20 Billie Eilish Songs That Speak Of The Talent Of The Young Singer

When we fall asleep, where do we go?

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Billie Eilish, with her full name as Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell, is an American singer-songwriter. She is one of the youngest well-known singer-songwriters, who gained popularity after the song “Ocean Eyes” was uploaded in 2015 on SoundCloud.

Billie Eilish Songs
Billie Eilish Songs

The song was written and produced by her brother Finneas O’Connell and became an instant hit among the audiences. Her song “Don’t Smile At Me” became a sleeper hit, which came under the top 15 songs in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia. And since then, there was no looking back for her.

Billie Eilish was born in California on 18 December 2001. She is the daughter of a teacher, actress, and songwriter, Maggie Baird, who also homeschooled Billie and Finneas. It was her mother, who taught both of them the basics of songwriting.

Billie Eilish wrote her first real song at the age of 11, which was dedicated to her mother’s songwriting class. Later she and Finneas started working on more music, which he had been writing and composing along with producing it with his own band. These siblings soon got recognition worldwise after their first song “Ocean Eyes”.

Let’s look forward to the rest of their work with this article, which presents a list of Billie Eilish songs.

1. Bad Guy

Bad Guy is one of the songs from her debut album “When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”. This song made the audiences crazy and they poured in their love in the form of so many positive reviews. 

The song Bad Guy was sung by Billie Eilish while written and composed by Finneas O’Connell. Soon it was a commercial success, reaching number one on US Billboard Hot 100 as well as on the other charts worldwide. 

In the song's lyrics, Eilish taunts her lover for being a bad guy and suggests to him that she is more resilient than he is.

2. Lovely 

Lovely is a collaborated song with Khalid, written by Khalid and Billie with Finneas O'Connell. The song is about two lovers trying to overcome serious depression together. The song was released in Netflix's show 13 Reasons Why’s second seasons’ soundtrack, which reached 64th position in the US Billboard Hot 100.  “Lovely” received several certifications.

3. Ocean Eyes

Ocean Eyes was the debut song of this youngest American singer-songwriter from the album Everything, Everything on Soundtrack. 

The song was a dedication to her mother’s music classes and her band, which helps to compose all the tracks so far released by Finneas O’Connell and Billie Eilish. Ocean Eyes received so much praise from audiences and reached 60 in the US Billboard Hot 100.

4. No Time To Die

It is the theme song for the film James Bond released through Darkroom and Interscope Records on 13 February 2020. Eilish is the youngest artist to have written and recorded the theme song for James Bond. 

The song was also nominated for Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media at the 63rd Grammy Awards.

5. Therefore I Am

This the latest song of  Billie Eilish released on November 12, 2020. Billie Eilish is giving us all philosophical lessons with her latest song. If we go deep in the meaning of this song, we can easily figure out the message she is trying to convey.

The message is that you can’t doubt that you exist because you are the one having doubt. She is singing about not giving a damn about what people think about her, which is also the reason why people hear so much.

6. My Future

One of the other songs released during a pandemic, in lockdown. Eilish is a spirit of the threshold, making very private music and still appeals to millions. The song begins in a quiet, museful mode which then takes high jazz notes. The lyrics of this track say “I can’t wait to meet her” “I’m in love, but not with anybody else” here she wants to meet her future self. She is in love with her, but not anyone else.  The song ends with “I will see you in a couple of years” which also clarifies the desperation of Billie to meet her future self.

7. When the Party is Over

This is one of the Billie Eilish songs from her album, “When we fall asleep, where do we go?”. The song is inspired by the incident of Finneas O’Connell’s failure relationship, when he was driving back home alone, late at night, unhappy at the end of the relationship. When Eilish sings “Quiet when I’m coming home” we can figure out this is a break-up song,

8. Bury A Friend

The next one in our Billie Eilish songs list is the song ‘Bury A Friend’. Written from the perspective of a monster, who is supposedly hiding under the bed of Billie Eilish, this song details a confusing relationship. As the lyrics go, the listeners understand that the singer ends up being the monster herself. The song’s video ends with Billie Eilish’s face being grabbed by several gloved hands (the monster) from behind.

9. Wish You Were Gay

“Wish you were gay” is yet an unconventional song by Billie Eilish. The song narrates the feeling of a girl when she was rejected by a boy she liked. There are millions of thoughts that cross the mind when she is finding the reason behind the rejection. 

