45 Best Hindi Short Stories For You To Read

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Short stories are a blessing to readers as they are short, precise, clear, and more readable than novels and heavy literature books. When a person loves to read stories, he wants something exciting, refreshing, and light that only comes in existence with short stories. 

Especially The Hindi short stories are more reliable and relatable than any other stories. Some so many great writers have contributed to Hindi literature and delivered precious gems to read. Premchand, Sharatchandra, Rabindranath Tagore, Mahadevi Verma, and Khushwant Singh are some great Indian authors. 

They all have presented the beauty of India in different ways in their stories. The glimpse of our culture and tradition reflects in their work. So if you are a true lover of Hindi Literature then find the best stories for you to read, in this article.

I have listed short stories by almost every famous author of India to make this an easy task for all the readers to find out the best story to read.

1. Binda

Binda | Best Hindi Short Stories

The very first on our list is Brinda by Mahadevi Verma. Mahadevi Verma has beautifully written down a girl, Brinda’s life story, who has lost her mother and living a traumatized life because of her stepmother. This story is heart-touching and you must read this one if you are looking for an emotional and realistic story.

2. Nadiyaa Aur Samudra

It is a creation of Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, it is a moral story by which he has expressed his respect towards women by comparing them with the river. It is a short story that has intense meaning.

3. Poos Ki Raat

The most famous story by Munshi Premchand, Poos Ki Raat is a story about a farmer and his dog who guard his field on the cold night of December. ‘Poos Ki Raat’ literally means the cold winter night.

4. Jaadu

Munshi Premachand has penned down the conversation of two sisters, their fierce argument over a guy but still their concern for each other behind that is unmissable. To know the whole story you need to read this one.

5. Swami Ka Pata

Swami Ka Pata | Best Hindi Short Stories

It is a creation of Rabindranath Tagore that shows the process of time-healing. It is about a woman who has lost her husband and wants to get her husband back. Did she get her husband back or not? To know the answer you need to go through this one.

6. Bandh Darwaza

Premchand has beautifully created a little child’s actions in different situations. It is a perfectly written experience by which we can feel the extreme joy and happiness that how a kid reacts.

7. Devi

This one is also created by Munshi Premchand. This is about a bagger and an old poor woman. In this short story, Premchand has presented humanity at its peak and that woman's concern about that bagger hence proved it.

8. Kashmiri Seb

Another one from Premchand’s treasure is ‘Kashmiri Seb’. This story is about the cunning fruit seller who had sold rotten apples to the writer and make a fool of him. It is a good story to read for moral story lovers.

9. Guru Mantra

Guru Mantra | Best Hindi Short Stories

Premchand has penned down the story of saints. This story shows the reality of the world behind the words of saints and its effects on the life of people. To know the whole concept you need to read this one.

10. Vaapsi

‘Vaapsi’ is a short story, written by Usha Priyanvada. This story is about a retired old man who got retired and after going back to his home he found everything changed. This story perfectly represents the current scenario where everyone is upset and ****** off.

11. Patni

This story was presented by writer Jainendra. It is about a wife who, despite her lots of complaints with her husband, makes every possible effort to impress him. It presents the typical Indian wife who can do anything for the sake of her duty towards her husband.

12. Dar

Written by Swami Vivekanand ‘Dar’ is a short motivational story that delivers the message of Swami to the world that every person should face his fear instead of run away from it.

13. Namak Ka Daroga

Namak Ka Daroga | Best Hindi Short Stories

The name means the salt Inspector. It is a story of a salt inspector who faces problems while performing his duty with honesty because of some unsocial elements. He got stuck in trouble because of following the path of honesty and truth.

14. Inaam

Naagarjun has written down the story of a crane and a wolf. The author has given a message by this story that one should never trust his enemy. To understand the complete moral of the story you need to read it.

15. Parichit

It was created by Dr. Ramniwas Manav and it suggests the idea about today’s corrupted world. To know the full narrative you should read this one.

16. Chunauti

This story was written by Rajkumar Atrey. By this short story, the author has shared his experience of ‘The Yamuna’ visit. In this story, he well explained the bad treating of the holy rivers by humans for the sake of religious purposes.

17. Fark

The author of this story Vishnu Prabhakar has properly narrated the situation of the India and Pakistan border. Both countries’ differences have affected humanity and how the hatred took place in our hearts for each other.

18. Bantwara

Saadat Hasan Manto is known for his crisp creations, and this is one of those creations. While reading this you will get extremely funny and wise at the same time.

19. Moorti

It was presented by Khalil Gibran, and is about the smartness of a person. A person who buys a statue at a low price and later earns a huge amount with that statue. To know the full story, read this one.

20. Beti Ka Dhan

Beti Ka Dhan | Best Hindi Short Stories

One of the best creations of Munshi Premchand. Beti Ka Dhan is the story of a father and daughter. This story shows a daughter's love towards her father who pays off his debt by selling her ornaments.

21. Rishta

It was created by Chitra Mudgal and by this story the author has tried to present the selfless love of a nurse towards her patients. It was created in the words of one of her patients who calls her ‘Martha mummy’. This is a heart-touching story with an intense idea of serving sick people.

