20 Zara Perfumes For Women To Match Their Every Mood

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Perfumes resemble personality. A good perfume creates a long-lasting impact and is a very essential part of your everyday wear. 

The sweet aroma of perfume is something that will instantly turn everyone’s head, without making much effort. Positive, confident, and all breezy! Yes, that’s it! And if anyone asks what perfume do you use? 

You know that the magic has been successful. 

Zara Perfumes For Women

When it comes to Zara, everyone is well acquainted with its perfume collection. Zara has its signature perfume collection at affordable prices, available at offline stores and online as well. 

Feel fresh and confident with Zara perfumes that last long hours and smell incredible. Feel the comfort with their attractive bottle designs, relevant to its name. 

Below are listed down the best Zara perfumes for women, with prices for you to choose from. 

1. Applejuice:

Out of all the Zara perfumes for women, this one carries a sweet tender fruity-floral fragrance. This powdery fragrance has mixed notes of green apple, grapefruit, violet, rosewater that gives a fresh, citrus smell. Enjoy a few hours of dazzling freshness with this perfume.

Price: Rs. 999/100 ML (Zara website/ stores)

2. Wonder Rose Summer:

Wonder Rose is nicely balanced with a sweet floral and musky fragrance. It is like blackcurrant and pear combined with sweet iris, vanilla, praline, patchouli, and tonka bean to form a striking aroma. Stay energized for long hours, especially in cold months, the fragrance will keep you warm all day long.

Price: Rs.1199.00/ 300 ml (Zara website/ stores)

3. Nuit:

‘Nuit’ or Night is ideal for all those special occasions when you need that extra touch of sensuality, without smelling strong. Notes of apricot, lily of the valley, and vanilla combine perfectly to form that intense sensual smell every time!

Price: Rs. 990.00 /100 ML (Zara website/ stores)

4. Red Vanilla :

Not all women are into flowers and honey. Zara perfumes for women has some amazing collections sorted for them too. There’s a charming sensual vibe in Red Vanilla. Fruity notes like blackcurrant and pear combine with sweet notes of iris, vanilla, praline, patchouli, and tonka bean to form a striking aroma. 

Stay energized for long hours, especially in cold months, the fragrance will keep you warm all day long.

Price: Rs.1199.00/ 300 ml (Zara website/ stores)

5. Tuberose:

You can never go unnoticed with notes of cassis, tuberose, and vanilla. Justifying its name, the fragrance of Tuberose is confidently floral, although not so strong. Enjoy the bright and cheerful hours of your day with Tuberose.

Price: Rs. 1290.00 /200 ML (Zara website/ stores)

6. Orchid:

A blend of warm and seductive fragrances for a long-lasting impression every time. Mild and tender, Zara Orchid Eau De Parfum has a citrusy base, opening with red currant and peachy fruit notes, and at its heart, there are floral notes namely bergamot, orchid, rose, and vanilla. 

It is one of the best Zara perfumes for women if you are likely to buy a daily perfume. Keep blooming like an Orchid!! 

Price: Rs. 590.00/30 ML (Zara website/ stores)

7. Femme:

Stay refreshed for 8 hours with the warm fragrance of Femme. All Zara perfumes for women carry their signature essence. The base and heart of Femme consist of floral notes of peony, vanilla, and musk. Not too floral, but a compact and soothing fragrance apt for daily work. 

Price: Rs.990/100 ml

8. Ruby Berries:

Perfect match for those all women who prefer delicate fragrances but are not overly sweet or floral. Fruity notes of red fruits, peach, and vanilla will leave you refreshed for long hours.

Price: Rs. 1290.00/ 100 ML (Zara website/ stores)

9. Twilight Mauve:

One of the seductive Zara perfumes for women with a cold, dry, and slightly floral fragrance. Cheddar and Musk at the base notes merge with fruity notes of apple, passion fruit, watermelon, and floral scents of lily, honeysuckle, and iris to form a revitalizing fragrance. 

This is a perfect choice for all those women who love strong scents, not overly floral or warm. The powdery texture makes it fit for autumn and spring. 

