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Mr. Perfectionist!!

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The actor, who is also known by his nickname "Mr. Perfectionist". He's a hugely successful actor, TV host, producer, and director, certainly one of the finest talents in the industry. No other Bollywood superstar puts forth the same amount of work as Aamir Khan. 

The changes he makes to bring a touch of class are both uplifting and unexpected. Aamir Khan, on the other hand, has done it repeatedly. There are numerous Aamir Khan Movies that are completely an example of his Versatility. His films have always stood out from the rest of Bollywood. And it now appears like each of his films is an attempt to surpass the previous one. That's incredible!

Aamir Khan began performing as a young actor in the film "Yaadon Ki Baraat" when he was 8 years old. In 1984, he had his first acting part in an evolutionary developmental drama called "Holi." He rose to prominence after starring in the film "Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak." For his portrayal in "Raakh," he received a "National Film Award-Special Mention." With extremely successful and hugely popular films like "Raja Hindustani" and "Hum Hai Rahi Pyaar Ke," he entrenched himself in Bollywood in the 1990s.

So here we are going to present a list of 20 Aamir Khan Movies. These all Aamir Khan Movies are best among best.

1. 3 Idiots

Let us begin our list of Aamir Khan Movies with the best work of cinema. Three Idiots, directed by Rajkumar Hirani, is unquestionably among the best Aamir Khan Movies.

The film "3 Idiots" tells the story of three pals from different backgrounds.

The film starts with Farhan Quereshi and Raju Rastogi embarking on a car journey to find their long-lost pal Rancho. Rancho was a talented brain who disappeared after rebuilding their lives. 

It also tells the story of their friendship and their trials and tribulations as they attempt to adapt and thrive in a prestigious engineering and technology college. This film has a lot of surprises, as well as a lot of comic punch and emotional segments.

Genres Romance, Comedy, Drama, Adventure

Where to watch: Netflix

3 idiots | Aamir Khan Movies

2. Taare Zameen Par

A film that strikes the emotional segment of our hearts. A film that deserves to be included in the list of the best Aamir Khan Movies.

The story revolves around Ishaan Awasthi, an 8-year-old dyslexic boy. Ishaan is a brilliant young man who often gets lost in his ideas and struggles at school. He always finds letters in his school textbooks bouncing and walking around. 

Due to this, he is less focused on his studies. He is sent to a boarding school. He becomes even more solitary there, as he has no one to talk to. 

His life gets changed when a new art instructor who likes to educate uniquely, Ram Shankar Nikumbh, is welcomed to the school.

Genres Drama, Family

Where to watch: Netflix

Taare Zameen par | Aamir Khan Movies

3. Dangal

This Sports biography of wrestling sensations Geeta and Babita Phogat was directed by Nitish Tiwari.

The plot centers around a patriotic wrestler, father Mahavir Singh Phogat, a former Haryana wrestler. He has only one dream: to have a son who will win a gold medal for India in wrestling. He does, however, solely have daughters. 

He is on the verge of abandoning his ambition until he realizes that his girls are incredibly talented. Thus begins an inspiring journey of a father who, despite social stigmas, trains his daughters, Geeta and Babita, to become wrestling champions.

There are a few heartbreaking scenes in the film that will undoubtedly bring tears to your eyes. Dangal, starring Amir Khan, is one of the highest-earning films in Hindi Cinematic History.

Genres Action, Sport, Drama, Biography

Where to watch: Netflix

Dangal | Aamir Khan Movies

4. PK

The film begins with an extraterrestrial landing on humanity to study its residents. When the alien's control is looted, He finds himself in hot water. With his only means of communication with his spacecraft gone, he decides to seek it. He was assured that only *** could help him. 

He attempts to practice several faiths but is ineffective. In the meantime, he raises some questions and assists in revealing the reality of religious extremists. There are numerous humorous sequences in the film. The excellent cast adds to the force of the script.

Genres Sci-Fi, Drama, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy

Where to watch: Netflix

PK | Aamir Khan Movies

5. Rang De Basanti

"Rang de Basanti" 

A song that is mandatory for our Independence Day program The film is as phenomenal as the song. This is one of the most admired films among Amir Khan's movies.

The movie flows with an English cinematographer, Sue, who traveled to India to make a documentary about Indian freedom heroes. He is assisted by five buddies who grudgingly end up playing freedom fighters. 

