Zomato On Netflix Via Radhika Apte Made Companies Like KFC, Sony, Idea And Vodafone Go Mad Over Marketing

People were discussing - Zomato wala pehle aaya tha ya Netflix wala?

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Sep 1, 2018|4 min read


You think we ae late in posting this? 

No we aren't. 

What started between Zomato and Netflix on Twitter, has gone way beyond from being a joke. Companies, both big and small have gone mad over the marketing gimmick, trying their own hand at connecting with it. 

Radhika Apte Connection With Netflix

Before we tell you about the marketing gimmick spurned by Zomato and Netflix, let us tell you about the Background. 

Radhika Apte, a notable Bollywood actress, last seen in the film Padman opposite to Akshay Kumar, is more celebrated for her bold and challenging roles in short films and online series. 

One of her most stunning films, which can also be found on YouTube is Parched. She has played the role so phenomenally that you cannot take your eyes off the screen, while the sensitive issue is dealt.

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However, the recent Zomato-Netflix twitter game was in reference to the release of 3 back to back shows, starring Radhika Apte in one of the lead roles on Netflix. 

It started with Lust Stories, a 2 hour film, which released on Netflix on 15th June. Following this, was Sacred Games, a web TV series, which released 6th July. 

And then we have Ghoul, a TV miniseries streaming on Netflix again since August 24. 

radhika apte, parched, netflix, zomato, marketing gimmick, radhika apte best works, feeding trendslink

Although, it was not preplanned. Radhika herself confessed that she knew that Sacred Games was a Netflix original and wil streamed online on Netflix while shooting for it. 

While for the rest of the two, the producers themselves had no idea of the releasing platform. So, the back to back three releases on Netflix, starring Radhika Apte, came as a mere coincidence.

Zomato found Radhika Apte's back to back Netflix releases humourous

Zomato compared Radhika Apte to Paneer!!!! Like Paneer , which is quality and can be combined with most of the veggies, Radhika Apte is also quality and can be combined to most of the Netflix series.

But Netflix decided to give it back three times more

Hats off!!! That's creativity or by any chance, coincidence again? Netflix spotted Radhika out there in Zomato's post and replied to them. Yes, Radhika was now declared omnipresent now.

Only when the Zomato Netflix Twitter Game Started, KFC joined

No doubt, people over twitter were enjoying this conversation between Netflix and Zomato, about the omnipresent Radhika Apte. KFC tried a hand to reinvent the Zomato tweet, and joined the league. 

Who's more versatile than Radhika Apte and paneer now? KFC, of course!

This is still not the end because Sony Max also had something to say

Picture abhi bhi baki hai mere dost! If you haven't watched Sooryavansham till date, Sony Max won't spare you. Radhika Apte's omnipresent title is now stolen by Sooryavansham. And we bow down to that.

Lekin Zomato-Netflix-KFC-Max wali picture, abhi bhi baki hai.

When everyone was taking a chance, Grofers couldn't stop themselves

Netflix to watch, Zomato to order, KFC to eat, Sony Max to cherish, there should be someone to look after your daily needs. Grofers!! 

What a splendid two day twitter game, initiated by present day creative marketing king Zomato, it was. 

The people till date don't know, how many times they have spoken about Zomato and Netflix, while all this was going on. Everyone has promoted Zomato and Netflix for free. 

And I guess, even we did the same, joining various media houses who've published such stories.

This limelight inspired Idea and Vodafone to start their own twitter conversation

The Idea-Vodafone merger also deserves limelight. So Idea and Vodafone, while on a business call decided to converse publically on twitter about their merger. Here's vodafone's reply:

radhika apte, parched, netflix, zomato, marketing gimmick, radhika apte best works, feeding trendslink

Okay. We got it. Now what?

Idea and Vodafone wanted their rivals to get jealous and they were successful in it. Both Airtel and Jio, from their customer care accounts followed the twitter thread closely. 

Real fun was when Reliance Jio couldn't resist themselves from replying

Sarcasm level. And we again gave them limelight. 


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