32 Bengali Sweet Names Which You Must Have While In West Bengal

Eat sweets and make your life a sweet one!

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We are all noddies, nodding our heads when it comes to Bengali sweets. Because Bengali sweets need no occasion. Any day-any quantity, we are always there with a big yes for Bengali sweets. Congratulations to the sweet shops for making our pockets empty in no time!

Bengali Sweets

So tasty-So yummy-how can you resist the call of sweets? For decades, sweets act like Bengal’s pride-factor, attracting people all over the world. The names, ingredients, presentation all are exclusive and there are more than enough options for you to satisfy your tastebuds.

Do you know that there is a song called “Kolkatar-Roshogulla” named after Roshogulla? Imagine what sort of magic Bengali sweets have. Here are 32 Bengali sweet names for you to cherish:

1. Mishti Doi

Mishti Doi has to be at the top among the Bengali sweets name list. A heavenly mixture of low-fat milk, curd, and unsaturated brown sugar left overnight to form delicate and light sweetened ‘mishti doi’. This is the main dessert for occasions, festivals and even eaten before exams for bringing good luck.

2. Sar Bhaja

In front of Sar Bhaja all other bhaja or fry will eventually turn dull. Full fresh mil-cream deeply fried in ghee makes a crispy and yet tasty sweet recipe. Yes, it’s a big hustle to prepare this, but the taste is worth it!

3. Darbesh

Boondi ladoos shaped in round balls are known as Darbesh. This Bengali style Darbesh has a hint of different flavour and is loved by all.

4. Kacha Golla

A soft, tender, mild sweet dish prepared with pure milk and ingredients of choice. There are different types of golla and as kancha golla is considered to be very healthy varieties are many. Most popular are the sugar-free kancha golla for diabetic patients, gurer kancha golla.

5. Chandrapuli

Shaped like Chandra or moon, Chandrapuli is popularly made during the festivities/occasions. Cottage cheese, mawa, coconut, jaggery combines to form tasty round balls of sweet that will make you drool instantly.

6. Kalo Jam

Can be claimed as Gulan-Jamun’s twin sibling. The dense outer colour and the paneer-khoya mixture makes a perfect combination to entertain your tastebuds. It doesn’t even take much time to prepare this gulab- jamun.

7. Roshogulla And Rajbhog

This two Bengali sweets name needs no description. If you know how to describe a Bengali- roshogulla is the first one you say. Soft cottage cheese balls soaked in sugar syrup melts in the mouth as soon as you eat.

Rajbhog is just bigger in size, stuffed with dry fruits inside and dipped in Kesar strands for a yellow tint outside. No wonder how Bengal takes pride in being one of the largest and oldest producers of roshogulla. ‘Ami Kolkatar roshogulla’ song is also a famous hit. Guess why!

8. Shondesh

A popular dry sweet made with condensed milk or fat milk with sugar/jaggery.  Sandesh is available in different shapes, designs, and toppings. Among all other Sandesh, Nolen gurer Sandesh and jol bhara Sandesh are the most special ones that people love to have. Modern kids love mango Sandesh and Chocolate Sandesh.

9. Kheer Kadam

Quite similar to Raskadam, Kheerkadam are small chhena balls coated with khoya and powdered sugar. These two-layered taste of Kheer Kadam is definitely worth the try.

10. Nikuti

Oval balls made of cottage cheese, flour, ghee cardamom deep fried in ghee to make a succulent sweet dish. After frying, the oval balls are soaked in sugar syrup and dipped in condensed milk to deliver the best taste. Enjoy!

11. Naru

Naru is among those Bengali sweets name that carries nostalgia with itself. Naru is generally prepared by mothers at home and children are seen to wait for that auspicious moment where they can steal and eat some extra Narus. Coconut balls prepared with sugar and elaichi powder are known as ‘Naru’. Sometimes Narus is made with jaggery also. There’s no way of stopping, once you start eating soft and delicate Narus.

12. Rabri

Milk reduces and thickens to form Rabri. Rabri is a delicious dessert that’s made with the help of condensed milk and garnished with dry fruits and nuts. Spices like cardamom are also used to season the dish. This is a relatively healthier sweet dish than other sweet recipes because of the goodness of milk.

13. Labong Latika

With such a creative and innovative Bengali sweets name, all heads will turn round. But how it is to have a sweet made with clove? Made of all-purpose flour, khoya, nutmeg powder, grated coconut, ghee, nuts, raisins, cardamoms, cloves, and sugar - Labong Latika has its essence of cloves/labong. You’ll be delighted to see how the floured pastry on both sides remains pinned with a clove.

14. Ledikeni

Some of the Bengali sweets names are associated with some history. Ledikeni is named after Lady Charlotte Canning, who loved this sweet very much. Even though they look similar to Pantuwa, there are a lot of dissimilarities. These cottage cheese balls are stuffed with raisins and elaichi inside and coated with castor sugar from outside.

15. Pantuwa

For decades, pantuwa remains close to Bengali hearts and continues to be one of the all-time favorite Bengali sweets names. Cottage cheese balls are deeply fried till golden brown-red which looks tempting and tastes richer.

