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Bradley Cooper, a Hollywood sensation and the sweetheart of masses, began his acting career on tv before making his big-screen debut in 2001 with the satire comedy 'Wet Hot American Summer.' 'The Hangover,' a hit comedy picture, was his breakthrough (2009). 

Since then, he has made appearances such as 'Silver Linings Playbook', 'American Hustle', and 'American Sniper' (2014), all of which have earned him Academy Award nominations.

Cooper's career took off after the release of "Silver Linings Playbook" in 2012. Cooper received his first Oscar nomination for the film, which put him on the map as a serious filmmaker. 

Cooper has received seven additional Oscar nominations in the nine years since the success of "Silver Linings Playbook," including co-writing and producing "A Star Is Born," as well as producing "American Sniper" and "Joker," and working with top filmmakers such as Russell, Clint Eastwood, Todd Phillips, Guillermo del Toro, and Paul Thomas Anderson. 

He's also used his celebrity to land a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Rocket Racoon's voice actor.

So here are we with the roll of 30 Bradley Cooper Movies that are worth watching. These Bradley Cooper Movies are the best among the best.

1. Silver Linings Playbook

Let's begin with the best of the best. In the year 2012, Bradley Cooper acted as a cast member and producer in a comedy film directed by David O. Russell, in which he portrayed Pat Solitano.

This is a classic movie that revolves around the life of Pat Salatino.

Pat Solitano is now residing with his family after undergoing eight months in a psychiatric ward for hitting his wife's lover and being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. As he tries to reclaim his marriage, he meets Tiffany, his friend's widowed sister-in-law, a fascinating woman with her issues who intends to help him in exchange for a favor.

Several awards have been given to this film, including the MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Male Performance and the MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Kiss. This movie is often considered as one of the best movies on the list of Bradley Cooper Movies.

Silver Linings Playbook | Bradley Cooper Movies

2. American Sniper

Bradley Cooper reprised his role as a cast member and producer in the motion picture American Sniper in 2014, under the direction of Clint Eastwood, he played the phenomenal character of Chris Kyle. The film is well worth seeing and ranks in the top positions among the best Bradley Cooper Movies.

The film is mostly based on a biography by US Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle and tells the poignant story of how Kyle rose to become the most lethal marksman in US military history while also ruining his personal affairs.

American Sniper | Bradley Cooper Movies

3. Guardians of the Galaxy

The 10th motion picture in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), directed by James Gun, follows Peter Quill, a superhero, and a gang of interplanetary lawbreakers identified as the Guardians of the Galaxy, as they are pursued by the antihero Ronan the Accuser after the former steals a mystical orb favored by the latter. 

Rocket the raccoon is a character performed by Bradley Cooper in the film. This movie is often considered as one of the best movies on the list of Bradley Cooper Movies.

Guardians of the Galaxy | Bradley Cooper Movies

4. The Hangover

This film, directed by Todd Phillips and released in 2019, has one of the best scripts. Cooper took on the role of Phil.

The plot progresses as follows: Doug Billings heads to Las Vegas alongside his partners in crime Phil and Stu, as well as his fiancée's crazy brother Alan, two days beforehand his wedding for a wild bachelorette party. 

When his pals wake up the next morning with a terrible hangover, Doug is gone, and their apartment is occupied by a rooster, a tiger, and an unfamiliar baby.

The Hangover | Bradley Cooper Movies

5. Limitless

This is among the best Bradley Cooper Movies. Neil Burger shot the movie, which was released in 2011.

Eddie Morra, a failing author who has been abandoned by his lover, is given an experimental medicine that dramatically increases mental capability. He can write again, and his great investments have resulted in a significant profit. He is recruited by a prominent tycoon who hopes to profit from his abilities, but as the availability of the medication runs out, he starts to feel withdrawal symptoms.

This film is worth seeing, and the storyline will surely astonish you. This movie is often considered as one of the best movies on the list of Bradley Cooper Movies.

6. American Hustle

David O. Russell's picture American Hustle, featuring Bradley Cooper, is widely regarded as one of his finest.