While collaborating, the group of trendy youths begins to grasp the heroes' views. A catastrophe occurs in the present, causing them to revolt and battle for the truth.

Genres Drama, Comedy

Where to watch: Netflix

Rang de Basanti | Aamir Khan Movies

6. Dil Chahta Hai

Farhan Akhtar, a multi-talented director, is behind the camera for this Amir Khan film.

The story follows the lives of three close friends, Aakash, Sameer, and Siddharth. After graduation, the three choose separate approaches in life. They all had quite different opinions on heart-to-heart interactions. It creates a schism in their close-knit relationship. 

When the trio reunites again many years later, each has matured after enduring the harsh emotions of great love and the misery of isolation.

It is ideal to view this Amir Khan film with your close friends.

Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance

Where to watch: Netflix

Dil chahta hai | Aamir Khan Movies

7. Secret Superstar

One of the biggest hits of Amir Khan's career. This movie follows a teenage girl, Insia, who lives with her family. Insia was blessed with a soulful voice and loves to listen to songs with her mom. Her father was too strict with a narrow mindset. 

He used to abuse his wife physically. Insia can't tolerate her father's behavior. She started her own YouTube channel by wearing traditional Muslim clothing called "Burkha". Her life changed when her song went viral and a failed music director, "Shakti Kumar," approached her to sing in his next movie. 

The movie tells the struggle of Insia while keeping a count of various social issues in our society. The movie is a must-watch in the list of Aamir Khan Movies.

Genres Music, Drama, Family, Musical

Where to watch: Netflix

Secret Superstar | Aamir Khan Movies

8. Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India

The movie is based on the period of the Colonial administration in India. The film revolves around a group of villagers and their struggle to protect themselves from taxation.

The story plots as Villagers suffer from famine. Farmers do not have enough capital to pay taxation to the colonial government, but Capt. Russell, the provincial commander, is unconcerned. After several prayers and compliments from the villagers, he promises to waive the locals' taxes. 

He put forward a challenge in front of the villagers. He challenged people to win a cricket match against the British to waive off the taxation. If they lose, it will be tripled. The stakes are tremendous, and the villagers have no idea what is going on. However, a young man named Bhuvan accepts Russell's challenge.

Genres Musical, Adventure, Sport, Drama, Romance

Where to watch: Netflix

Lagaan: once upon a time in India | Aamir Khan Movies

9. Sarfarosh

One of the most well-known films in the list of Aamir Khan Movies.

This film is centered on Ajay Singh Rathod. Ajay's sibling is killed in a terror organization strike, which also endangers his father. To get revenge on his family, he promises to destroy all extremists. After entering the Indian Police Department, he ultimately becomes a police officer.

A fantastic family movie with some masterfully crafted tunes. 

Genres Action, Adventure, Drama

Where to watch: Netflix

Sarfarosh | Aamir Khan Movies

10. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar

The plot revolved around two siblings from Dehradun, Sanjaylal and Ratanlal Sharma. While Ratanlal is a disciplined person and a high achiever, Sanjay is a slacker who is always engaging in misbehavior. Ratanlal loses the cycle race in an unexpected outcome of circumstances due to the fierce competition between the three campuses.

Sanjay decided to be serious with the race and promised himself to win the race and win back the glory of his brother.

Soon after the hard work of Sanjaylal, he finally managed to win the accolade and reclaim his brother's glory!

Genre Drama, comedy

Where to watch: Netflix

11. Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak

This is among the first few movies by Mr. Perfectionist. Many people believe that it is the debut film of Amir Khan. But, in reality, it was his 3rd time in front of the shot.

The plot revolves around a couple with a family rivalry.

In a classic Romeo-Juliet narrative, Aamir portrayed the charming guy who charms the girl of his family's adversary. His nephew, Mansoor Khan, wrote and directed this spectacular smash. This movie is a climacteric in the life of Amir Khan. He soon became the darling of the nation and a ladykiller. His character, Raj, is now the fan-favorite. 

Genres Romantic, Drama, Comedy

Where to watch: Netflix

Qayamat se Qayamat Tak | Aamir Khan Movie

12. Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke

Aamir is a family man. He has always had a soft chamber in his heart for family and family movies, which is a little-known fact. This was the impetus for Aamir to take on the job of scriptwriter in this comedy-drama initiated by Mahesh Bhatt, alongside Robin Bhatt. 

It was a proper family entertainer that brushed gently on family responsibilities and the notion that working hard is the essential path to peace.

