20 Bhagat Singh Quotes That Instill Patriotism and Courage In You

Whatever wound is there in my chest, they are all bunches of flowers.

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Bhagat Singh was born in September 1907 in Banga village, Lyallpur, Punjab. The release of his father and Ajit Sing and Swaran Singh(his uncles) coincided with his birth. In his family, we can find few active participants in the independence movement of India and others in the army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

He never failed to motivate us. Here are few Bhagat Singh Quotes. These Bhagat Singh Quotes are gonna bring courage to you. And also these Bhagat Singh Quotes bring the energy of courage for your inner spirit. Really, this list of Bhagat Singh Quotes helps you a lot in the path of making yourself strong.

1. A rebellion is not a revolution. It may ultimately lead to that end.

All Bhagat Singh quotes are powerful. Here this Bhagat Singh quote points up that a rebellion isn't a revolution. It may eventually direct an end.

2. I never had any desire to defend myself and never did I seriously think about it.

This is one of the best Bhagat Singh quotes. Here he says that he had no intention to uphold himself.

3. Revolution is an inalienable right of mankind. Freedom is an imperishable birthright of all.

Here, this Bhagat Singh quote talks about revolution. Revolution is a sacred right of humanity.

4. Merciless criticism and independent thinking are the two necessary traits of revolutionary thinking. 

Bhagat Singh quote here says which are the two necessary traits of revolutionary thought. Merciless objection and independent thinking are those two.

5. The aim of life is no more to control the mind, but to develop it harmoniously; not to achieve salvation hereafter, but to make the best use of it here below.

The next Bhagat Singh quote here strongly states that the goal of life is to develop the mind and not to control it. Not to attain salvation but to make use of it.

6. If the deaf have to hear, the sound has to be very loud.

Requirements should reach the ears of the one who has the power. And this is a similar scenario that was mentioned in Bhagat Singh quote.

7. They may kill me, but they cannot kill my ideas. They can crush my body, but they will not be able to crush my spirit.

This vital Bhagat Singh quote claims that no one can kill his ideas and crush his spirit. Thus Bhagat Singh quote applies to every one of us.

8. Philosophy is the outcome of human weakness or limitation of knowledge.

From this Bhagat Singh quote, we can understand that Philosophy is the result of our drawback or restriction of knowledge.

9. Any man who stands for progress has to criticize. Disbelieve and challenge every item of the old faith.

Here this Bhagat Singh quote instructs us to deny and challenge the aged morality. And Bhagat Singh quote also instructs that a man who takes for progress has to criticize.

10. I have altogether failed to comprehend as to how undue pride or vain-gloriousness could ever stand in the way of a man believing in God.

Through this Bhagat Singh quote, he tries to explain that he failed to understand how unnecessary dignity or vain gloriousness stay in the path of a man who has faith in God.

11. I deny the very existence of that Almighty Supreme Being.

From this Bhagat Singh quote, we came to know that he renounced the presence of God.

12. I will climb the gallows gladly and show to the world as to how bravely the revolutionaries can sacrifice themselves for the cause. 

This courageous Bhagat Singh quote claims that he crossed many obstacles and showed us how dauntless the revolutionaries can forfeit themselves for an upliftment.

13. In the future society, i.e. the communist society that we want to build, we are not going to establish charity institution, as there shall be no needy or poor, and no alms-giving and alms-taking.

Here, the powerful Bhagat Singh quote forcefully confesses that there should be no needy, poor, alms-giving, and alms-taking in the future civilization.

14. ‘Study’ was the cry that reverberated in the corridors of my mind. Study to enable yourself to face the arguments advanced by opposition. Study to arm yourself with arguments in favour of your cult. I began to study. 

Again here for you is Bhagat Singh quote which is courageous. Here this Bhagat Singh quote explains the significance of education which facilitates you to withstand the argument by resistance.

15. The sword of revolution is sharpened on the whetting stone of ideas

As this Bhagat Singh quote states ideas are the major part of the revolution as well as of your life.

16. But man's duty is to try and endeavour, success depends upon chance and environments.

We can understand that we must strive and endeavour, achievements depend on the chance and environment from this Bhagat Singh quote.

17. Revolution did not necessarily involve sanguinary strife. It was not a cult of bomb and pistol.

While reading the above Bhagat Singh quote, we came to know that battle is not necessary for revolution. It was not a follower of explosions and pistols. It was a follower of a leader.

18. I emphasize that I am full of ambition and hope and of full charm of life. But I can renounce all at the time of need, and that is the real sacrifice

One of the most courageous Bhagat Singh quotes is here. This Bhagat Singh quote engraved his feature and his real sacrifice.

19. My life is dedicated to the great goal which is the independence of the country.

Here from this Bhagat Singh quote, we get an idea of how his patriotism played a role in the past and continues in the present.

20. Whatever wound is there in my chest, they are all bunches of flowers, let me be mad, I am good as mad.

Again we can feel his patriotism through Bhagat Singh quote. This is one of the Bhagat Singh quotes which provoke your patriotism.

Now, from all these Bhagat Singh quotes we came to know his patriotic part of life. We hope that you feel fitter and courageous. Now the thing is applying these Bhagat Singh quotes in your irreplaceable life.

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