The plot thickens as federal agent Richie DiMaso apprehends two fraudsters and mates, Irving and Sydney, in a monetary swindle and compels them to construct elaborate sting operations to expose corrupt authorities and criminals, most notably Governor Carmine Polito. 

Nonetheless, Irving's unstable wife, Rosalyn, has her purpose and the potential to destabilize the overall operations. This phenomenal movie is often considered as one of the best movies on the list of Bradley Cooper Movies.

The film was produced by Bradley Cooper.

American Hustle | Bradley Cooper Movies

7. The Place Beyond the Pines

Bradley Cooper starred in the film The Place Beyond the Pines, directed by Derek Cianfrance, in the year 2012.

The plot follows Luke Glanton, a motorbike stunt coordinator who begins robbing banks to support his former sweetheart Romina, who has delivered birth to their son Jason. Tragically, he is slain in an attempted heist by police sergeant Avery Cross. 

Years later, when Jason finds their common heritage, Avery's son and Jason cross paths. The film is well worth seeing and ranks in the top positions among the best Bradley Cooper Movies.

The Places Beyond The Pines | Bradley Cooper Movies

8. The Words

Lee Sternthal Cooper, directed by Brian Klugman, performed a fantastic character that made the film worthwhile to see.

The movie begins with famed novelist Clayton Hammond delivering his latest novel, The Word, about an ambitious writer named Rory Jansen whose stuff is repeatedly rejected by publishers. 

Then he discovers a novel in a used backpack and delivers it to the publishers. It eventually becomes successful. Clayton takes a break at this point. You should watch this finest piece of script in the ground of Bradley Cooper Movies.

The Words | Bradley Cooper Movies

9. Burnt

One of the top Bradley cooper movies is a comedy genre film directed by John Wells and released in 2015.

With his obsessions, a distinguished chef with two Michelin stars wrecks his life. He comes to London after self-imposed isolation, determined to make a comeback and obtain three Michelin stars. He gets a second shot after a few failures and teams up with an old acquaintance. But things aren't quite right yet.

Watch the movie to know what happens next in this phenomenal film in the list of Bradley cooper movies.

Burnt | Bradley Cooper Movies

10. War Dogs

During the Iraq controversy, David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli team up for selling weaponry to the US military. They start with small and work their way up to greater agreements. 

Their greatest hurdle, though, comes in the form of a $300 million Afghan transaction. They'll have to contact some shady folks to complete the job.

War Dogs | Bradley Cooper Movies


Under the guidance of filmmaker Joe Carnahan, Bradley Cooper starred in yet another fantastic picture in the Bradley Cooper filmography.

Cooper plays First Lt. Templeton "Face" Peck, one of a group of Special Ops agents who have fled from prison for a crime they did not commit, in Joe Carnahan's revival of the 1980s tv show. 

To clear their reputations, they engage in covert operations. Many things explode, and it's all in good fun. And it appears that Cooper is having the most pleasure as Face of all. The movie is the nominee for the best Bradley Cooper movie in the list of Bradley Cooper movies.

12. He's Just Not That Into You

Cooper performs Ben Gunders, a married man who, while having marital problems with his woman Janine (Jennifer Aniston), finds himself emotionally attached to ambitious young vocalist Anna (Scarlett Johansson) and starts an inappropriate relationship with her. 

When Janine discovers Ben's dishonesty, she is eager to restore their relationship. But, as his obsession with Anna continues, Ben cheats to Janine about not only that but also about his commitment to quit smoking, which is the final nail in the coffin for his wife. 

Cooper is a great cad, just as he was in "Wedding Crashers," and he's much better here.

He's Just Not That Into You | Bradley Cooper Movies

13. Wet Hot American Summer

Cooper initially caught the attention of moviegoers in David Wain's classic comedy about the pranks of a bunch of counselors at a Maine camping trip, which was released in 1981. 

Cooper portrays Ben, a theatre co-counselor who, together with Amy Poehler's Susie, is in charge of organizing the camp's end-of-season talent competition. Ben also catches the eye of fellow counselor McKinley, who is romantically interested in him (Michael Ian Black).

The movie is the nominee for the best Bradley Cooper movie in the list of Bradley Cooper movies.