Price: Rs. 990.00/100 ML (Zara website/ stores)

10. Black Amber:

Black Amber has notes of mandarin orange, passion fruit, Tiare flower, musk, and vanilla. Warm and delicate, Black Amber has a distinctive aroma that is not too sweet. The fragrance will leave you refreshed for long hours throughout the day. 

The best part is that all the Zara perfumes for women come in affordable price ranges. 

Price: Rs.990.00/100 ML (Zara website/ stores)

11. Violet Blossom:

Out of all the Zara perfumes for women, this one carries the charming fragrance of Violet Blossom that beautifully blossoms with its enchanting notes of cherry blossom, magnolia, and tonka bean. 

The floral fragrance is slightly sweet and sophisticated at the same time. The staying power of this perfume is approximately 4 hours.

Price: Rs. 590.00/30 ML (Zara website/ stores)

12. Bright Rose:

The notes of Vetiver, lily of the valley, patchouli, and a hint of rose surprisingly don’t smell like roses, but a lot like narcissus. Stay fresh for long hours with this chypre fragrance, similar to high-end perfumes. 

Price: Rs. 990/100 ML

(This one is currently out of stock, for its all-time demand, but available at offline stores and sites like Flipkart and Zara all-time)

13. Gourmand Addict:

The sweet notes of peach and cassis combine to form a delightful fragrance, although it's not too floral-it is more of a pungent earthy smell. Go for it if you love strong perfumes that are not all floral in smell. Enjoy a few hours of dazzling freshness with this variant of Zara perfumes for women.

Price: Rs.990.00/100 ML (Zara website/ stores)

14. Pink Flambe Summer:

Mandarin, melon, and praline notes combine to form an amusing fragrance. Perfect for fun-loving moments, in summer or winter. You are gonna make this your favorite, for sure!

Price: Rs. 590.00/ 30 ML (Zara website/ stores)

15. Fields At Nightfall:

Subtle and modest, Fields At Nightfall is a perfect combination of floral and woody notes. The fragrance is boldly feminine and intense with notes of praline, sandalwood, and tonka bean. It has a staying power of a maximum of 4 hours and is best for daytime wear during spring and summer.

Price: Rs.1590.00/100 ML (Zara website/ stores)

16. Nude Bouquet :

You cannot see the bouquet, but it’s there! Notes of cherry, peony and vanilla create an amazing floral mist that will leave you spellbound. Relish your bloomy hours with Nude Bouquet.

Price: Rs.1490/100 ML (Zara website/ stores)

17. Oriental:

The oriental fact about this perfume is the smell of desserts. Yes, you heard it right, just like other Zara perfumes for women, this one is unique for its smell of desserts. The notes of vanilla, caramel, freesia, and patchouli make the day delicious!

Price: Rs. 990 /100 ML (Zara website/ stores)

18. Ultra Juicy:

The notes of pear, gardenia, and musk align Ultra Juicy to the fruity-floral fragrance range. It's chic, charming, and yet antique in its vibes. The scent is pleasant and not at all overly floral or fruity, perfect for spring and summer daytime.

Price: Rs. 990 /100 ML (Zara website/ stores)

19. Gardenia:

Gardenia comes up with a spring fragrance that is appropriate for morning and afternoon. The top notes are accompanied by the floral notes of orange blossom, raspberry, bergamot, and lemon, and at the heart lies floral notes of jasmine, white flowers, and gardenia. 

Not only this, at the base you will get pleasing notes of vanilla, cedar, and musk.

Price: Rs.390/ 10 ML (Zara website/ stores)

20. Amalfi Sunray: 

Out of all the Zara perfumes for women, Amalfi Sunray is on a slightly costlier side. smells exceptionally sweet and yet exotic with its notes of bergamot, mandarin, and orange flower. Amalfi Sunray is more like everyday wear and can be worn on special occasions too. 

Price: Rs. 2590.00 /90 ML

Zara fragrances are definitely worth the price. They are exactly what high-end fragrances smell like. Exactly this is why everyone loves Zara perfumes because they are the best dupes for an expensive perfume collection. 

Zara has been killing it when it comes to fashion and perfumes. Their packaging and naming do perfect justice to the respective aromas, giving you that supreme level of comfort. 

The fragrances are all relatively moderate, budget-friendly. Choose your favorite from the list and let us know in the comment box below.

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