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The traditional rose has long been admired for its simple beauty and irresistible aroma, and there's no better way to send a meaningful message than with one. Roses are wonderful gifts of affection, but their color can have varied connotations depending on the color. 

Choosing the appropriate rose hue for a friend, family member, or special someone can be a terrific way to express a message without saying anything at all. To help you make a "wow" impression, we've compiled a list of all the different rose color meanings as well as popular rose customs to go along with them.

What Do the Different Colors of Roses Mean?

Consider what message you're attempting to send while choosing a rose hue. Our rose color meanings guide will help you send a message of love, friendship, or remembering. Continue reading to learn about the rose's many color meanings, or jump to a favorite hue!

  • Ivory Roses White Roses
  • Roses in Yellow
  • Roses of Peach
  • Roses in Orange
  • Roses in Pink
  • Roses, red
  • Roses of Lavender
  • Roses in the color of green
  • Roses in the shade of blue
  • Roses in Black
  • Roses of various colors
  • Roses in a variety of colors
  • Yellow Roses With Red Tips
  • Roses of Salmon
  • Roses in Cream
  • Roses in a dark purple color
  • Roses in a dark pink hue
  • Roses from Burgundy
  • Roses of Mint
  • Roses, both red and white
  • Roses of Coral

1. White Roses

White Roses | Meaning Of Roses

Let's start with the lightest rose colors and work our way up to the darkest rose hues in our rose color meanings guide. White roses have long been connected with weddings and fresh beginnings, but their peaceful beauty has also made them a symbol of remembering. 

The white rose is a fitting method to honor a friend or loved one in commemoration of a fresh beginning or a farewell, as it is suited to respectful situations. Their clean color symbolizes reverence, honors new beginnings, and expresses optimism for the future. An arrangement of white roses is the best approach to communicate "I'm thinking of you" when the situation demands reverence.

Meaning: Purity, Chastity, and Innocence are the meanings of the white rose.

2. Ivory Roses

Ivory, while similar to ivory, is a little darker off-white. Ivory roses are often used to produce an attractive presentation and can provide a peaceful mood and a sense of luxury. They are commonly thought of like a cream or eggshell tint. Ivory is also a color of charm, and it can be a wonderful gift for someone with impeccable taste and flair. This color meaning would be ideal for letting someone know you care, but not in a romantic way.

Meaning: Charm, Luxury, and Elegance are the meanings of the Ivory Rose.

3. Yellow Roses

The yellow rose, which previously stood for jealousy and greed, now stands for friendship and compassion. Giving a yellow rose to a friend, like giving a bright sunflower, expresses warmth and care and can be a wonderful way to express your joy. Yellow roses are also a symbol of remembrance and loving memory, as well as a token of appreciation.

Meaning: Friendship, Care, and Remembrance are the meanings of the yellow rose.

4. Peach Roses

Peach flowers are traditionally used to express gratitude and express thanks. They're frequently given to commemorate a commercial contract or agreement, and they can also serve as a symbol of loyalty. Due to their warm color, peach roses are a "sweet" surprise and make a wonderful present for demonstrating devotion to a young daughter or friend.

Meaning: Modesty, Genuineness, and Sympathy are the meanings of the peach rose.

5. Orange Roses

Orange roses are the rose family's wild child, with their fiery intensity. Orange roses are associated with admiration and pride. Whatever emotions you're feeling—enthusiasm, passion, or gratitude—orange roses will deliver the message with punch and elegance.

Meaning: Passion, Desire, and Fierce Love are the meanings of the orange rose.

6. Pink Roses

The pink rose is a traditional symbol of grace and elegance that is frequently given as a gift of affection and appreciation. They are the gentlest of roses, and their grace carries that message. A pink rose arrangement can brighten a special someone's day, whether it's for your best friend, fiancée, or ever-dependable coworker.

Meaning: Sweetness, Admiration, and Joy are the meanings of pink roses.

7. Red Roses

Red Roses | Meaning Of Roses

Red roses have long been connected with beauty and perfection, and they're a classic way to communicate "I love you." Passion and a strong romantic affection for another person are conveyed by red roses. 

