aate they toh balti mein Roohafza banta tha, aur mujhe yahi tension hoti thi ki ye log saara na pi jayein."

2. Diljit started his career at a young stage.

When many of us were demanding our parents for the latest toys, Diljit was pretty sure what he wants. He used to sing kirtans at the gurudwaras and wanted to be a singer ever since then. HE was neither pampered, nor had exceptionally high demands.

3. Diljit was originally named Daljit

Diljit has always been a raw celebrity in Bollywood. This is a reflection of his good background from a small village near Jalandhar. When he released his first album in 2000, he changed the spelling of his first name from Daljit to Diljit. 

4. His song Proper Patola was first Punjabi song to feature on Vevo

In August 2013, Diljit collaborated with Badshah to release one of his finest compositions, Proper Patola. The song became the first Punjabi song ever to be featured on Vevo, the famous video hosting service. Also, within a fortnight, the track got one million views on YouTube. You guys can go and check out. Recently the track is adapted in the movie Namastey London.

5. Diljit is not much comfortable in English. 

Diljit Dosanjh is a true Indian. He prefers using his mother tongue over any other language. He admits this without any guilt. He isn’t comfortable in English and he says it fiercely. Once in an interview, he said, “Ek mujhe English nai aati, toh mujhe ye bhi laga rehta tha ki koi banda mere naal raho, abhi kuch keh deti, mujhe kuch samjh ni aana. Banda koi gal kehda, main hmm Yes, Gal over.”

6. Diljit changes his phone number every MONTH!!

Being a reserved person, Diljit doesn’t like to distribute his number. He likes to share it only with his family, friends and his manager. He’s so popular that he gets overloaded with messages. So, in order that fans don't irritate him, he keeps switching his number.

7. Diljit is given the title of 'The Urban Pendu' by his fans.

Diljit Dosanjh's fans gave him the title of Urban Pendu, which means a person belonging to the village and having a lot of swag. The title shows love and respect of his fans, and Diljit has accepted it with love. In fact, he is very fond of it.

8. Diljit is a huge Kylie Jenner fan!!

We all are Diljit’s fans and Diljit is a die hard Kylie Jenner fan. He got his inspiration from her for his song ‘ Do You Know’. And now that he has become an established singer, he has expressed his desire to work with her in a pop song in the future. 

9. Diljit always motivated himself by saying ‘Kareena Naal Kaam Karna Hai Aaj’

Well, until Diljit worked in a Bollywood film with Kareena Kapoor Khan, this was his everyday dream. He was always told that he would not get interesting roles in Bollywood because he was a Sardar. But luck has something else in the store, and he did Udta Punjab without a screen test.

10. Diljit is an active social worker

An NGO named Saanjh Foundation was launched by Diljit Dosanjh in the year 2013. He had the aim to work with underprivileged children and underprivileged seniors. Saanjh Foundation works on relevant issues such as self-confidence, career development and mentoring.

11. Diljit dislikes the use of explicit lyrics in songs

Yes. This might sound strange to youngsters like you and me, but Diljit has never favored explicit lyrics. He mocks at these lyrics by saying, “Mera beta kahega bomb lagdi menu, toh mai kahunga chhittar maarne hai maine tere." Now you see why his songs have a soul.

12. Diljit has got two clothing brands in his name

Our Jatt boy, Diljit has two clothing brand running successfully. The first brand is ‘Urban Pendu’, inspired by the title his fans have given him and the other brand is called WEARED 6’. You can check out the brands and get something for you!

Surprised to know all this? Well, these were just some facts about Diljit Dosanjh. There are many more unknown facts about him. But let's move on to some of the smashing hits that Diljit Dosanjh has had in his career.

Diljit Dosanjh Best Songs

Since Diljit Dosanjh had started his career, he has given some major hit songs, that were played on a loop in plenty of playlists. Diljit Dosanjh songs don't only have soulful or energetic music, but also have meaningful lyrics. 

Here is a list of Diljit's best songs to tune into when you are seeking peace or entertainment-

1. Lak 28 Kudi Da

This was the first super hit song of Diljit Dosanjh and is still a must played song for dance. The song can quickly turn everyone in motion. Also, has YO YO HONEY SINGH in it.

2. Proper Patola

Diljit's song Proper Patola from Namastey London movie gained him fame for energetic numbers. As the song became the biggest party number for the season, Diljit's popularity as versatile singer rose.

3. 5 Taara 

Not heard this song? This typical Punjabi song by Diljit Dosanjh is for all the tasks’ and is a lovely one for sure. You can do the bhangra on the beats!

4. Ikk Kudi

Ikk Kudi is a slow soothing song from the movie Udta Punjab and is loved by all. Diljit was praised for this song a lot, and anyone who listens to it for the first time, can't resist putting it on loop.

5. Putt Jatt Da

Diljit's latest track, Putt Jatt Da, is on the top of chartbusters. The song has mesmerizing Punjabi lyrics and tune. Seeing the video, no one would believe that he's a reserved person!!

6. Do You Know

Diljit continued his favoritism for Kylie Jenner by singing a song of the same name. It is a romantic track, much suiting the voice of Diljit and the interest of DJs!

7. Ishq Di Baajiyan 

Diljit Dosanjh's song from the movie Soorma stole all hearts when it got released. If you haven't heard it yet, you haven't tuned into Bollywood's most soothing songs yet. Must listen!

8. Din Shagna Da

Diljit sang this song in the movie Phillauri, where he also played the lead role against Anushka Sharma. The song is a wedding heart rob and brings tears in the eyes every time it is played.

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These are some of the best songs that Diljit Dosanjh has given us. We hope and wish that he will continue to charm us with his singing talent. 

Long live Diljit, the one of kind star!


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