Genres Family entertainment, comedy, drama

Where to watch: Netflix

13. Raakh

Soon after Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Aamir appeared in this ****** revenge thriller as a teenage boy on a warpath, murdering the rapists of his previous sweetheart. Despite its poor box-office performance, the picture received a special commendation at the Major Awards. Mr. Perfectionist's versatility is showcased in this film.

Genres Thriller, Drama

Where to watch: Netflix

14. Andaz Apna Apna,

So please welcome the film of the decade, the film that deserves to be called the best of the Aamir Khan Movies. This humorous cult is a good example of the comic timing of our Mr. Perfectionist. 

The film includes the two imperial khans: Aamir and Salman. This comedy of errors is regarded as one of the most enduring comedies in the Indian film industry.

Genres Comedy, Drama, action

 Where to watch: Netflix

Andaz Apna Apna | Aamir Khan Movies

 15. Rangeela

This is one of the best Aamir Khan Movies. Aamir Khan's character was that of a Tough Guy. He was presented as an illiterate, neighborhood orphan. 

The film is another illustration of Mr. Perfectionist's versatility. In this musical film, Aamir gave an exceptional performance.

Genre Comedy, Musical, Drama

Rangeela | Aamir Khan Movies

16. Fanaa

chanda chamke cham cham chikhen chaukanna chor

chiti chaate chini chatori chinikhor,

I am sure you are reading this with the flow and tone. No issues you are not the only one. A song with thousands of memories of our childhood. A song that is among the album of one of the finest Aamir Khan Movies.

A film that is acknowledged as one of the outstanding Aamir Khan Movies. The plot centers around Zooni, a visually disabled Kashmiri teenager who journeys to Delhi with her pals to participate in the Republic Day Celebration. 

Against the warnings of her companions, she pulls for the seductive tourist guide, Rehaan, and sleeps the night with him. Even though he organizes for her eye treatment, he is purportedly murdered in a bomb blast before Zooni's eye surgery. Zooni regains her sight but is still unaware of Rehaan's authentic self.

 Genre Romantic, Comedy, Drama, thriller

Where to watch: Netflix

Fanaa | Aamir Khan Movies

17. Talaash

Among Aamir Khan's films, this is one of the most exciting. The movie revolves around a couple, inspector Surjan Shekhawat and his wife Roshni. They are both mentally truncated and still hurting over the loss of their kid. Suddenly, Surjan is called to explore the death of an actress. 

Initially, it appeared to be a simple case. After the addition of ***-worker Rosie to the case, the unintentional death quickly turns into a mystery. Slowly, both the phrases of the movie work simultaneously. Shekhawat learns to reconcile his strained relationship with Roshni while working to solve the case.

Genre Thriller, Drama

Where to watch: Netflix

Talaash | Aamir Khan Movies

18. Ghajini

Bas Chalna Mere Sang Sang,

Hai Guzarish

The movie is worth being nominated as the best Aamir Khan movie. It was the first remake that Aamir acted on. It was also the first Bollywood motion picture to earn more than Rs. 100 crores. 

The first time that an actor had done a makeover of his entire body. This was released post-film release. Aamir had played a character with short-term memory. He was been on the diet to look even more muscular.

Genre Thriller, Dark, Action, Romantic

Where to watch: Netflix

Ghajini | Aamir Khan Movies

19. Ishq

Aamir Khan, Ajay Devgn, Kajol, and Juhi Chawla starred in Ishq, a multi-starrer Bollywood comedy film. It tells the fundamental scenario of a wealthy man madly in love with a poor girl, and their families forbid them from marrying.

It was a tremendous smash in 1997, and its songs were well-known.

Genre Romantic, Action, Comedy

Ishq | Aamir Khan Movies

20. Ghulam

Before Ghulam, his action films were box office duds. Ghulam was his first foray into action movies.

Ghulam is directed by Vikram Bhatt and stars Aamir Khan as Siddharth, a wrestler who outrages against the neighborhood thug Ronnie. Siddharth is less strong than Ronnie. 

Genres Action, Romantic, Drama

So here comes the end of the list of Aamir Khan Movies. This Action, Romance, and Comedy genre blended list of Aamir Khan Movies is worth watching. On a personal note, Dangal, Ishq, Fanaa are among my favorite Aamir Khan Movies.

Now it's your turn, please comment below your Favourite Aamir Khan Movies.


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