But, she doesn’t want the reason to be her being a shitty person. She wanted some other reason for him not liking her, such as him being gay. And much to our surprise, after the song was released, Billie found out that the boy was really gay. 

She also revealed that it took her three years to release the song once it was written. However, a demo version circulated for many years before its official rerecording and professional release in 2019.

10. Idontwannabeyouanymore

In the song, “idontwannabeyouanymore,” Billie Eilish faces her insecurities. The lyrics of the song address her lack of self-confidence and self-deprecating emotions. She wants to change herself and become an entirely new person. Adding to this, there is a fun fact. 

This song is in absolute contrast to Billie Eilish’s song Copycat. Copy Cat is a song about a person who does everything you do. But this song makes you feel, I look at the mirror over here, I don’t wanna be you.

11. Bellyache

Bellyache is another Billie Eilish song that reflects her great talent. It revolves around the concept of guilt. It talks about things, which are done in the heat of the moment because you feel so strongly about them. 

In the end, you’re left with the decision you made. That one line from the song —"I thought that I’d feel better, but now I gotta bellyache" perfectly captures the feeling of you knowing that the worst has happened. 

It’s about a psychopath who regrets being a psychopath but doesn’t care. The song is inspired by Tyler the Creator’s “Garbage” song.

12. Copycat

“COPYCAT” is the first track of Billie Eilish’s debut EP, Don't Smile At Me. The song's lyrics fire attacks on ‘fake’ people who aren’t themselves. In other words, they are clones who copy the mannerisms of others to present a more ‘acceptable’ personality. On SoundCloud, the track has received the great traction from the audiences. You will also love this one like the other Billie Eilish songs.

13. Xanny

The song’s title is a reference to Xanan, a prescription drug used for anxiety treatment and popularly known for its recreational use, as commonly depicted in hip-hop music. The song's message was using fewer drugs and being safer. Billie wrote the song after witnessing a group of friends who were all getting drunk and throwing up continuously.

14. All The Good Girls Go To Hell

“All the good girls go to hell” shows Billie referencing and twisting Christian symbolism. She has only briefly referenced her views on religion. This track again is one of the songs from the album “When we fall asleep’ where do we go?”

15. Listen Before I Go

Listen Before I Go is a sweet song centred around suicide, asking to pay attention to people around you. Billie's song is also a warning for her lover to hurry up and listen to her before she kills herself. Although the song isn’t about her life experience, it has contained the truths of life. The song is more like storytelling, with beats and music. 

16. My Strange Addictions

My Strange Addictions is another blockbuster song about people with unusual compulsive behaviours. “You are my strange addiction, My doctors can't explain, My symptoms or my pain, But you are my strange addiction” goes the song. 

17. I Love You

I Love You is a soft acoustic ballad that explores the struggles and feelings of a complicated relationship. The song’s chorus features vocal harmonies by her brother, Finneas. At 4 minutes and 52 seconds, “I Love You” is the longest track of Eilish’s album “When we fall asleep, Where do we go?”

18. Ilomilo

Ilomilo references a 2010 puzzle game where the player must unite “Ilo” and “Milo,” small round characters on separate ends of the level who require teamwork to meet at the end. The whole idea of the song is from the game, it’s just like, losing the person you love and then finding them again.

19. You Should See Me In The Crown

You Should See Me In The Crown is a song inspired by the TV Show, Sherlock. And the song's lyrics can easily leave an impression on anyone’s mind. The song goes, “You should see me in a crown, I'm gonna run this nothing town, Watch me make 'em bow, One by one by one.”

20. Everything I Wanted

Everything I Wanted is another of the best Billie Eilish songs, which recalls a nightmare. The girl experienced the nightmare where she committed suicide and saw all her friends and fans turn their backs on her. The lyrics show Billie’s strong relationship with her brother Finneas, as he’s the one she goes to for support when dealing with these types of problems.

These were the top 20 Billie Eilish songs, which are composed and sung by her. Most songs are in the electro-pop genre but other genres like teen-pop, experimental-pop, goth-pop, and indie-pop are also a part of her musical compositions. Her brother Finneas is also an integral part of her journey. 

You will thoroughly enjoy each of these songs. Happy listening!

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