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Nov 29, 2020|4 min read


Whatever is the theme of your home, a bookshelf or mini library decorates enough and completes your decor. Isn’t it important to select the books essential to make your shelf more beautiful? If the selection of books and novels in terms of genres is one trend, selecting them in the name of the author is a vogue. 

In that way, the legendary writer Dan Brown books are a must-own that will set your language standard, on having a read. Well, when you look for a thriller without ghost, adventure without Bear Grylls, mystery other than Bermuda and conspiracy apart from Julius Caesar's, surely, Dan Brown books will satisfy you! 

Here in this Feeding Trends listicle, we present a list of 9 Dan Brown books and novels that will excite the reader in you!

1. Wild Symphony (2020)

Wild Symphony is the latest published book by Dan Brown and is his first picture book likely interesting to children. An amazing book for children to hone their musical talent, poem knowledge and vocabulary, all in one.

The book takes a tour through the forest of wild animals each having descriptive stories. Among all the Dan Brown books, this one belongs to a different genre and is a unique initiative. It is a friendly book for kids.

The following are the books of the most awaited series of Robert Langdon by Dan Brown.

2. Angels and Demons (2000)

Coming into his signature genre of thriller, Angels and Demons is the first in the Robert Langdon series after which he rose to fame for his work. The Angels and Demons novel by Dan Brown seized the attention of people with mystery-thriller intent. It is one of the best-selling in the world since its date of publication and even now.

The story revolves around the protagonist Robert Langdon who leads the rest of the series also. On turning the pages, his mission to cease Illuminati from destroying the Vatican comes live and makes you thrilled. Angels and Demons was a film adaptation directed by Ron Howard, holding the same title and was released in 9 languages.

3. Da Vinci Code (2003)

The most welcomed sequel of Angels and Demons is the second in the Robert Langdon series - Da Vinci Code. The Da Vinci Code novel by Dan Brown is a mystery-thriller with conspiracy, detective fiction on the life of Jesus Christ. 

A Dan Brown book with most researched content will leave you wondering if it is real. And the choice is left to you! This was made into a film in 2006 that focuses on ancient myths and incidents and was titled the same. If you are more into the detective genre, you will definitely like it.

4. Da Vinci Code - Young Adult Adaptation

Due to the sensitive context of Da Vinci Code, readers of the young generation are availed with the Young Adult edition of the same. 

5. The Lost Symbol (2009)

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown lines up the Robert Langdon series in the third position. The Lost Symbol plot runs on the Da Vinci Code ending gradually into the mysteries and untold truth of hidden tunnels and temples at Washington. D.C. “Laus Deo” is the lost word in The Lost Symbol. 

This novel is a must-read following the Da Vinci Code that will bring you to the edge of your seat with thrilling mysteries. It will take you to the unexpected end of the book without letting you take a break. The film adaptation of The Lost Symbol is on hold.

6. Inferno (2013)

Inferno is preceded by The Lost Symbol of Robert Langdon series. This mystery-thriller, suspense rich novel by Dan Brown starts with a mysterious scene of Robert Langdon waking up in a hospital bed with all surprise. It deals with a deadly virus-Inferno which kills the world’s majority of the population. 

Hey, wait! Isn’t it a relatable pandemic in current? Stop wondering and feel the context conveyed. This novel, for now, will make it much more interesting and informative. Inferno was made into a film directed by Ron Howard and was out in 2016. Was a hint in advance!

7. Origin (2017)

Origin is the last seen sequel of Robert Langdon series with the crime, adventure and mystery - thriller fiction. This Dan Brown book sets its plot in Spain and parts of Sharjah and Budapest. The title itself clearly defines the story as the protagonist attempts to describe human’s origin and destiny. Robert along with his colleagues decode a password that unveils the secrets of Edmond Kirsch.

8. Digital Fortress (1998)

Dan Brown has brought out a techno-thriller wrapped with mysteries and suspense. This novel by Dan Brown decodes a code at the end of the story that tells the issues faced by cyber security experts to crack an unusually complicated code.

9. Deception Point (2001)

Deception Point is yet another science fiction and is the third book by Dan Brown out of the Robert Langdon series. This Dan Brown novel is full of mystery thrills with political techno-thriller fiction. When a team is set out to uncover the scientific discovery, they learn the deception plot and how they overcome is the story. A good science - mystery fiction to read.

This is all about the legendary Dan Brown books and novels that are to be cherished and revered forever. When you pen great thoughts following immense research, criticism and controversies do come in your way but it is what makes you an intellectual writer. Here is an apt ideal and his works are his identities.

Take out sufficient time to read all the Dan Brown books! Otherwise, you will miss out on the essence of his writing!

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