22. Paani Ki Jaati

It is a high moral story by Vishnu Prabhakar that suggests the idea of putting humanity over caste and religion. This one is a really good story to read as it has a deep and better understanding.

23. Ishwar Ka Chehra

Vishnu Prabhakar again presented the moral story that revolves around two women Prabha and Sabeena. In this story, he has written down about the helpless poor people and their good hearts.

24. Jaisi Karni Vaisi Bharni

Jaisi Karni Vaisi Bharni | Best Hindi Short Stories

The writer Kanhaiyalal Mishra ‘Prabhakar’, has penned down the thinking of three different persons and their approaches towards others. It is just about the deeds that pay us off.

25. Teen Drishtiya

This story is written by Kanhaiyalal Mishra ‘Prabhakar’ and is about three different persons and their perceptions about a particular incident. This one is a quick catchy story that shows us the types of people.

26. Do Fakeer

Shaikh Saadi is the writer of this story. It is about two poor persons who got troubled in a situation and later how they got escaped. You must read this one to understand the whole concept behind this story.

27. Vesh

It is created by Khaleel Zibraan and is about the inner beauty and outer beauty of the person. It presents the views on how one should treat others based on their inner beauty instead of outer beauty.

28. Kazaki

Another creation by Munshi Premchand ‘Kazaki’ is a narrative of a little boy and his father’s servant Kazaki. This story is all about their beautiful bond. To read a heart-touching and soulful story, you should take a glance at this.

29. Bade Bhai Sahab

Bade Bhai Sahab | Best Hindi Short Stories

Another one from Munshi Premchand’s creations. Bade Bhai Sahab is the story of two brothers. The writer has shown the ups and downs of their relationship and how they overcome their conflicts.

30. Raahi

Raahi is written by Subhadra Kumari Chauhan and is a story about people living in slums. Raahi is a poor woman who got caught by the cops in charge of theft. But later a woman named Anita came to know the reality behind their acts and their miserable life.

31. Hingwala

Hingwala is written by Subhadra Kumari Chauhan. The writer has written down a soulful story that broke the barriers of caste and religion and suggested the idea of putting humanity above all.

32. Idgaah

Idgaah | Best Hindi Short Stories

This is also counted in the best stories of Munshi Premchand. It revolves around a small child who chooses to buy a pair of tongs for her grandmother over toys and sweets to eat. It creates a beautiful series of events that astonished everyone.

33. Holi

This one has created by Subhadra Kumari Chauhan and shows the helplessness of a woman named Karuna who faces all the odds of her life. She lives a challenging life and thus fails to be happy in her life.

34. Prem Ki Holi

Another beautiful creation of Munshi Premchand is ‘Prem Ki Holi’. The story revolves around a widow girl who falls in love with a man and how their story ended on a sad note. If you are looking for such a cordial story then nothing could be better than this.

35. Geeli Mitti 

This was written by Amritraay. Amritraay presented wide storage of human nature, feelings, and emotions in this story. It forces on having a soft heart despite having cruel words and actions.

36. Cylinder

By this story, the author Girish Pankaj has tried to make a sharp strike on the double-faced society. It is about the lack of oxygen cylinders during pandemics and how people misuse other people’s needs. This story gives a strong message to society.

37. Akbar-Birbal’s stories

One has lived an awesome childhood if he has read Akbar-Birbal’s stories. These stories are highly interesting because of Birbal’s sharpness of mind and Akbar’s habit of testing him on every level.

38. Boodhi Kaki

Boodhi Kaki | Best Hindi Short Stories

A wonderful creation of Munshi Premchand is Boodhi Kaki. The story revolves around an old woman who tries to get love from her family despite having ignorance from them.

39. Mantra

This one is also written by Munshi Premchand. It is the story of a selfish doctor because of him a patient got died and later on his son was saved by the father of that dead patient. This is a realistic story that shows the power of destiny.

40. Lottery

An amazing story was written by Munshi Premchand. This is a really funny and enjoyable story about a family. A family’s all members individually buys lottery tickets to win the biggest prize but ends up losing all.

41. Money Order

It was written by Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyan Nishank. It is a beautiful heart touching story that delivers the message of supporting each other in difficult times. It revolves around a woman Ranju who waits for his husband to send her money order by which she can run the household.

42. Teen Patra

It was written by Anita Baraar and is about three letters written by a daughter for her mother after the demise of her father. It is an extremely emotional story that conveys the idea of living life to the fullest.

43. Laash

It was written by Kamleshwer. This story is based on political drama in which the author has presented the contemporary scenario.

44. Karamat

It was presented by Saadat Hasan Manto. This is a quick and crisp story and funny at the same time. The writer has tried to show a person’s unintentional acts by which he got all the praises after his death.

45. Shubh Deepawali

It was written by Anil Chandra. It is a cordial story that shows us that our deeds will always pay off us. Whatever we do will get back to us whether it is good or bad acts. You must read this one to get a unique sight of the person around you.

The list of best Hindi short stories has ended here by my side but not really as our Hindi literature still has many hidden gems. Hindi is our pride and nothing can beat the beauty of the    Hindi language. In this western dominating world Hindi still has a beautiful image and identity in the mind of its readers and speakers.

This is a bye for now but will meet soon with another one.

Till then happy surfing!


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