16. Amriti

Unlike other Bengali sweets name, Amriti is derived from the word “Amrita” which means ‘manna’ or food for the gods. The mixture of ground dal, sugar, and cardamom is designed spirally with decorative edges and then deep-fried in ghee. The designs are made on hot ghee itself. The awesome taste rightly does justice to the name.

17. Langcha

Langcha is quite similar to Gulab-jamun. These are also made from flour and khoya, deep-fried in ghee, and soaked in sugar syrup. Even though the dish mainly hails from West-Bengal, it is quite popular in North-India also.

18. Chhenar Jilipi

You may hate the jalebi of life, but Chhenar Jilipi is gonna blow you off. Juicy rings of paneer, khoya, and maida melts in your mouth as soon as you eat them. Tastes best when eaten hot.

19. Patishapta

Bengal celebrates Makar-Sankranti with Patishapta. This famous sweet is mostly made on this occasion and besides being tasty, the recipe is fulfilling with its nutritional value also. Patishapta is nothing but crepes made of rice-flour filled with coconut with jaggery or sugar, sometimes it is filled with kheer too. Hot or cold, this tender Patishapta dissolves in your mouth right after your first bite!

20. Chomchom

This tasty sweet recipe tastes best when served chilled. Chom Chom is cottage cheese rolled long and sliced between to put mawa-kheer inside. The coated coconut flakes give a sweet coconut flavour.

21. Sitabhog

Hailing from the list of popular Bengali sweets name, Sitabhog is a classic favourite. Made of chhena cut in long strands and soaked in sugar syrup, Sitabhog looks like rice vermicelli. Small nikuti or gulab jamun in white Sitabhog makes this sweet dish more appealing.

22. Kolar Bora

Kolar bora is fried banana pakora. One of the famous items made during the Sankranti. It is filled with rice and thus crunchy on the outside and hot inside. Easy to make, easy to eat. This is mostly enjoyed as evening snacks.

23. Goja

Small pieces of maida deep-fried in ghee till it turns crispy and then soaked in sugar syrup to yield a yummy taste. The shape of Goja is just like the alphabetical ‘u’. This sweet is considered to be God Ganesh Ji’s favourite.

24. Malpua

The list of Bengali sweets name also comprises pancakes. Get your hands on Malpua and feel the magic of these sweet pancakes Made up of flour and sugar and some additional ingredients like coconut and dry fruits, Malpuas are deeply fired before immersing in sugar syrup. Not only Bengal, but even people in north-India and Odisha are also familiar with this famous dessert.

25. Rasmalai

A popular favourite, Rasamalai is loved by all. Small chhena balls soaked in malai or milk with a hint of cardamom forms a lovely combination. Rasmalai is composed of sugar syrup, milk, saffron, pistachios, and kheer, immersed in boiling cream at last for a juicy finish. No wonder, you will find the taste heavenly.

26. Payesh

Kheer is known as ‘Payesh’ in Bengal. The popular sweet dish is a must on birthdays or any special festivities/celebrations. Rice, milk, ghee forms a thick creamy consistency with rich cardamom and tastes best when served chilled with toppings of nuts like pistachios, cashew.

27. Joynagarer Moa

Moa is a popular dry item from the list of famous Bengali sweets name. Puffed rice balls mixed with jaggery, ghee makes a delightful sweet ball known as ‘Moa’.The special joynagarer moa is available in winters, topped with dry fruits and raisins.

28. Mihidana

Familiar with Boondi? Well, Mihidana is boondi’s little baby. Powdered rice/gram flour, flour, and saffron are mixed with a proper amount of water. The mixture is poured through a sieve-like ladle and then deep-fried in ghee. After frying, these fine particles are soaked in sugar syrup, sometimes a few Kesar strands are mixed in sugar syrup for better essence.

29. Mohan Bhog

There are many types of bhog named sweets with different abbreviations-such as the uniqueness of Bengali sweets name. Ball of cottage cheese filled with sugar -syrup and coated with semolina to offer you a crispy outside and soft inside taste. Also sold in vibrant colours.

30. Nolen Gurer Payesh

Bengali sweets name reveal most of the ingredients but the real magic of taste lies in cooking style. Blended with milk, rice, and special Nolen ‘gur’ or jagger (available only in winter) with continuous stirring makes delicious Nolen gurer payesh.

31. Khirer Chop

A popular sweet snack conventionally sold in sweet shops and snack shops too. A crispy light sweet dish made of flour, sooji, nutmeg, milk, sugar, bread that tastes heavenly.

32. Raskadam

Rashkadam contains roshogulla inside and khoya-kheer with the powdered sugar outside. This two-layered sweet tastes amazing when eaten in a chilled state.

At least for once, one should try all sweet items available exclusively in Kolkata. But the term once is really foolish because sweets of Bengal are like a magnet, really hard to resist. The varieties are never-ending and yet markets are updating regularly with our choices.

A lot of shops keep varieties of sweets like chocolate, mango, and other variants. There is a lot of hype centring around mango dahi in recent times. Let us know about your favourite shops and sweet dishes below in the comment section.

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