14. JOY

In this humorous life story of genuine mop entrepreneur Joy Mangano (Lawrence) who becomes popular by trying to sell her item on the broadcast tv home shopping network QVC, Cooper teamed up with his "Silver Linings" co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro, as well as that movie, is the writer/director David O. Russell. 

Cooper portrays Neil, a QVC administrator who is ready to take a risk on a homemaker with little expertise on-screen who goes on to become a TV phenomenon.

Joy | Bradley Cooper Movies


Cooper's breakout role in this Owen Wilson/Vince Vaughn comedy was as pompous hothead Sack Lodge. John (Wilson) and Jeremy (Vaughn) go to outsiders' weddings unsolicited to pick up gorgeous women. 

John has his sights set on Claire (Rachel McAdams), the housekeeper of honor, but her nasty boyfriend Sack (Cooper) will halt at nothing to keep John away from "his" lady. Cooper's portrayal of Sack is so vile that it makes you want to smack him in the face, which is the right way to characterize him. 

The movie is the nominee for the best Bradley Cooper movie in the list of Bradley Cooper movies.

16. Licorice Pizza

Cooper doesn't join up until late in Paul Thomas Anderson's episodic coming-of-age drama, "Licorice Pizza," but once he arrives, the picture becomes a showcase for his explosive and unexpected energy. 

Cooper stomps into the frame to harass Anderson's teenage protagonist (Cooper Hoffman) as legendary producer and hairstylist Jon Peters – who, incidentally, was credited as an executive producer on Cooper's "A Star Is Born" remake – and sprints through threats and brags like he just downed two pots of coffee. 

It's a daring, fast-paced performance that rates among Cooper's funniest movie performances to date.

17. Nightmare Alley

Cooper gets to be as nasty and confused as he's ever been in his first picture alongside famed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, portraying a scam artist whose rotten soul is beyond redemption. 

It's a bold departure for Cooper, but one that's bolstered by a frightening ending scene that rates among Cooper's most memorable movies among the other Bradley Cooper Movies.

18. The Midnight Meat Train

Kitamura Ryûhei This is a one-of-a-kind directed film.

The plot follows a straightforward screenplay. Leon Kaufman goes to the train late at night to record an impending sexual assault before saving the lady, determined to highlight the darker side of his city through his photography. 

Later, however, she discovers the woman has vanished and begins an investigation into similar disappearances, which leads him to Mahogany, a butcher. The movie is the nominee for the best Bradley Cooper movie in the list of Bradley Cooper movies.

Cooper played Leon Kaufman, the primary character.

Midnight meat Train | Bradley Cooper movies

19. Aloha

Cameron Crowe filmed Aloha, a romantic comedy-drama film released in 2015. The story follows a well-known defense company that returned to the scene of his greatest professional successes. He does, however, rekindle his relationship with his former and fall for the tough-as-nails Air Force watchdog assigned to him.

The film is well worth seeing and ranks in the top positions among the best Bradley Cooper Movies.

Aloha | Bradley Cooper Movies

20. Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, some overlapping connections in Los Angeles have tremendous peaks and troughs. 

Married-for-many-years grandparents face a dilemma, a lady army commander talks for hours with an entrepreneur co-passenger, a florist wants to propose to his school-teacher fiancée who has unwittingly fallen for a married guy, and a sports-reporter is assigned to cover 'Valentine's Day.'

21. Serena

Susanne Bier directed Serena, which is a romantic drama. Serena is a drama film based on a novel of the same name. It tells the story of George, a successful timber businessman who marries Serena, a smart and beautiful girl. When Serena begins to influence his business decisions, though, his life becomes complex.

You'll enjoy the film. Bradley's performance will leave you speechless. It's one of Bradley Cooper's best films.

Serena | Bradley Cooper Movies

22. All About Steve

Phil Traill, a brilliant director, has directed this romantic comedy film. Cooper has done an excellent job acting and portraying the personality of Steve.

Mary and Steve connect on a tinder date in the story. Although Mary is smitten by Steve right away, he does not share Mary's feelings. As a result, Mary decides to accompany him on his journey across the country in the hopes of persuading him that they are a wonderful match.