There's no better way to communicate your thoughts than with a bouquet of red roses, whether it's for a birthday, Valentine's Day, or any other occasion.

Meaning: The meaning of the red rose is "ultimate love, passion, and longing."

8. Lavender Roses

Lavender roses are popular in the springtime and symbolize love at first sight. These flowers are used to convey awe and admiration. Their beauty is said to evoke enchantment, and their meaning varies according to the shade. Lavender roses in darker tones exude royal, majesty, and splendor.

Meaning: Majesty, Fascination, and Splendor are the meanings of the lavender rose.

9. Green Roses

Green roses are symbolic of peace, luxury, and fertility. These colors, like the lavender rose, are found in the spring and might indicate rebirth and peace. Green flowers represent best wishes for a prosperous new life or hopes for good health when given as a gift.

Meaning: Harmony, Peace, and Health are the meanings of the green rose.

10. Blue Roses

Blue Roses | Meaning Of Roses

The fascinating tint of blue roses, like the black rose, represents mystery and illusion. Blue roses represent ultimate longing and lust in terms of love. They also symbolize unachievable love yet unfathomable favor when given as a gift.

Meaning: The meaning of the blue rose is unattainable love, desire, and mystery.

11. Black Roses

Black Roses | Meaning Of Roses

Black roses, a popular Halloween decoration, symbolize death and the end of a feeling, idea, or connection. Black roses, like blue roses, are not naturally occurring, hence they reflect the mystery and enigmatic. 

Spooky! When you get or gift black flowers, you are expressing the end of your relationship with another person or death.

Meaning: Death, enigma, and farewell are the meanings of the black rose.

12. Multicolored Roses

Rainbow roses, also known as multicolored roses, are one-of-a-kind presents that symbolize happiness and joy. Multicolored roses are vivid and varied in color, making them ideal gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or a new baby. 

Multicolored roses, like mixed rose color bouquets, may be a terrific way to express many feelings and sentiments in one gift.

13. Mixed Rose Color Meanings

Mixing different rose hues in a bouquet is a unique approach to include multiple messages into a single display. Pink and green roses mixed together can represent kindness and peace, making this a wonderful gift to express love and affection to a family member or caring friend. 

Mixing red and ivory roses could indicate a passionate and tasteful relationship. Sending a message with rose-colored meanings is a unique method to express your actual emotions.

14. Yellow Roses With Red Tips

Yellow roses with red tips, on the other hand, have a completely different meaning. These multicolored roses symbolize “falling in love”, so they're ideal for a new relationship - especially if you and your partner were once buddies.

15. Roses of Salmon

Salmon blossoms are pinker than orange and darker than peach, implying "excitement and zeal". As a result, they're ideal for new relationships.

16. Roses in Cream

Don't be fooled: an off-white rose has a distinct meaning from its brighter cousin. According to Passion Growers, ivory symbolizes both charm and thoughtfulness.

17. Roses in a dark purple color

Purple with a darker color, such as a deep plum or mauve, is frequently linked with royalty. This purple bouquet is for your spouse if they recently binge-watched the last season of The Crown in one weekend.

18. Roses in a dark pink hue

According to Teleflora, a subtle blush denotes grace, while a deeper shade denotes "thanks and admiration."

19. Roses from Burgundy

This merlot tone is winter-appropriate and reflects “unconscious beauty”, yet it isn't as traditional as the typical red rose.

20. Roses of Mint

Roses of Mint | Meaning Of Roses

This minty green color is associated with "joyfulness and new beginnings" in roses. So, how about that newlywed couple in your life? Send a bouquet of mint roses to them.

21. Roses, both red and white

When you combine red and white flowers in your arrangement, it takes on a whole new significance. The combination of red and white roses represents unity, making it a popular choice for weddings and partnership ceremonies.

22. Roses of Coral

This cheerful shade of coral is much lighter and brighter in hue than its close relative salmon, and it indicates desire. These roses are ideal for that new person in your life that you're eager to learn more about.

Here, we can learn about the meanings of different rose colors. Share your happiness, love with your dear ones by sharing the most beautiful roses.!


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