20 Most Popular Types Of Events For Alltime

Are you ready to plan one

Mohammad Fahad

Aug 30, 2019|3 min read

The word ‘event’ is becoming or has become a part of our everyday life. We get a number of invites to various events and even attend a number of them. 

But have we ever thought, what does ‘event’ mean?

Events are basically occasions meant to celebrate or cherish or highlight or signify a particular agenda or skill or point in time. Events aim to entertain, educate and share with the audience.

Surprisingly, we also plan a number of events. Sometimes we become the part of a managing committee and sometimes we are assigned the task by our peers.

But have we ever thought about the types of events or various categories of events which we attend or plan?

Well, knowing the type of event or category of the event makes things easier for the organizer to attract the audiences. It not only reduces the efforts but also saves time!

Types Of Events

Events can be broadly categorized into the following 4 types:

  •  Private Events
  •  Corporate Events
  •  Charity/Fundraising Events
  •  Live Events

a) Private Events


The private events category contains events that are organized by a single person or a group of people for the purpose of their own. This contains

1) Wedding parties/events
2) Birthday parties/events

3) Festival gatherings/events

4) Exhibitions 

5) Trade shows/events

6) Competitions

7) Marathons

b) Corporate Events


The corporate events category contains events that are organized by the business group of our society in order to expand their work or to entertain the employees within.

8) Conferences 
9) Business Dinners

10) Network Events

11) Seminar

12) Product Launches

13) Meetings

14) Corporate hospitality events

15) Incentive travel events

16) Corporate Sports events

c) Charity/Fundraising Events


Charity or fundraising events are the social cause events usually organized by the NGO’s to raise a particular amount for the victims of any natural calamity or some other needy person or issue.

17) Charity Auctions
18) Social Gatherings

d) Live Events


Live events are organized for the concerts or educational purposes where the audience, as well as participants, interact with each other at the same time.

19) Music/Arts/Dance Concerts/Events
20) Competitive Exams

So in all, there are 20 types of events that can be classified into 4 broad categories. 

Identify what is your genre of event and target your audience accordingly.

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