23. The Hangover 2

This amazing sequel is worth being included among the best Bradley Cooper Movies. Phil (Bradley Cooper), along with his best buddies travel to tropical Thailand for Stu's marriage in the sequel to the smash-hit comedy. 

After Doug's now-famous bachelorette party in Las Vegas, Stu is taking no chances and opting for a cautious and sober pre-wedding lunch. However, things do not always go as intended. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but what happens in Bangkok is unimaginable — think monkeys, tattoos, and Mr. Chow's return! 

Todd Phillips, the acclaimed comedy filmmaker, reunites with his over-indulged comic quartet for another globe-trotting howl at the moon with the "Wolfpack."

The Hangover Part 2 | Bradley Cooper Movies

24. The Hangover 3

The Wolfpack is found two years after they fled tragedy in Bangkok in the concluding installment of The Hangover trilogy. 

After deciding to assist Alan Garner with a personal dilemma, Phil Wenneck and Stu Price soon find themselves on a perilous and entertaining adventure. As they are being pursued by mob boss Marshall, Chow returns to sow mayhem.

25. The Guardian of Galaxy Vol.2

The Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, directed by James Gunn, is Bradley's finest slam.

In Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Peter Quill and his merry bunch of idiots are reunited. Going on an interplanetary expedition to discover something about Quill's dad, Ego. 

Quill destroys Ego, the film's main threat, and is redeemed by Yondu Udonta, who commits his own life in the process. The film is well worth seeing and ranks in the top positions among the best Bradley Cooper Movies.

Guardian of the Galaxy vol 2 | Bradley Cooper Movies

26. Avengers: Infinity War

Thanos, the interstellar conqueror from Titan, is on a campaign to gather the 6 Infinity Stones, which will permit him to wipe out 50% of the universe's life. 

To eliminate Thanos and preserve the Earth, the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy must fight collaboratively. The film is well worth seeing and ranks in the top positions among the best Bradley Cooper Movies.

The film is one of the most popular of the decade.

27. 10 Cloverfield Lane

Michelle is imprisoned in the underground facility of a guy named Howard after a car crash, and he informs her that the outside world is completely uninhabitable due to an unknown chemical weapons attack. 

Emmett, the only other individual in the shelter, rejects her fears of being kidnapped, but she can't stop thinking of ways to get out. The film is well worth seeing and ranks in the top positions among the best Bradley Cooper Movies.

Dan Trachtenberg is the director of this mysterious specialized film. Cooper's undeniable acting abilities make the film a contender for the finest film among the other Bradley Cooper movies.

10 Cloverfield Lane | Bradley Cooper Movies

28. Hit and Run

A former driver, Charles Bronson, chooses to leave his Federal Protection plan and accompany his girlfriend Annie to Los Angeles for an interview process. 

However, their journey quickly becomes dangerous as the new couple is pursued by an undercover cop, and afterward, the gang leader, against whom Charles had confessed, joins the hunt with his goons. The film is well worth seeing and ranks in the top positions among the best Bradley Cooper Movies.

29. The Mule

This 2018 crime thriller movie follows horticulture who becomes a narcotics cocaine trade middleman. This brings him closer to his estranged family, but it also puts his life in jeopardy. 

It has a 7.8 IMDB rating and is accessible on Netflix to stream. The film is well worth seeing and ranks in the top positions among the best Bradley Cooper Movies.

30. Case 39

The story follows a ten-year-old girl who is saved from her abusive environment in this 2009 thriller drama film. However, the psychiatric nurse who looks after her notices that strange things have been happening surrounding her since she arrived. 

It has a 6.2 IMDB rating and is available on Netflix to view. This is one of Bradley Cooper's best movies, and you should not miss it.

Case 39 | Bradley Cooper Movies

Here is the End of the roll of 30 Bradley Cooper Movies. These Bradley Cooper Movies are some of the most well-directed and well-acted movies. These movies are perfectly blended with Mind-blowing scripts that keep you on the edges of your seats.

Make sure you once in your life watch these great Bradley Cooper Movies. Let us know your favorite Bradley Cooper Movie in the comment box below.

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