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A perfume is not only an accessory but a part of your personality. People can know a lot about you from the fragrance you choose to carry as it gives the first impression and a lasting recollection.

A perfume is a fragrant mixture of essential oils and aromatic plants or compounds given to anyone for an agreeable scent. The Nobel Prize Winner of Chemistry Leopold Ruzicka in 1945 said that perfumes since they have existed, have been contributing substantially to the organic field of chemistry with systematic classification or methods and theory. 

Perfume is said to be originated in Egypt where the ancient Egyptians used to burn essential oils for prayers and religious ceremonies. Over the years its purpose shifted from religious to a more cosmetic-centered function. 

However, the use of essential oils is still a common practice in a number of prayer rituals in different religions. 

Zara's fragrances have been at the top of the other brands and have time after time shown that they produce the best quality of products.

If you can find confidence in a pocket why let go of the opportunity to shine through.

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Zara Perfumes For Men

Zara's perfumes have launched their new collection for men's perfumes. So go explore your essence. 

Here's a list of Zara perfumes for men that you can pick from for that immaculate first impression. 

1. Man Gold Eau De Toilette

It has an earthy, nocturnal fragrance because of notes of Praline, cinnamon, and cardamom. The fragrance resembles the scent of forests and the wilderness, giving you a splash of freshness. 

Zara website price: ₹ 990 for 100ml

2. Man Silver Eau De Toilette

This Zara perfume for men has hints of flowers like Neroli, Pepper, and sandalwood which gives a fresh, modern, and luminous charm. The flowers give you the scent of a meadow which makes you feel rejuvenated for the entire day. 

Zara website price = ₹ 999 for 100ml

3. Seoul Sinsa Dong Gangnam

It has a sporty and a fresh fragrance to it with hints of hazelnut, pepper, and amber. The amber and hazelnut give this Zara perfume for men, a rich, musky scent while the pepper balances it with its fresh fragrances.

Zara website price = ₹ 990 for 100ml

4. Lisboa Colombo

It is a fresh, comfortable, and sporty fragrance because of the essence of lemon, musk, and green notes. 

The citrus in this Zara perfume for men adds a crisp, lively scent while the hints of musk and green notes, counter it with the rich, earthy fragrance, giving it the perfect blend.

Zara website price = ₹ 990 for 100ml

5. Twilight Mauve

It has hints of magnolia, apple, and lily which gives it a luminous and fresh fragrance. The magnolias and the apple make this Zara perfume for men smell like sweet candies and honey citrus while the Lillies give it a fruity smell.   

Zara website price = ₹990 for 100ml

6. Man Uomo

Like the Gold EDT, it also has a nocturnal,  earthy fragrance but it has an aroma of lemon, nutmeg, and cinnamon; which gives it a warmer essence. 

Zara website price = ₹990 for 100ml 

7. Fleur D'Oranger

As Jo Malon, the founder of Jo Loves puts it, "Royal and Regal moments should always be celebrated with orange flowers" the fragrance of Fleur D'Oranger is as royal as it can get with hints of orange flower, neroli, and ylang-ylang. 

Zara website price = ₹2799 for 90ml

8. C4shmer4n

It has an aromatic-fruity scent that brings out an elegant and light perfume sensation. It has a lingering quality of fragrant vanilla and citrus. 

Zara website price = $1295

9. Vibrant Leather 

It has an intense long-lasting fragrance with notes of Bergamot, incense, and oud. The oud gives it a rich, musky scent. 

The oud gives it an earthy musk fragrant, similar to the 'itr' that the Arabic countries are known for. 

The bergamot has a citrus scent which compliments the earthy scent of the oud. 

Zara website price = ₹1890 for 120ml

10. Stormy Day 

Aa the name on the bottle suggests this Zara perfume for men hits you like a storm with its rich and intense fragrance. It has a black pepper, violet, and cocoa notes and as the bottle correctly describes it feels like an "eternal walk into the wild infinity". 

Zara website price = ₹1335 for 100ml

11. Actin' Out 

It has a woody scent with Mandarian, spice oils (nutmeg and clove), and cedar notes. 

The flowery, fruity scent of Mandarin is balanced out by the rustic and earthy essence of the cedar and the spicy oils, giving a blend that is as soothing as refreshing.

Zara website price = ₹1335 for 100ml

12. At Dawn

It has a fresh and a spicy scent with hints of cardamom, tea, and musk. 

Zara website price = ₹1338 for 80ml

The Zara Classic range has the smell base scent of parts fruity with the essence of apple, Lillies, iris, bergamot, and parts earthy scent given by the spice oils and the Musk's. 

Different versions of the Classic have the same base, but with different concoctions to give each one a unique and distinct aroma.

13. Zara Classic 5.0

It is a woody oriental fragrance with apple, geranium, and leather. 

Zara website price = ₹1541 for 100ml

14. Zara Classic 6.0

It has a floral fragrance to it with hints of pear, iris, and Tonka beans. 

Zara website price = ₹1487 for 100ml

15. Zara Classic 8.0

It has black currant, iris, vetiver which gives it an earthy, woody scent and the black currant gives a modern touch to the trademark fragrance that Zara is known for. 

Zara website price = ₹390 for 12ml

16. Zara Classic 9.0

It has an aromatic, woody fragrance with notes of Bergamot, iris, and vetiver. 

Zara website price = ₹1487 for 100ml

17. Zara Classic 10.0

It has a cozy distinctive fragrance with notes of Bergamot, leather, and cedar. 

Zara website price = ₹1487 for 100ml

18. Zara Classic 12.0

It has hints of vanilla, bergamot, and cedar giving it a fern-like fresh and woody fragrance. 

Zara website price = ₹1487 for 100ml

19. Grey Soul EDT Eau De Toilette 

It has a sporty fresh fragrance to it with the essence of green apple, salty notes, and musk. The richness and earthy essence of the musk is countered by green apples, which makes this Zara perfume for men a perfect choice for feeling rejuvenated.

Zara website price = ₹3887 for 100ml

20. Zara Pour Homme Sport

It has a sporty and nocturnal fragrance with hints of the meadow because of lavender and cedarwood. Bergamot gives it a fresh essence and the spice oils give it the perfect musky, earthy base. 

Zara website price = ₹400 for 12ml

Many Zara perfumes for men are available only in the UK and USA therefore ordering them might require you to pay import duties but they are worth the money and worth the wait.

Along with these Zara also has other cologne for both men and women like Ebony Wood, Blue Spirit, Chicago 700 North Michigan Avenue, and many more which gives you a wide range of scents to choose from. 

As Coco Chanel said “No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory.” 

Comment down your favorite from this list of Zara perfumes for men.

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